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    Dead silence does as well, remove them both and there will be no issues.

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    O i forgot to include automatic pistol too

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    You could have just said that instead of rambling in code like my wife.  

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    DS is a counter to an element of the game... footsteps, which are already in the game. That is what Perks do... they enhance abilities and counter elements of the game. Is does not give any advantage other than that. It doesn't reveal enemy position. It doesn't encourage sloth.


    Its always been in the game and never been an issue.

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    They do not act as they did in MW3 or MW2 or BO or BO2. The game that they are the same in was pre patch MW3, then they fixed Sit-rep and the world went bonkers.

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  • 02/18/14--17:35: Recruiting Shiroi Okami Clan
  • Hello this is OfficerKlutz recruiting for my new clan, Shiroi Okami  (White Wolf in Japanese)

    We are a new group of players looking for other active members to join our clan.  As of right now, we are Level 6 with 7 active members.


    Why You Should Join:

    • We are kind and friendly
    • Active members
    • 1.5 avg. clan K/D ratio
    • 52-1 clan win-lose ratio



    • 1.0 K/D (kill/death) ratio
    • 1.0 W/L (will/lose) ratio
    • Active (play atleast every 1 week)
    • Friendly, respectful, mature (we are not a clan who promotes racism, religious discrimination, hateful attitudes, etc.)

    How to Join:

    Contact/Friend "OfficerPig" or "Kuroi No Senko" on Xbox Live saying you saw this post on the Call of Duty forums and would like to apply for the clan OR you can post here your K/D, W/L, times you'll be on, when you can be contacted, and your Xbox gamertag.


    Apply now; only 10 open spots

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  • 02/19/14--17:29: Re: clan?
  • add gambit13420 and put send clan invite in the message.  We have 7 members (but only 4 who actively play so we need more). We won the last clan wars in gold division and are currently playing in platinum.  We are a level 14 now.  We tend to play more domination, kill confirmed and hardcore matches (get tired of the hackers in reg mode).  If you'd like to join, send a message. 

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  • 02/19/14--17:28: Re: Xbox One?
  • Tactics- one of the best improvements that I made on my connection was to eliminate the "wireless" connection and went to direct ethernet connection to the router. Do you run your Xbox wireless connection and if so, is it possible to to run an Ethernet cable to your router? Give it a shot, you may be suprised of the improvement it makes. There are alot of really sharp people here that can give you some tweeks to help improve your gaming experience. I run the ethernet connection on all my consoles- PS3/4 and 360/one.Good luck!

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    You will buy the next one.

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    How is it absurd? We have no idea how long this "deal" is going on with Microsoft. We're also not buying new maps either, we're paying the same amount for "used" maps. If they don't want to release them at the same time, then yes they should be cheaper for us. Since you guys are getting them earlier than us, why should we pay the exact same price for the maps that you've had for a month? Just like with anything else, the DLC loses value the longer it's out. So if I'm paying the same price for a season pass as a player on Xbox, I should get them at the same time. Otherwise, we should get a discount on the season pass.

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  • 02/19/14--17:30: Re: Xbox One?
  • i did recently change to the ethernet cable, and it did improve, but will the xbox one require "better" internet?

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  • 02/19/14--17:31: Re: app failure
  • Same thing is happening with my clan. We took Cranked, and have one win under our belts for HCTDM and it is not updating. This is some major bs!

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    i have a 1.16 k/d and last clan wars we won htdm and hkc. get at me ppl i wanna win some more lol

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    im guessing they removed the dedicated servers. back to lagfests host migrations and even ran across a lagswitcher which i have not seen in a while.

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  • 02/19/14--17:31: Re: clan?
  • Forgot to say....we are playing ps3

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    I am looking for a PS4 clan. Me and a friend made our own clan but he doesn't really play anymore and I'm tired of playing solo and would like to get into clan wars a bit more. Send me a message on PSN if interested gamer tag is C3R34LxxK1LL3R. I'm over 18 and have a headset. I try to play everyday for atleast a few hours.


    K/D: 2.97

    W/L: 2.52 solo

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    we are looking for active loyal players to play clan wars on ghost no KD req just be a honest loyal player we are in plat div 15yrs or older contact scoutsnyp3r m24 on 360 every1 is welcome 

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    Im not even really lagging when I die either.  It's like I see the guy and I am firing on him and then all the sudden I am dead.  Then in the kill cam it shows I never fired a shot or I'm just frozen lagged out.  But on my screen I am pumping rounds and moving around just fine.


    its kind of off and on during the matches too.  Doesn't happen all the time. 


    HOpe oped this helps the Devs resolve.  I work in support so I know you need as much info as you can get to trouble shoot.


    good luck IW!  Great game totally love it.

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    Top of our clan wars atm! JOIN TODAY!

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