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  • 01/23/14--20:18: Re: Not playing to win
  • Should have taken the loss like a man.  I have lost many games where I was 30+ kills in TDM and we lost by 10+.


    There really is no fix for the bad teammate crisis of COD, but a Skill Based Ranking System will help.

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    Information About The Clan

    New clan made in January 16 2014

    Clan Name: SextionVII

    Clan Tag: [VII] Gold


    we have 7 members at the moment


    Clan K/D Ratio: 1.29

    Clan Win Ratio: 54%


    we won the Rio Clan Wars in Platinum1st place,


    Leader: "oSyns" "iGzus-x"


    we're focused a lot on clan wars when they're on, but while they're not here we like too have fun nothing serious,


    Clan Requirements

    • K/D Ratio needed: 1.30
    • Win % needed: 50%
    • Must be online a lot,
    • When we invite need too accept and play with clan,
    • Must have a mic,
    • Be at least 16+ years old

    If interested please contact the psn accounts "oSyns" or "x-LazZaRr-o"

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    A few things I gather from this:


    either Remington/Honey/Mtar with Blue Dot

    or LMG thermal


    and then,


    blast shield

    Lethal (x2)

    Evasive Perks



    optimal KS seem to be Dog/Bridge/ Gryphon/helo/Loki




    I guess blue dot is better than red dot? I've always though Red dot seemed a bit sharper or something I'll try out the blue.


    My best KD overall is with m27 myself but I find it a little slow when going against tougher competition, so If I was stuck on a desert island I'd prob take an AR over it, Remington or AK-12.




    I was a flak jacket junkie in all other CODs, but haven't used blast shield much on here.  Nor the double IEDs, figured hardline is better over double lethal since 1 IED equates to 1 less kill for hardline plus assist bonus.


    I can see points about amplify conflicting with quickdraw and ready up, I guess I've looked at it more as a safety bonus instead of relying on amplify to no longer need QD and Ready Up entirely, but I could try getting rid of those 4 points for either


    INCOG/off the grid then takedown/resilience




    Blast Shield/Dead Silence/Blind Eye

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    So true... it's like someone was taking dump on their break at IW and had an epiphany for this new custom content which probably took less time to code than wiping their tushy. What's the next 1.99 DLC we are going to get??? I think it's going to be another kill streak related one... 3 kills in a row and you get the flock of birds asset from single player which follow you around the map cawing when an enemy is near while dropping little birdy turdy grenades that go boom.


    I just find it insulting that they are releasing DLC when the game needs some attention regarding hackers and dedicated servers first. Whoever thinks they are going to make a ton of money on the DLC for this game should start looking for another job because they are sadly mistaken.


    This game did do one good thing however. It showed us all that no matter how good a game looks in the trailers that we should not only NOT pre-order the game but also the season pass, extended edition this or hardened edition that. IW has in essence set the bar higher for themselves and everyone else because I feel that most of us simply just won't do it again. Companies are going to have to get used to not being able to project initial profits because we will all wait until the game is released and reviewed by reputable people and gaming sites before purchase. We all just learned that's it's better to wait and see if the game is good and if it is going to be supported properly before buying and that saving 10-15 bucks is just not worth it. I think most people now would rather pay full price for a true AAA title and say "wow this game was worth every penny" than feel like they were a purse-snatch victim.


    Some of these companies may even have to go back to the old school days of releasing a free demo to get people to buy games again... which I'd personally like to see. They need to earn our trust back and I'm tired of all these snotty dev teams thinking we need to buy their crap games just because they "made it" so they can meet their publishers demands to make their numbers. Seems like there is no honor in making games anymore.

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    BBBrian2013 wrote:


    Here is a list of things that i believe would help the people who are new to the game be just as good as the veterans which would equal less in-game competition and hate towards one another


    1: A Higher HP handicap (maybe 10 or 20 points extra) if they players K/D is below .80 which would cause most people to fluctuate around 1.0 and would cause less fuss over KDR ( Core Only )


    2: 5 Second Spawn Invincibility on a deathstreak over 3 ( Core Only )


    3: Extra Damage Per Bullet if someones K/D is below .80 or dropped in a care package that the enemy team cannot steal from after a deathstreak ( Core Only)


    4. More No-Party Playlists so randoms can play other randoms instead of getting paired with clans/groups


    5. A Pause-Screen Map on Hardcore Game modes like previous games


    6. Make K/D, SPM, W/L, Proffered weapon have a private or public toggle so no one can see your stats aside from yourself



    I'll add more later




    Any Personal Attacks on myself will be ignored i will only pay attention to real constructive criticism to my post





    People shouldn't have to "Adapt" i've said this on another post...


    Look at games like Minecraft everything can be done in fair grounds without having to change any style of play or try something different



    As others have said "They Bought the game let them play the way they want"


    Well this is the way i want to play by run n gunning so stop trying to judge how i play my **** and make all playstyles viable once again INCLUDING Headless Chicken!

    You realize that the whole reason they made squads gameplay was for noobs....in fact when you start the game, it tells you to try squads first.

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    Glad you remember. I had some pretty good times on these forums.

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    I cannot connect to Multiplier, Squad or Extinction. I get a screen that says something to the effect of, The server is down try back later, go to www.callofduty.com/ghost/status for status updat but when I do the site shows that Ghost is on Def-con 5 and good to go.

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  • 01/25/14--17:29: Re: Looking For a Clan
  • Hey add me on psn : Simplyy_Awesomee

    Ill be on in 10 mins

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  • 01/25/14--17:30: Re: Squads
  • Yeah, I noticed the flaw in Squads. A friend of mine is a pretty high prestige, I think eighth or ninth prestige,  and for warming up, I play against his squad. Its very hard, since nearly all of his soldiers have prestige'd. Im only prestige two, going on to three tomorrow ( thank you 2X Xp Weekend ), and my squad has a tough time against his; however i enjoy the challenge.

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    The idea of shoot last but win stems from players wanting accuracy to be more of an influence on who wins engagements.

    Most of the confusion stems from consoles having aim-assist which can entirely take away half of accuracy. Where on PC, there are pros at accuracy, guys that have unbelievable reflexes where there skills are only separated by their continual tracking abilities over time (hence games like Quake, Unreal Tournament, Crysis etc). Accuracy being the combination of aiming and tracking adds more to the engagement than just seeing, aiming and shooting. Basically any average player can aim and shoot in under a second but if that player he is shooting at has better accuracy he (on occasion) could then still win the fight. It's just about adding that 'who has better accuracy' into the equation and not just who sees who first. There is no reason why in some game-modes there can't be both. HC for example does this on purpose so why not have a mode that allows players with better tracking excel?

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    Everyone is accepted. all are welcome. just apply with the app. or  message me on xbl. currently at 33 members always looking for more to help rank up quicker.

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  • 01/25/14--17:31: clan recrurting xbox 360
  • i have a clan and iam looking for people to join the clan uhave to have a mic ans send me your kd at southpaw1213 on xbox live and we will do clan wars hmu me at southpaw1213

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    K What's ur gt

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    Are clan got second last week and that was are first week we only have players over a one kd nothing less please message me if interested xBIAx_HOTSHOT

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    Hi Guys,


    We need members for my new clan, The 72nd Division. I would like players that are mature and understand the game. We need leaders for the clan the clan will be split up into squads and leaders will run a squad, the more players the more squads. There will be squad battles, practices with squad, clan meetings, and leader meetings. We want to become a good clan and over come the rest. Join the 72nd Division Today. Kill Or Be Killed.


    Message X_ParadoxGhost_X To Join Today.

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    Hey PolecatPunk,


    The reason you may encounter an odd number is the match bonus is not doubled and can end in an odd number. Match bonus may be scaled based on your current rank, you can gain a lot more xp as a match bonus in the later ranks vs. the lower ranks. Can you specify what you are referring to when you state your xp isn't higher? What number are you comparing to as higher or lower?




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    Since when was the M27 the best camping gun? LSAT all the way.


    If you want the best camping setup, I have it for you right here. This is the setup I've used since the 2nd week of this game and still running strong.


    LSAT w/ Thermal and silencer

    No sidearm or tactical

    IED (duh)


    Amplify, Scavenger, Blast Shield, Blind Eye, Double Lethal


    Best killstreak setups:


    IMS, Gryphon, Loki

    IMS, Sentry/Trinity, Vulture/Battle Hind (cover your back or get free kills)

    IMS, Sentry, Helo Pilot

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    You should say what system your clan is on.

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    MSG ME SubsidingGore33 to join or msg the LT NobelChampion12 please join we have about 14 members but you know we need more so join and the first 10 people to join will get a prize

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    Friendly and competitive  the only requirement is that you have to have a little competitiveness in you other then that all welcome.

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