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    Just started the level where I am on the train looking for Rouke and the video is all blown out in white...does anyone have any thoughts or fixes?

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    Just started the level where I am on the train looking for Rouke and the video is all blown out in white...does anyone have any thoughts or fixes?

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    New PS3 clan recruiting loyal members for the clan wars. No K/D or post requirements, only a desire to win is necessary. Apply to Stray Wolves on the Call of Duty app, and at our website at straywolves.iclanwebsites.com to join.

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    DJ_Immortal wrote:


    Lag comp is just a phrase coined to describe the issues of being a second behind the action.

    AKA lag/latency.

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  • 12/28/13--10:36: Loosing Connection
  • AAnyone?I would like to know if anyone else is having connection problems?  When I am playing online I can only play for 10-15 minutes then I get the error message that I have lost connection to the host then get signed out of psn.  I then do an internet connection test.  10.5 m download and 1.2 m upload.  I can then go through the whole process again of signing on and plying for 10 minutes or so.  Why do we need to complete all the port forwarding and such?  I didn't know I was going to have to be an IT professional when I spent $65 dollars for this game.  My connection is wired.

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    Yes, my 4g internet provider is a different company than my broadband provider. Is that so difficult to figure out? Do I need to draw you a diagram?

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    Co-op I accomplished it with team work. I have had that challenge when in the barn and we all set down sentry guns and stay behind them. If it is by the second hive of the cabin area same thing but hang out in the basement of the cabin so you can create a bottleneck effect.


    Solo do the same thing basically, find a good corner to have your back against and set down two sentry guns.

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  • 01/03/14--18:15: Re: HI
  • iHattoriHanzo0 wrote:





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  • 01/03/14--18:16: zombies
  • either buried or origins id like a 3 player game but will do 4 if we have a legit team hit me up if u interested my highest is 45 on either map you have to have mic and been to atleast 40 psn whiteboi87

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    banned for not wanting to squeeze it for all its worth...


                 ...........and knowing when to stop.

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    yes he joins every single game we play so our names are always there. and he has now ddosed my friend. so can someone please help here!

    we have proof on stream

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    Hi Seaktikit,


    Thank you for the clarification.  You can always mute a player if you do not want to hear them.  Additionally, you can report the player if they are in violation of the Security & Enforcement Policy Activision Support .


    Regards ^AH

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    has anyone noticed that now clans are not using the clan tag. i got into about 3 different lobbies where there was at least 4 members with their clan tag on and at least 4 more that didn't. the only reason i knew that they were part of that clan is at the beginning their  gamertag had the clan name. example clan name (xxxx) joe bob has got their clan tag on. the others are more like xxxx joe bob with the gamer tag blank. i understand that their are not any rules against this, but it does make it harder to tell if they are doing the boosting method. also another theory i have is maybe they are doing this so it looks like they are playing with just 4 members, the others without gamertags looks like randoms and maybe they get put on the opposite team, and they don't try as hard or not play the game at all. which allows their clan to win. i have a small clan of about 8 and it is hard to get enough members online to do this clan wars, we are trying to play as much as we can, but with all the boosting, cheating, etc going on. its hard to get motivated to even try. i have never modded hacked or boosted in any of the cods. i even feel bad when the other team leaves and only leaves 2 people to play against 6. this just seems like a big issue that is extremly unfair to clans that play legit.

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    Wow..as expected more childish bantering of 1 v 1 me bro...I never said 1 v 1 me. I ain't 10. By all means...as stated above...i didn't say ban tubes..nor did I start the thread. I chimed in my DISCUSSION about thermobaric "tactical" grenade that kills you in HC. You use Blast Shield? Yea??? Come use it when I have danger close on..come use it when you play Clan wars and people actually know how to play. You can't expect to jump in a random lobby and test things. Like I said childish replies. I didn't rage, didn't RAH RAH ban this..RAH RAH nerf this. I stated that the thermopbaric needs to be looked into for HC...especially since the gryphon takes 4-5 shots when someone uses blast shield. The fact you haven't played anyone that uses a gryphon pretty much tells me you don't play much. I'm not some 10 yr old noob. I'm not going to talk about "oh I average a 2.20 k/d in every CoD game" ( which I do )...none of that matters. The only thing that matters is that explosives need to be looked into in HC. I don't see how hard that is for all you to understand. If you need some help understanding..PLEASE come play me and MY CLAN and WE will gladly help you realize.

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  • 01/03/14--18:20: Re: IED's should be removed
  • Your favourite game mode is Demolition and you complain about camping?  You can camp the enemy's spawn in previous games far too easily.

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    I am still recruiting more people

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  • 01/03/14--18:22: Re: clan trie out
  • Want to join my clan?

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  • 01/03/14--18:23: exploiters!!!!!!
  • is it granted that those who exploit the under the map glitch at freight and being reported with the in game report tool, get ban or not?

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  • 01/03/14--18:24: IW are you listening at all?

  • So here is the question......or rather questions.....


    IW are you listening to the community in any way shape or form on the severe issues with your new product COD Ghosts?


    If you here us, please take the "one minute" to answer the community on a few questions. If nothing else we should at least get an answer for the $60 we spent on your product.


    Is IW aware of the severe lagging and stuttering in game?


    If so, are you working on a solution that we can expect "eventually"?


    Are you doing anything about the massive amount of hackers?


    I have a 770gtx with a 460gtx for physics, 16gb of ram and a quad core running at 4.2ghz (20 down internet) and I have to lower the graphics in order to even play the game. This is far from acceptable and I am not the only one, the majority of us have this issue. Is there going to be a patch tat actually optimizes the game and not just patch a weapon?


    If so, will it be optimized/fixed before you try and sell us new maps?


    Will SLI ever be supported?


    For the estimated $1 Billion this game is supposed to make, you guys might want to take time to answer these few questions and show (even if you don't) that you care about your LOYAL customers.


    Thank you............if you answer......

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    This is a post to share with fellow players exactly how to play Call of Duty Ghosts.


    It's pretty straight forward process and something that everyone can do, yes absolutely everyone.


    So here is exactly the one and only best way to play:

    Simply put, the best way to play COD Ghosts is to play the way that you enjoy the most. If you like going for a high KD than go for a high KD. If you enjoy camping, then camp. If you like playing the objective, then play the objective. The only thing that matters is that YOU are having fun (or at least trying to).

    I say this to point out that the 'rules' of the game are only determined by the game design. These are the ONLY RULES. So, if it can be done (legitimately) and you enjoy it, then please do it at all cost.


    Remember the only person/people that can actually tell you how to play the game is the game developer- They and only they decide what is right or wrong.


    Now go enjoy yourselves, in whatever way you want..

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