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  • 12/27/13--10:29: Re: Clan Wars: Clan intake
  • I couldn't agree more with your proposal on this issue.  And yes, it is an issue.  The only part I would argue against, is that if a member leaves, the clan should be able to replace that play.  The replacement would only count if their stats where somewhat similar within a +/-5% match of the replaced clan member.  This would allow a clan to drop some dead weight and pickup a player that is actually participating, which I would deem fair.


    Thanks for the input... I hope they are listening.... god knows the NSA is...

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    OK, I have tried some setups, chopping and changing weapons, perks and attachments, and the thing that stood out to me is the removal of chrome barrel being very beneficial. Without it, I seemed to get correct hits and misses, and strangely, more OHK's and less hitmarkers. Can anybody else having problems with snipers experiment with and without the chrome barrel and share any findings?

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  • 12/27/13--10:29: Re: double xp
  • im having probs aswell on xbox 360 it should have a golden 2xp sybol in the top left but its just not working

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  • 12/27/13--10:29: Re: uFRAG # Recruiting
  • Bump!


    Still looking for more Ghosts players!


    We have around 6 players at the moment, but would like more to boost activity in an already active and growing gaming community!

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    I playedghost 1hour beforeand in the lastroundI had aMoabandgot myK /D is alsoimprovedwhen I hadturned offtheconsole(PS3) and again madetohavemyPSNfriendswere goneand the roundI hadplayedwas goneso myqoutewaslike before.

    pleasehelp me

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  • 12/27/13--10:31: Re: OK JUST STOP
  • I remember when complaining about complaints always stopped them.


    ...oh wait, they never did.

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  • 12/28/13--10:20: Re: Come join us!!!!
  • Bump

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    Hi, I have the same problem with my Gill Grunt, but I have the PC version of the Spiro's Adventure, and I cant find any option to restore the figure. Any idea for me? Thx for any help!

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    Hey as title says im looking for a UK based clan that wants to play organized or casual.


    Im currently on 2.59 k/d been playing cod since mw2 played alot of competitive play in the past but now looking for an all purpose clan thats active and has solid players with good communication if your currently recruiting add me or drop me a message on XBL ReborN SkillZxx    


    (xbox 360)

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    if you used your credit card, you can charge it back, check with your card provider for more details... they protect you, you are going to the source of the people taking the payment.. what do they care about you.. nothing...

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    I haven't really used the L115 very much, because the USR with Chrome Barrel has the dame damage (multipliers to the legs/stomach/...) as the L115 Chrome Barrel.  And everyone can see that the USR has a faster rate of fire.  When I snipe, I get some hitmarkers but not too many.  If you slap on the Chrome Barrel, use the USR, follow-up shots come really fast with it.

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    I cannot download the digital team leader pack on my PS4. It says that it has been purchased but I can't download the content. I have read several forums and this seems like a common problem but I can't find a solution. I read one that it says it will be available "in-game" after playing a couple games. I have played over 50 games probably since I bought it and it still isn't available. Specifically, I just want the ghosts mask. Please help.

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    Hey Angel, of course I remember you, l played against you several days ago, you're an excellent challenge and player as well! I'll add your code, my code# 163402492658, do you have a YouTube account? If you don't consider starting one, we all have one and exchange conversation on there! Glad you're playing this game, in my opinion the best cod ever made, don't play any other game even though I have mw and black ops! 'Til we game as partners, DEER HUNTER

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    Infectious Gaming, a well known team is looking to brach from being a PS team to having both consoles on board. We have 4 players playing on the Xbox console and they have now turned pro playing in LAN events across the US. We are sponsored by Neon Energy, KwikBoy Modz, Hustle Harder Inc, and now Gaming Jerseys.

    We are well known by many companies and people throughout the gaming company and we are looking to build and build fast.


    If you are interested in taking you clan and turning it into a team and be apart of the iG family, contact me via email at InfectiousGamingPro@gmail.com . Include your name, gt, clan name, your accomplishments, how many members are in your clan, and why you think you could take and turn your clan into a great team with iG.


    You can find us on Twitter @InfectGaming


    Thank You,


    Look forward to hearing from great teams





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  • 12/28/13--10:28: Re: Looking for a clan!
  • Sent u clan invite

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  • 12/28/13--10:28: Does anyone play Demolition?
  • I'm a casual player, mostly Core TDM and KC. I do have someone I regularly game with but they don't enjoy the objective-based game modes.


    My 360 friends (from another game) introduced Domination, CtF and Demolition to me, but Demolition is the only one that stuck.


    Anyone game?

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    Hey are you interested in joining a clan btw?

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    Not working for me either. Lot of other people noticing that too.

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    No, he said people come on here preaching "facts" they've found on google & he's right (usually with absolutely zero understanding of what they're posting or whether it's actually relevant to the topic)

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    • Interested in competing in one of Clan Wars' platinum leagues?

    • Do you strive for teamwork, sportsmanship, and excellence?


    • Do you have a 1.2 or higher K/D ratio?

    If you fight with honor, fight withHONOR.

    Message DIZORAN, dj trick nick, The Cool Beanz, or djmay182 on XBL, or send an application to HONOR on the Call of Duty app.

    * Eastern Time Zone preferred.

    Please also check out our videos and original music on YouTube channel HONREmpire (HONREmpire - YouTube):

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