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  • 04/19/16--12:51: Re: Vesper!!!
  • I don't think anyone should be impressed with any one weapon dominating the game, never mind an ez mode 1200rpm super soaker. But, to each his own.

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    Yeah some of the banned words are a joke. I can listen to a number of the specialist cuss but yet we can't name our own classes as we see fit.

    The now that got me was Polk or Polka, for my polka dot gun and it denied me. WOW WTF!

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    Why does it have a rating "M" for if they are just gonna ban word that no one else sees for the most part (unless you are streaming).

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  • 04/19/16--13:03: Re: More Classic Remakes!!!!
  • You almost got me with terminal.....but. I would like to see a CoD with Zero Point Zero remakes. All new maps and all new DLC. No remakes

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  • 04/19/16--13:06: Re: Issue with league shield
  • he did contact support and was told they knew of the issue but either would not or could not reissue his lost PvP medals which is the reason for his leaving.

    Unfortunately im not in a position to follow up myself Or give exact details of the correspondence between support and him.

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    "Nades" would work.  Thanks


    I dare not even try "SEMTEX"

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  • 04/19/16--13:16: Re: Vesper!!!
  • No more Chit-Chat...



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  • 04/20/16--13:41: Re: MYST PS4 U.S. only
  • Bump

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    Please note that clans are no longer supported, apologies for any frustrations. ^BP

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    Hello! Is this on PS4? Are you on a wired or wireless connection? What's your in game NAT type? Can you run Test Internet Connection and send us a photo of the results? Steps here: Test Internet Connection | PlayStation®4 User's Guide ^BP

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    we have 2 sponsors as well

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  • 04/20/16--13:45: Re: Forum Changes
  • Fingers crossed.

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    In terms of story and MP?     I'll make a start, BOOTS ON THE GROUND. No futuristic stuff anymore it's getting tiresome and it's just not as good as the classic style COD we all know and love.

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    RayOldGuy wrote:


    EpicNubie wrote:


    Please stay off my team. I'm sick of having to carry a hardpoint, domination, etc and winning by 1 or 2 points or even get crushed because you decided to camp a corner. I shouldn't have to form a team to not get crap teammates.


    Forget this full of himself jerk, and play the game if you like it. You will get better. Never let his kind ruin your experience.

      Member EpicNubie

    Thanx Grand Pa Ray, he's already forgotten... I feel better about my .63 K/D now. On another note, I got my Operations Humiliation Master Calling Card yesterday. So there's that. Somehow, I don't think Mr. Salty would appreciate that.. lmao..

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    T0XIC JERMS wrote:


    Well said.


    Also, some people play because they just enjoy the game and the people they play with.  One of my clan mates has a .50 K/D and still plays 2+ hrs. every night.  Not everyone is so competitive.

    MemberT0XIC JERMS

    I'll tell you something you might not know. Someone got into our friends face about his play, and was removed from the clan. It is not all about winning, it is about building friendships the cross international boundaries, and play a game we love with people we like and respect.

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  • 04/20/16--13:48: Re: Name the movie gif
  • Up in Smoke? 200w_d (3).gif

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    Hear Hear..!!

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    Hey there!


    Apologies for any frustrations, Concerning the Gobblegums, they are only accessible to the account that purchased the map pack as they are considered DLC. More information can be found here: Activision Support Also, please note that no weapons are included with the DLC, and Black Market weapons can only be found through Supply Drops, more info on that here: Call of DutyⓇ: Black Ops 3 | Black Market ^BP

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