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  • 04/15/16--12:15: Re: Diminishing Value?
  • No edit button....The building in the middle of the map on one side.

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    Hi there,

    Sorry to hear that you've encountered another player that is causing an issue for others.

    We advise that you report these players in game as well.

    I will mention a forum administrator who may want to take further details, he will probably contact you via a PM.


    Thanks for contacting support.


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  • 04/15/16--12:24: Re: Diminishing Value?
  • Above the bakery? Man, that game got a lot of hate. To be honest the only ones that don't seem to are COD4, w@w and MW2 (some but not a ton). I have very fond memories from COD1 through now. -crypto key crap.

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    I know you are gonna roll your eyes at this, but is that lag-comp that Ace is talking about, what makes it possible for a red one bar player to dominate a lobby full of green 4 bars?

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  • 04/15/16--12:25: Re: Diminishing Value?
  • Oh, I know which one. By the fence. The Chewing tobacco building with the Buffalo. Yes!

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  • 04/15/16--12:28: Re: Diminishing Value?
  • Ah, the good ole' days.  Jump on top of the tank, lay down with my Thermal/Silenced M27 and own the carport and the sidewalk opening next to the Theater.


    And then get called every name in the "Camper Hater's" Handbook of name calling. 

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  • 04/15/16--12:33: Re: Diminishing Value?
  • Personal opinion (by lack below, I mean by an impact that cannot be ignored)


    - lack of pre-orders alone means nothing.  Well not from a $$$ point of view: It would (personally) tell me that people do not see the point in the bonus one gets in the preorder which can be true for a lot of things (like people not wishing to subject themselves to the horrible matchmaking of the Chaos Moshpit).  This will have ZERO impact on micro-DLC development, as the previous title sold so much freaking DLC.

    - lack of pre-orders followed up by a lack of diminished sales on release.. WOE!! Ok someone is going to raise an eye-brow.


    Remember that nobody pays more for a pre-ordered game.  So if people are not pre-purchasing it but the sales are there on release (or soon after)... I doubt AV cares one bit (who would in the context of overall sales). The same (or close to it) number of games are still shipped to stores. If at the end of the day they are sold it does not matter if they were pre or post paid.


    We need to try and remember that if we were running things we would want to think about the gamers. But we are not running things. At the end of the day, it is a business (it always makes me laugh when people talk about Activision greed... they are in the business to make money, not to please every gamer. If something sells, they are going to sell it pure an simple. We have to get our heads out of butts about that...like it or not /smh).


    Look at it like this:


    Every year we see many people get fed up with the franchise. Every year we see posts about how "COD has gone downhill" and how "all my friends no longer play this <insert obscene word here> game"... yet we see more DLC, more BS, etc...




    Because what they are selling, sells. And if they put it on sale and sales go through the roof all that would tell me is that the interest is there but the price point is wrong.  That has nothing to do with micro-DLC.  If they never sell micro-DLC, that sends a message (but unfortunately it is selling).  And for every person who does not buy DLC, 2 people do. That is a win for them.


    Everyone makes whatever choice they need to make for themselves; if enough people make the same choice, the business goes in that direction. makes sense? Sure it does.  And that is why we have micro-DLC. No matter what you or I or anyone here thinks, the masses have chosen.  Things can change for sure... but the direction?  Whatever sells.

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    Maybe, but I found a YouTube video, I would have never found the other article.

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    I'm not really surprised about that either. YouTubers with massive fanbases like his, particularly those who are accessible to younger and more easily led audiences, pretty much sell the game for the publisher. For that reason it wouldn't surprise me if they contact said YouTubers, drop a hint regarding what's to come, and then videos are made about 'rumours' that are actually based on truth, allowing Activision and YouTubers to help each other make more money.


    And after that entire paragraph, the key word of course is 'money'

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    Hello, to work the savegame name must finish by "Save.fpop" in documents/Activision/Spider-Man (TM) SD/Save.

    The name is case sensitive so use S capital and the rest in lower case.


    By default with some languages the game use a wrong name... In english it work, yes it's a shame.

    Rename your save by "xxx Save.fpop" and it will work.

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  • 04/16/16--11:11: Clan PS3??!!
  • I Need Clan For PS3

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    its extremely easy

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    I'll play.

    Gt: Mr CluTCh HD

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  • 04/16/16--11:29: EP does not raise
  • Hey, i'm gaming but neither my level nor my ep does raise. I'm still at level 55 an my points are at 323485. I can do what i want but it isn't raising.


    does anyone know what to do?






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    I'm trying to join decent clans, I hope you guys are! Pretty much I want to play with good people...


    Gamertag: LighT Porto (Btw, this is a new account)

    Old K/D: 2.33 (Banned for using offensive emblems)

    Age: 15 ( I'm not a squeaker)

    Level on Old Account: Master Prestige, Level 112

    Had dark matter before, can't be bothered doing it again...


    I'm decent with a sniper, I've hit a trickshot before and good at quickscopes


    I have a YT channel with 170+ subs and 25 followers on Twitch


    Contact me by Twitter: @neliporto8 or my gamertag.

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  • 04/16/16--11:33: Re: update season pass
  • Hey Gareth,


    If you own Black Ops 3: Awakening on PS4 the Season Pass there was a Complete your Season Pass promotion that offered a reduced price for that, but now that promotion is over unfortunately. That promotion was found here: Call of Duty®: Black Ops 3 | Complete Your Season Pass.



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  • 04/16/16--11:36: 15 euros
  • hola qiero que me dejen de cobrar 15 euros cada 3 meses, que debo hacer?

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    The platform is ps4 , my id is bo3guch , is the first time this happens to me , I have not played for a few days and reentered the game and my progress retrograded

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    AG Nyght is my GT. Send me a message Im not the best but I hold my own. And don't try to spawn trap me on Nuketown it wont work heheh

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