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  • 03/16/16--17:56: Re: A AUCTION HOUSE IN BO3!?
  • 1. No trading for keys, coins, CoD points.  No currencies.

    2.  You put your item up for trade and choose up to 5 items you are willing to trade your item for.  However, it is a one for one trade for one of the 5 items.

    3.  Your item is randomly posted from 1 to 24 hours later with the possible trade.  So, no immediate side deals can be made offline, and a person waiting to see it instantly pop up for a dirty side deal for cash.

    4.  Your name and/or buyer name are not shown at all.  Only recorded by CoD servers in case of a transaction failure due to flaws/server issues.

    5.  Limited weapons can not be traded for other limited weapons, unless the trader has all other possible supply drop items.  This will spread these weapons out among more players.

    6.  All limited weapon duplicates require posting on the AH, before other AH transactions can be made.  This forces the duplicate weapons back into the system for all to enjoy.

    7. Again, no currencies.


    I'm sure there are still flaws and tweaks with this even, but I think it is a better system.

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    I'm constantly seeing Non-Legit Master Prestiger's auctioning off PSN MODs for 10 dollars up to 30 dollars.


    I thought they banned all fake masters in the last update?

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  • 03/16/16--17:59: looking for arena team (ps4)
  • overall kd is 2.03 and w/l 3.46 in pubs,looking for a competitive arena team to join up with,i have a mic and I'm 24 years old.

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  • 03/16/16--17:59: Re: A AUCTION HOUSE IN BO3!?
  • if it were implimented i just dont see them going a non-currency route. because in the end they could still make money off of it

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  • 03/16/16--18:01: Re: A AUCTION HOUSE IN BO3!?

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  • 03/16/16--18:14: Re: Mothership problem
  • There's nothing wrong with the video. It was recorded from theatre and I was in the game stood in front of him at the start, he's also a well know forum user. Look at points that pop on screen 150 + 825 + 400 + 200 + 450 = 2025, more than enough for a Motheship.

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    There might be a glimmer of hope on the horizon. I've read in the gaming news that Microsoft wants to open up to cross-console gaming, which also includes PC too. So I guess this would be for all the third party games that get released on multiple platforms. I'm really hoping that Nintendo joins up the Wii U with this new idea Microsoft has. This also might open the door for DLC. Or maybe this is just a pipe dream and the Wii U will die off quietly.

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    hey bud do you know how to do the easter egg on der eisendrache. we need one

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  • 03/16/16--18:22: Re: A AUCTION HOUSE IN BO3!?
  • Don't disagree there at all. 


    Was just suggesting a possible way I would even start to think an AH would be fine to me.....not how I think they would implement one for $$.  They would never do my suggestion as it would cut profit potential.

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  • 03/16/16--18:23: Re: VR Headsets
  • 1. Nope


    2. Probably Oculus, mostly because of marketing and games avaible


    3. Meh. Not seeing it now. However, 50 years in the future to where we have entire rooms in virtual reality...

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  • 03/16/16--18:39: Re: The Division
  • The Division in my opinion is good. I would compare it to Gears of War and Destiny had a kid. Loot based 3rd person shooter looter with a "viral" story.


    From the retailer I work for, many customers are remarking Far Cry Primal. Havent played it myself, but if you havent burnt out of Far Cry yet, might be a worth looking in to.

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  • 03/16/16--18:45: Re: How do i get a new code?
  • Hey there,


    Sorry to hear about that, but you'll have to first reach out to the retailer you bought it from to see if they can replace the invalid code. If not, then contact any of our ATVI support channels and we can assist you with that. You can send me a private message about that and I'll be look into that for you. Thanks, let me know but be sure to try your retailer first.



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  • 03/16/16--18:55: Re: Getting Very Annoyed
  • i was crashing all the time and then i just went two days without any issues and today ive crashed 3 times in 4 games!! this is absolutely ridiculous!! the game is literally broken and unplayable!

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  • 03/16/16--18:59: Re: Cross platform gaming?
  • download (1).jpg

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    watch, he will come back with more of his crazy opinions. He's one of the reasons I don't post on here anymore. Plus he's wrong anyway (well maybe not now and days), I've found amazing players on these forums.

    Good luck Tictacn on your quest for games. When you upgrade to Xbox 1, hit me up.

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    I play Black Ops 3 on the Xbox One. I can play a normal game, not going for any particular thing, and I will be brought right back to the game lobby after the game is over with, but when I make progression towards Hero gear, the game never fails to crash. Say I get 6 kills in one game with the War Machine. Normally, I should be brought right back to the game lobby, and have gained some progression towards the gear. But the game ALWAYS crashes. Please help. I am getting very frustrated.

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    unfortunately that didn't work either.. Any other ideas?

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    I purchased Black Ops 3 Standard Edition through the Amazon website which stated that I would Receive the nuketown DLC personalization pack as pre-order content, but did not receive this in the box, please could you assist me as I would like to redeem this content.

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  • 03/17/16--17:59: Female gamer
  • Im a female gamer and im looking for people to play with. My gt is XxShreexX. Feel free to add, invite and watch my videos!

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