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    I have completed the 300 kills as suggested and it worked...  Just wanted to say thank you again!   Very much appreciated.

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    XGC does NOT have ANY alliances with other gaming communities/clans !!!



    ARE you tired of playing with gamers with no MIC?  Are you tired of playing with Gamers who DONT help you our when in GAME ?? Thats a thing of that past!!! XGC IS THE PLACE FOR YOU !!   i am looking for ACTIVE, LOYAL, DEDICATED,  COMPETITIVE, Gamers. to be a part My XBOX ONE clan - XGC Guerrillas - we are a competitive clan, in a friendly environment. we enjoy playing CORE game modes. such as, (Search, Uplink, Dom ) . .. My clan is from the USA,  ! Their is NO K,D Requirement to join, All we Ask is that you are ACTIVE and Willing to LEARN! .. although, to join - You MUST be 18+ With a MIC. (NO exceptions) .. If you are interested in dominating all the Game modes that you love to play, in a Competitive, Friendly, Environment. Please Feel free to message me on the XBOX ONE -  my GT is:  XGC EPIC LUCK


    PS  XGC Is also active on ps4, ps3, PC, 360, Xbox-one, and Mobile, . For more info, feel free to Visit www.XiledGaming.com  As you sign up, be sure to put my gamer tag " XGC EPIC LUCK "  as a referer

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    The stars would have to align in order for both players to fire the fatal shot at the EXACT same time.

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    Hey guys.


    I've been trying for the past hour to change the zoom on the varix 3. There is no specific key command in the options to accomplish this.


    Any help would be most appreciated. What command do I need to  set so that I can switch zoom levels on the varix.


    As Always,

    Thanks for your help.

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    I think it should linked on your cod account on the www.callofduty.com and make sure that you are using the same email on the activision account.

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  • 03/14/16--17:41: Give me my money back
  • Activision, I want a refund, i have had enough, will never buy a copy of your game again, and I'm sure millions of players will do the same. Just think, all you had to do was upgrade a few servers but now you will lose millions of pounds because less people are going  want to buy your lag ridden bad glitches game, I'm sure thousands have  stopped already playing

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  • 03/14/16--17:48: XGN RECRUITMENT (XB1)

    Hi, are you tired of playing alone? Want some communication on your team? Well, this might be for you. We are XGN which stands for Xiled Gaming Network. We have over 12 thousand members and are growing everyday. We have sponsors, and many teams. You do not have to be a competitive player to join, we do have competitive teams though if you want to do that. We have a lot to offer and are currently looking for new quality members. So, if you are interested send me a message on Xbox on my Gamer tag. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    My Gamer tag is: XGN vEpilepsy7

    P.S. you must be at least 15 years of age or older to join. And must have MIC

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    Get a US Region disc for the game.

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  • 03/14/16--17:52: Re: 205 Brecci needs a nerf
  • There is no benefit based off of real game play to aim down sites with Brecci. You simply spam the trigger while aiming in the general direction and it gets kills from ridiculous distances where hip fire with SMG would not be accurate at those same distances. Extreme up close situations, your argument has a point because the target is much larger and missing is more difficult for any gun when hip firing with a SMG so even for a player that doesn't have good aim, it would be harder for them to miss. Even in those situations using the Brecci in my experience I would still will likely win that battle. The explanation on why this happens, I can't give, it just simply does in live game play. Not sure if it is because part of the spread includes head shots dealing more damage or there is just a flaw in the numbers, but it does based off my experience of using both guns.


    The only addition to that explanation I could possible give is that a lot of those instances, not all, I was attacking from above, wall run, double boost, slide and boost past them and turn and shoot. In those instances I did get a lot of head shot medals so perhaps that is one explanation. This would also add to my argument that the ability to get head shots that easy gives the Brecci a distinct advantage. Of course I wasn't complaining when going for my Black Matter but it made it a lot easier in those cases.

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  • 03/14/16--18:10: Re: SUPER BO3
  • Sorry. Just got it already so Much time has passed and the server is not set up. ((( I understand that it was addressed to the wrong address Is the business of those people who deal with servers. (((Once again sorry and thanks for desire to help.

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  • 03/14/16--18:17: Re: Black Ops Servers!!!???
  • Yes the North are close to me ( Russian ) all are invited! You have to block and play on the German with a terrible ping ((((

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    to me the real grind is past master prestige, where each new level is 55000 again. This is really how prestige should work, it should be a struggle, a badge that you play the game.

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    It can be annoying, but if you die your shot should cancel. I played a lot of Battlefield, and kill trades are annoying. Better shot should win.


    You can get afterlife medals with grenades and some projectiles, but I am glad there are no kill trades.

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    That is because when people who are considered good play their own skill level it turns out they were never good in the first place.

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  • 03/14/16--18:28: Re: C'mon Treyarch...
  • crude but I get the anger in the post.


    I believe that 3RCH went further down the rabbit hole with micro-transactions than Sledgehammer did. I dont think there is a coming back now.


    what are the chances of IW introducing some form of random box in November?

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    Me and my buddy have recently started up a clan for some pub games maybe have a more serious division of the team for players who want to play arena and competitive.

    My in game stats are 2.40 Kd and 340 SPM.

    Theres no minimum requirements in terms of KD you just have to be a mature player and have a mic.


    Hit me up on PSN : Chreesh-G

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  • 03/15/16--16:56: Re: Camo issue
  • Greetings The_Moffman,


    Unfortunately, we're unable to assist in regards to codes redeemed on the wrong console account.


    Our apologies ^SP

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    I have a Netduma but since I end up connecting to a dedicated server 90% of the time it doesn't help.  It does help if you are always connecting P2P, then the filter is useful.


    You can use the Netduma to avoid the dedicated servers. One of its key features of many.


      Simply move your home location away from the dedi's, or tighten your radius so the dedi isn't inside your geo-filter radius. You can even put your home location out in the middle of the ocean and just use ping assist and keep it lower than you ping the VA server farm.  You can even temporarily ban a dedi, but there are many so it will keep connecting you repeatedly until you do have all of them blocked for 5 minutes each.


    Tons of topics and wiki info on the duma forums on how to set it all up and use it to your advantage. You paid good money for it, might as well learn how to use it and use it for what it's for....   Good luck.

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    Greetings H3ADSH0T5,


    Unfortunately, if you have experienced a crash before a match was fully completed, the progress obtained during said respective match may not be saved.  Since we're currently collecting information regarding crashing issues in Black Ops 3, can you please clarify for us on which platform are you playing on and in which geographical region are you located in?


    Best Regards ^SP

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