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    Skeets1point51 wrote:


    This is the absolute worst Specialist - why would you even make this character?  Fix it please.  Make the area around the Nomad like stun the killer for a few seconds or something.  Also, Glitch is awful to.  For glitch to work it shoud pop up every 30 seconds or so.

      Member Skeets1point51

    its the last specialist ability I need for all gold hero outfits. Its the one I dont want to subject myself to.

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    BusterBrown78 wrote:

    It didn't used to be that way. I started way back when everyone moved about the map, hunted down the enemy and killed somebody. The legitimate play style stuff started from people who camp. Now throw all the perfect head glitch spots all over every map in every lane into the mix and it's even worse.

      Member BusterBrown78

    I'm curious as to what time period you are referring to.  Because I remember in MW there was LOTS of head-glitching going on.  Lets not forget the vehicles that couldnt be shot through and had enormous hit boxes all around them that didnt allow bullet penetration.


    Everyone talks like its something that needs fixed when there is nothing wrong with the mechanic.  AW was boring because they did away with all the clutter and forced everyone to play the same way.

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  • 03/07/16--14:27: Re: See you in November
  • DemonHunter777 wrote:


    Well another year another failed attempt at a good COD game. Sold Blops 2 after 4 months, sold ghosts after one match, sold aw after 4 months and am selling blops 3 after 2 months of play time. Here is to hoping the November release being great and going back to a more realistic formula that made COD the best game out.


    COD 4 Life!

      Member DemonHunter777

    May I suggest (based on your words) stay away from the series.


    You have not enjoyed a game since MW3. Why bother?

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    Agreed. Staying with the topic of what we would spend money on, I would be happy to buy such a hangar/bunker/minefield "upgrade" that will permanently enable auto-replenish, deducting training costs from resources each time.

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    "I have spent over $250 trying to get the crossbow"




    Yes you are it is!

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    The game only shows upload, in his case 4109kbits per second. He doesn't necessarily have to have 32.9mb down.

    It's still more than enough to play the game. I was experimenting once how low can I get and play the game and surprisingly the game starts to rubberband  under 200kbps on both up and down speeds.

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    Yes its Xbox one

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    Pros: Sharing items and duplicates between friends


    Cons: "Selling Crossbow, 20 US dollars via paypal!"



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  • 03/07/16--15:06: Re: Season Pass
  • Hi Herbzzx,


    I'm really sorry to hear about the account ban, however, season pass content cannot be transferred between accounts.





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    Never happen. That would cut into their profits

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  • 03/07/16--15:17: Re: See you in November
  • Maybe take a year or 10 off. Seems like maybe you just don't like cod anymore.

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    The people on the netduma forums were very helpful last time I was there, they can walk you through it if you need it.

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    This game is 100% geared for headless chickens. If you can't kill a "camper" in this game,  the issue is between the controller and the couch.

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    | Der Eisendrachen | Easter Egg | High Rounds|


    We need skilled players with working mics and know the full Easter egg.

    You must have good connection and a couple hours of free time.

    Message me on Xbox if you want to join.

    Gamertag: kmorevil666

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  • 03/07/16--15:22: Re: See you in November
  • There's a saying.... "You can never go back.."   Maybe it's time for a change? But please don't stop posting your angst at every opportunity because those of us who still love COD would miss the juxtaposing...

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    Yeah, you would think that by playing the game a lot that people would pick up on those types of things and learn how the spawns work.  Some do, but others it just seems like it always remains a mystery to them.  I'm constantly looking at the mini map.  If you always know where your teammates are, you basically know where the enemies are.   

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  • 03/08/16--14:37: Re: Activision rewards
  • That would of been ideal, but I'm just the messenger boy.

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    Hello I just purchased black ops 3 and after playing one match on my account i was banned while in the lobby waiting for the next one to start.  I went 19-29 which is why i cant understand why i was banned, i didn't even do that good.  Steam says this is a ingame ban which means treyarch manually did it, can i please get this unbanned as i did nothing wrong. 

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  • 03/08/16--14:41: Cant prestige
  • I have maxed out on Prestige 10 level 55 but wont let me prestige played loads of games since first maxed out yet nothing has happened? Please help!?

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  • 03/08/16--14:44: Re: Activision rewards
  • I think gotsomestars had so many points, he bought the store out and nothing was left for the rest of you.


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