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  • 03/04/16--13:54: Re: [XONE] Zombies Team
  • Hey guys i need two people for the Shadows of Evil FULL EASTER EGG

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    What?  I am not understanding what your question could possibly be.


    If you are curious how the internet works, look it up.  There are so many other servers and routes taken before getting to Activision, or any other services.


    Heck, if you are curious.  Go to a command prompt on your computer. And type "Tracert netflix.com" you will most likely hit around 20-30 hops depending on your internet provider and location.  Each hop is another server/service you have to go to before you get to your end destination.  The timeouts don't really mean anything, they are just not providing information on what/where/who that hop is.  I don't know the IP/Hostname of the COD servers specific to connections, you could always try traceroute on those as well.


    Websites like callofduty.com will most likely be less hops, as web pages are usually on high end servers with major redundancy and protection.  I believe COD is hosted on akamai.



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  • 03/04/16--13:56: Giant
  • I Bought the season pass and i don't receive the giant map?

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    Hi, I'm having a problem with not being able to use my emblem or calling card and i don't think they are banned because i've only had a deadpool or a funny stickman with the words quad feed as my emblem. I did get a enforcement act because of inappropriate  communications that only lasts till march 5th or tomorrow, does that have a effect on not being able to use it?

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  • 03/04/16--13:57: Re: Make UAVs Always Visible
  • No.


    If you want this, run Engineer.

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    Microsoft is saying the release on this was scheduled for the end of February but it was delayed by Activision. I'm guessing you still have no info??? There are a lot of people waiting for this and the speculation is Activision is holding it back to maximize profits on BO3 DLC. A contingent of users posting on Xbox.uservoice.com including myself have decided we will not be purchasing any DLC for Black Ops 3 until this 3 and a half month old promise is fulfilled.

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    Need 2 people plzzz

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    Yeah, well i got 2 decals and a gesture in mine.

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    Under your name and Icon is an Actions icon. Click on it and go from there.. Good luck

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    Another reason I just don't enjoy Core. I should get punished because some guy is able to shoot THROUGH his teammate to kill me?


    It seems to me that rather than allowing bullets to pass through teammates, teammates should be solid. 


    I don't think that collision should be removed and teammates allowed to run through one another, however. Would just cause too many WTF moments.


    Part of the game is having that awareness of where you are shooting and how you are moving in relation to enemies and teammates.

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    Hey guys! I just played Bo3 Hardcore TDM on Fringe and recognized a womans laugh. First I thought Im crazy, but then I heard it again and again ^^. I recognized it only today, maybe because of the DoubleEP WE. So, I heard it very often when I spawned at the bridge and ran to the yard on the right. There you, or just me, can hear her. Hope Im not alone with this remark ^^


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    Hey I'm a very big gamer for past CODS and previous one, Blackops 1 being the best by far in my opinion. But my question is when do you think it will be released, the reason why I ask is because this is a huge turn for the backward compatibility program and we haven't heard any update for it in 3 months :(. If you release this game, more people will want to buy your products in the future. I love this game and can't wait to play it :) thanks and please get back to me soon.

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    Your link doesnt work anymore, it only show the "Submit Form" button, but no option appear so we can't choose platform, region, etc...

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    Hi there,

    Unfortunately, having a communications ban will stop you from accessing these features.

    All being well, when the ban is lifted, you should be able to access them again.

    If this is not the case, let us know, so we can attempt to work the issue out.



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    You may have been temp banned from any communication with others in the community. I would wait til the 6th and see what happens then. Good luck..

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    Error code a.b.c. and instead of it 33 on the top right its 52 and have tried certain methods plz help

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    My 65% accuracy with all sniper rifles prove that is a lie.


    You CANNOT just go running around and snap aiming like you used to. This is a GOOD thing. Notice how many more players are not running around like ballerinas spinning circles and getting "ubersick360noscopezzzzquadfeedzzzz" now in this game?




    A sniper is a PRECISION WEAPON which rewards ACCURACY by allowing it to be a ONE SHOT KILL at any range. The ONLY ones who want it changed are the ones who would run around hip firing them like they were shotguns.


    Is sniping harder in this game? YES

    Should sniping be hard? YES

    Is a sniper a "specialty" weapon? YES

    Should a sniper be running into the middle of a battlefield firing wildly? NO

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    I have the Lilited Edition of COD Black Ops III with Season Pass, but get the new DLC Awakening, I need to pay for it.  I thought I get new DLC's for free with the season pass. Is there something wrong with my season pass?  Is there something special I need to do to activate it?

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    Yep, mm can do some tricks and put you into a game with round 195/50 60/20 105/190 etc..
    Oh and ridiculous situation is when the time runs out, your team have 80/55 and you hear "Is a draw"... Yeah Treyarch 160:100 is a draw... In footbal 2:0 is a draw too.. When I have 10 apples and you have only 3 quess what ? Yeah is a draw...



    My friends doesnt like to play on FPS at pad so i must play alone.
    And yes... Domination with potatoes is horrible..

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    Hello,I want nuketown camo please thanks !

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