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    I am assuming that you still have to have 2 attachments. I remember doing another challenge where I had to get 25 kills with optic and 2 attachments on secondary. Thats why I think that I already have 41 kills for this challenge.

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  • 02/26/16--11:32: Re: Need nuketown code!!
  • Hey Dude,


    Nuk3town Was a Pre-order Bonus Only



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    Those bars are not accurate.  They never have been. You do know there are actual coded stats out there, right?

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  • 02/26/16--11:40: Re: Point Blink Hip-Fire
  • I don't have a problem with hip fire. I actually get quite a few hip fire kills and I almost never use gung-ho.


    By the way, you used the incorrect form of "too". Should be "to" in all of the uses above. Too=excessive or also. 

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  • 02/26/16--11:45: Join SYN WRATH 7
  • If your tired of Gaming alone and losing your matches because of randoms than we are the clan for you we currently have 20 members and are looking for some chill gamers that will gel with everyone.  Our clan is part of Xiled Gaming a gaming community but don't let the Gaming community part scare you off there are a lot of clans within it and I would like to think ours is one of the tightest as far as Gaming with each other we don't let any member game aline. We participate in clan battle and section wars so message me on Xbox 1 SYN DIENASTY and we will see if we are a good fit for you guys and gals welcome

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    You do know I do know what I have seen and those shotguns are too ranged in game, simple as that, who cares if the bars aren't accurate? it still shows it's just as ranged as an assault rifle.. you put long barrel on it and the range is more.. You must be a shotgunner also, but what is so fair about a shotgun 2 shotting people from distances? You use an assault rifle the same distance and you have to unload a full clip unless you head shot every time. whether you want to believe it or not a lot of others I have seen complain about the same thing. People always have to defend their favorite weapons which I completely understand but you can not make a valid point where it will make some of us believe the shotguns are balanced... Hopefully it will get it's nerf but knowing CoD it won't so it's all good just wanted to vent

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    Try an older version of your graphics driver

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    Looking for competitive players for ps4. If interested  or have any more question please add me. My PSN is DJSLAYS-YT

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  • 02/26/16--11:54: Re: MATCHMAKING IS ABORANT
  • Yes, and Im brazilian and sometimes I get put into lobbies full of americans with 250ms ping!

    I like to play with north americans because they have more strategy and brazilians not. Our people is too try hard.

    But 250ms ping is a waste of time.


    So, I think there is a problem with this matchmaking. I miss the ping selection from Blops 2.


    You should avoid Core > Team Deathmatch because is where most of brazilians are.

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    Yup you must be a shotgun user lol np though like I said I am sure I am not the only 1 that has complained about them and noticed it.. Look at the stats an Argus has 1 less bar than the man of war assault rifle on range... and it's spread fire so yeah your point is really invalid Kurt.



    I am not a shotgun user because they are way too inconsistent in this game. So if it has 1 less bar on range than an AR then that means it can kill across the map?  Use common sense son.


    You are all alone on this.

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    I don't believe there is any indicator in Hardcore (which is all I play).  Once you hear it called in, you just hold your D-pad to the right to jump in.  It's probably the only way I'll get all of my Mothership kills for the challenge card.  I wouldn't earn one often enough to have it take up a slot in my scorestreaks, which means it would be pretty useless to the team when I can certainly earn Sentries and other stuff to help cover/kill.

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    Pretty self explanatory, you read the requirements and the info about the clan and you see if you wanna join.

    Clan Name: Encore - Clan Tag: EnCe


    Have a .80+ k/d


    Be Mature

    No Racism

    No sexual discrimination

    Have a creative mind

    A MIC!

    actually play with members, don't just wait for someone to invite you to play, make the first move!

    if you don't communicate with members on a daily basis, you will eventually get kicked.


    A little info on our clan, this clan was created by EncoreTime on xbox 360 in 2013, but then switched to PS4 beginning of 2016 and no other members had a PS4, so now it's like a fresh start with only 6 members as of 2/18/16, We are a competitive clan, although we do not "pub stomp" or "Go On Feedz" we are a competitive yet laid back clan, we support any and all who join.

    if you have any questions or just want to join, please msg our leader on PS: EncoreTime or on Kik: Losing_My_Focus (It would be nice if you also had a phone and have a kik account because we use kik to communicate a lot)

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  • 02/26/16--12:01: Re: I've moved on.
  • Yes!!!!!! Congrats!

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    i purchased call of duty black ops 3 from Amazon it said I would get the nuketown dlc but did not get it in my box can u help ?

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    I just purchased this for PS3 and I'm trying to download update to play and it keeps error coding me and wont download. I've tried wireless and wired connection and still doing same thing. Any thoughts?

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    lol.."Accidently".. Don't you have to get thru like 3 different menu screens that challenge you not to do it? Definitely worth a shot for the OP for sure.

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  • 02/27/16--11:56: Re: BO3 Garbage
  • I never said my issues were bad... Just that I had them..

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    Hi there,


    We understand this can be frustrating and we appreciate your patience. The servers should now be at Defcon 5 on all platforms: Call of Duty®: Black Ops 3 | Status

    Please feel free to contact us should you need further assistance or if you're still experiencing connectivity issues.


    Thank you,

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