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  • 02/22/16--04:25: SOE EE xbox one
  • looking for 3 more players that are exp. in soe and want to d the ee I know how to do it and have a mic I hope you do too

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    i am.

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  • 02/22/16--04:34: Nomad hero gear
  • so it's my last piece of hero gear I need unlocked. Anyone have any tips bc I am just terrible with him. I'm literally done with the game but this. All weapons prestiged, dark matter and like 30 calling cards left to get. I'm somewhat of a completionist and it's killing me >_>

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    easy. i am second prestige 40 or something. There are people already on 9 prestige. You can prestige from level 54.

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    im looking to do the easter egg for  shadows of evil. I do have exp. in the game and have a mic. and do not contact me on my xbox

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    I have been playing multi player split screen with 2 Xbox one controllers. However, the resolution changes, everything looks pixelated and half of the buttons on the controller don't work, for example can't change class/leave a game. I also get black bars surrounding the game.


    I go into options and the controllers are all set up properly with correct key bindings etc. The resolution is 3440x1440, which is what it should be, yet the problems still continue. None of these issues are a problem when playing singularly online. 


    I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing these issues and if so, how to fix them.


    Thnaks ;D

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    If you are on PS4 then you will need to go to your black ops 3 but don't click on it then drag it down and go to add-ons and it should be there as for Xbox One I don't know

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    Hallo Activision Support,


    Ich würde gerne einmal nachfragen ob ich den Sourcecode von Star Trek bridge Commander [ released 2002 ] bekommen kann, ich würde es gerne für mich un meinen Clan an den Gegebenheiten von Windows 7 - 10 anpassen und ein bisschen verbessern ;), so wie es bereits mit Star Trek Elite Force 1, Elite Force 2 und Armada2 geschehen ist, dabei sind ebenfalls tolle Projekte herausgekommen wie: Star Trek Elite Force RPG-X


    Dar Gamespay ja vor längerer Zeit deaktivieren worden ist gibt es leider auch keinen wirklichen Multiplayer mehr, das würde ich unter anderem auch gerne verbessern.



    PS: Hier gehts nicht darum Profit in jeglicher Art und Weiße zu machen, sondern um Usern, die dieses alte Spiel haben, wieder die Möglichkeit zu geben es unter aktuellen Bedingungen zu spielen und daran Spaß zu haben [ am besten in 1920 x 1080 und das Stabiel ].



    Bastian Scott

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    im in GT: Castle Ops

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    If I ask my account to be restored but I have nothing else to do can I still go on the account or do I have to wait the 72 hours

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    Ah you're one of those type of internet people. No one made the point that they play them same so you're effectively debating this with yourself. Never mind though as it seems you're of the intelligence to develop a non-existent argument in a room by yourself. Congrats on being right in your own head.

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    Hola yo tengo mi xbox 360 que no la conecto a internet solo la conecte Para descargar el contenido y cuando juego en partidas LAN no subo de nivel Por favor ayudenme


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    Hello gamers. Im FueL CalibeR founder of FueL gaming. Im in need of pro comp players on PS4, US, and EU. Im currently full on xbox 1. Unless oyur badass. I also need female members on both consoles. We have 4 sponsers, and 5 social media sites, compete in umg and mlg. And hope to qualify for next yrs CWL.  We are close just need a few good members. We just resently picked up 2 former faze members, so we are looking vood. Hit me up here or facebook lawrence eddyy bray tha ks guys and gals.

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  • 02/22/16--05:17: Can't go online
  • I buy Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and i can't go online. So i buy Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Multiplayer StartPack and i can't go online. What is the problem ?

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    im in DonkiiStylez

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    i feel you this is bs i got the juggernaut edition

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  • 02/23/16--05:05: Re: (XB1) ->STR33T KINGZ
  • bump

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  • 02/23/16--05:13: Re: Black ops 3 error
  • I've had this problem I just reset my xbox and it worked but i also changed my network connection to a stronger connection

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  • 02/23/16--05:15: Re: Crossbow
  • I am not stating that they do not change at all.  My point is that someone putting money in the game to get something that they can get for free is quite dumb, considering the odds do not change on a per roll basis.


    I think we all agree that this is a poor implementation; I just feel bad for the people who are dumping coin into the game thinking their chances are improving by any significant amount.


    I join these discussions because I feel it may help someone make a better decision for themselves after reading the threads.  If the conversations were left one sided on the "your odds increase, but not by much camp" people may be led to believe that their chances do improve by dumping coin in.  Having said that, one does increase the number of chances they are giving themselves by doing so, but the odds of winning are not much improved.


    To further you example (not arguing, just extending):



    Player A plays the game and earns his supply drops without buying points. He opens ten supply drops at the end of his day.

    Player B plays the game and earns his supply drops, after he finished playing he bought points to open more supply drops. He opens twenty supply drops at the end of his day.



    ...player B still gets nothing (or may get something), and does not play the following day (may or may not be true)

    Player A plays the next day, opens 10 more drops and may or may not get something.




    Was it worth it for player B to buy more chances?




    Maybe... but maybe not.

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    Hello all,  I have been recently trying for hours each day to be put in a division on league play so I can then win 5 games in order to obtain an achievement. I have won several games in a row and it still says - "waiting position". I go for achievements on Xbox Live, so this is really upsetting that its not working. Please can you update this so the community can get their achievement.   Thank you

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