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  • 02/21/16--04:30: Re: CAG WANTS YOU JOIN TODAY
  • Come Check Us Out At CAGclan.com

    Recruiting Daily

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    Does anyone know if the season pass comes with the dlc map packs like awakening ( when they come out )??

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  • 02/21/16--04:35: Re: Moderat Nat
  • Well it makes a difference in gaming and joining games. BO3 is the problem I would like to see it fixed being the game has been out for 3 months

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  • 02/21/16--04:39: Re: Moderat Nat
  • have two xbox1 playing multiplayer BO3 on xbox1 one will be open nat the other moderate  nat. I also have download Call of duty Advance Warfare for xbox1 when play multiplayer both xbox 1 Nat are Open. This has to be bug with BO3

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  • 02/21/16--04:45: Re: Moderat Nat
  • G'day,

    Having two consoles will create competition for ports. Generally the first console on will bump the second console.

    This is a situation where you require to configure your router so that both consoles have access to the ports they need.


    Its good to hear that both your X1's have an Open console NAT


    Port 3075 is key to BO3 in-game NAT.


    Some routers deal with multi-console differently to others.

    It may be that just having Upnp enabled will deliver both consoles an Open NAT.


    Otherwise, you can try placing one of the consoles into the DMZ.

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    maybe you used the wrong dlc? for example there is dlc for like europén? and there is for americans?

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  • 02/21/16--04:45: Origins easter egg
  • Hi there looking for people to do the origins ester egg with, if any one is intended add me on 360 at GxBUMBLEBEE

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    The P-06 got nerfed, they increased the burst delay by 55%

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    Bug un arena

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    Hi there Vortex,

    The Season Pass does indeed include all four map packs that will come out throughout the course of the year, starting with Awakening on March 3rd I believe.

    Also, the SP includes the Giant Zombies map.




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  • 02/21/16--04:48: Advance Warfare On Xbox1
  • Advance Warfare On Xbox1 USA Missouri Cant find anyone playing team death match ?  Is this that no one is playing or something else

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    hello I pre-order my game black ops in three game stop and I fai of the people who is not got nuketonw can remidier has that.

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    Havoc and Georgia map pack, no games found. Why ?

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    Hey Dude,


    Sorry For You Not Getting Any Of The New Guns But Please Note

    All Supply Drops Are Randomised And You Can Get Anything At Anytime In a Supply Drop (You Could Get 3 Butterfly Knives In One) <But that's s Rare



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    Yes, as long as everyone realizes, you want all the map packs or none of the map packs.  This was a common issue in previous CoD games' forums.

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    I'm creating a serious COD team, for real this time(XD). The team name will be Serious Threat and we will do GB's, pub stomps, etc in BO3. In the first practice, everyone will be given their play type role ( slayer, obj, etc.) We will start out as a team of 6 which consist of: 1 Anchor, 2 OBJ and 2 Slayers.

    Anchor- Falls Back, sniper, picks enemies off from afar.

    Slayer #1- Protects anchor from a front.

    Slayer #2- Racks Up kills, protects the team mainly( e.g. Scumpi)

    OBJ's- Follow Objective ( plays according to game)

    This organization will be fun and collabrative and will have several team nights, etc.


    14+ No Sqeakers

    Must Have Mic ( if your mic ends us broke will you're on the team you will be benched for GBs and tournements. No Kinects or Headphones.)

    NO trash talk amongst competitors or team members. (We have to set a good rep for ourselves.)

    NO cheating/ hacking. No exceptions anyone being found cheating/hacking will be removed and banned for the team.

    Respect team mates. In order to run smoothly through our team process we must get like a family, so respect on another. If anyone has a problem with someone else, message me, the leader, at any moment you feel there's a problem.

    NO racism. Everyone has a right to equality, no one is thou of a less or higher than the other. Keep the remarks regarding your opinion on race to yourselves. Anyone reported of being racist towards a team member will be marked on a 2 day probation( benched and removed of ranking in team.)

    The will have rankings. Leader, Co leader, Secondary play advisotory officer, General, Private and Solider. The top three ranks will be a part of the council which includes discussing what's best for the team. After the consul comes to a decision, they will consult the rest of the team to get a vote on the situation.

    Meetings/ Pratices: Meetings and Practices will be primarily held on weekends. On weekdays, depending on everyone's schedule, will be held around 8-8:30 CNT. ( This can be changed once everyone tells their time of being online. This is a Xbox team for now and maybe moving to other consoles in the future. If you are interested, message me at GT: BreeThaGod for more info. Also, when messaging, please somewhere include that you are interested in the team.

    US only.

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  • 02/22/16--03:20: Re: In need of clan
  • hello 2ton!!

    Wanna tryout? Add Lut1nho on xbox or message Nik Lars Mayinger | Facebook

    we might be just the right team for you mate!

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    I've started a youtube channel and wanted some nice clips for the outro.

    And I decided to go back to old Black Ops 2 which I love very much to make 3 videos(thats the max)

    So I made them and it took like half and hour, and now, I can't find them anywhere...

    Probably it was linked to another account' so i unliked and linked it back but what do I do now?

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  • 02/22/16--03:53: Difficult maps?
  • Which ones do you think are hard?


    I'd say Verrückt for the tight places and not much of a huge training spot.

    And Origins, because of all the mud (and the Panzer, lol)

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  • 02/22/16--04:08: NUK3TOWN
  • hello I contact you car I have Commander 2 months ago MON Now Black Ops 3 and I have not always received my code for the map Nuketown I wish I Have a presciser ordering from Gamestop

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