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    Always talking about body odor this guy. It won't really matter what way they go for me. 90% of my happiness is playing with the group I play with.

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    I really expected a patch by now. These issues are self evident with 5 minutes of testing:

    1.  Tap and hold to train units is VERY VERY slow. Like unacceptably slow.

    2.  Moving the cursor to edit text in chat CRASHES CoDH (Android).

    3. Tap and hold to reinforce is VERY VERY slow. Like unacceptably slow.

    4. Still nearly impossible to select and heal hero in survival mode.

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    Need team for soe easter egg. Must know all steps to the easter egg. Message MSGL Dr MilkCow if your going to pertisipate.

    You must:

    Know all the steps. (Just knowing them briefly will work)

    Xbox one

    Black ops 3


    Mic. wanted but not required, but if u have to choose between someone with mic. or some one with out the one with the mic will win.

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    I have found a solution, and I will answer my own question for others to see. If you are playing LAN like me, you'll notice when you click the option button in the menus that there are NO challenges. When you click calling cards and then Campaign however, (at least for me) there was nothing but a peculiar white box. This is where the campaign challenges will appear once you 'unlock' them. To unlock them...upgrade your account to PS+. Upon unlocking the online features of the game, somehow the LAN campaign challenges will also appear. Yeah, you might have to buy online, but honestly its CALL OF DUTY, its an online shooter. Just really upset Activision requires PS+ for this as well as downloading any new maps.

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    I recently joined CAG about a week ago and there's always activity somewhere. Whether it be on the website or in-game. What's also great is that they know their stuff.. It's not all just about running and gunning. It's about working together as a team and getting the real win with team work, something any clan should have. I've met a lot of people so far and they're fantastic. The leaders are mature &professional, but still know how to have fun so what's better than that?


    Long story short if you're looking for a clan with an organized base website and awesome members that you'll be able to communicate in a civilized manner &kick ass with, then this definitely is the clan for you.

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    I need 3 people to do the easter egg for shadowa of evil.


    Mic. is wanted but not forced

    Skills (must be able to survive rounds)

    Listen to people (ex. If I were to say save a zombie and you kill the last one)

    My gamertag is MSGL alDr MilkCow

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    My gamertag is MSGL Dr MilkCow

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    I've noticed more bad connection players lately at the few times I play solo. In all honesty I usually play in a full party. We rarely have major connection issues. I'm not sure how much it matters but it must. Being in a full party with everyone having a good connection makes sense.

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    Usually restarting the game will fix this issue, but if it doesn't try resetting your router.

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    68ms ping thru speedtest?  How far away is the server you are testing?

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    The connection searching should be act like Black Ops 2.


    1) Search for any

    2) Search for best


    But, does your ping randomly spike or something? Could be an issue with the host you're connected to.

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  • 02/06/16--23:34: Re: Cannot play online.
  • Hey,

    Which error code are you getting? And when does it occur?

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    Hey there, Sorry Your account was messed with Can I get you to inbox AxelSpoonz hes an Activision employee!

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    Can you please explain to me why I got a msg saying to send disc and serial number .?????????  You can let them that my android cell phone I downloaded it on doesnt   take discs cause its a CELL PHONE ????? After days of waiting for my credits that were offered by your staff .

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    I need 2 people to do shadows of evil easter egg.

    Need mic.

    Must know what doing

    Be positive

    My gamertag is MSGL Dr MilkCow

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    Gday Inder2335,

    you ou may be having connection issues. May I ask...

    what console you are on ?

    what is your console's NAT type ?

    what is your in-game NAT type ?

    do you gave more than one console on your home network ?

    Is this a recent problem ? Or have you been having this problem since you vegan playing BO3 ?


    Kind regards,


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    Rise=campfest, terrible map

    Splash=Broken as hell, looks good tho

    Skyjacked=plays same as BO2, now we get snipers and shivas in those stupid windows, and people overlooking the spawns all over again

    Gauntlet=horrible map

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    G'day GR8N8

    when you opened the necessary ports did you create a Static IP for your console ?

    do you have more than one console on your home network?

    can you please give more detail to the configurations you have made to your router.   Are you using Upnp/port forwarding/DMZ function , etc ? 

    What at are the port numbers you have tried to open ?


    Kind regards


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    I'm trying to link my Call of Duty Account with my you-tube account to post items that are in my theater and I keep getting Error Code: 23400...

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    There are three spots on gauntlet that are also glitched.  People can get into the wall in the jungle area and shoot out and kill while not being seen.  In the corner of the urban area people are getting above the map.  And finally back to the jungle they are getting above that map and shooting down.  I fine it more than a little frustrating.

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