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  • 01/28/16--13:11: Re: What's The Point
  • Turns out it isn't the game for you.  Not every game is for everyone.  Easy solution: do something that's fun instead and move on.  Unless you find complaining is the next best thing, in which case carry on.

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    microsolf which fails to replace my console and nuk3town code does not work what should I do please

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    I also now need mission 4 onwards, although i need to go back and re-do 2 when they have patched the loading error! I am not online till the 4th now, will add you then or you can add me before if you wish.

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  • 01/28/16--13:14: Re: What's The Point
  • See that's the problem just run an SMG or an AR the game's fun for everyone who does that but when your going for challenges Hero Armour and dark matter they make it impossible with 3 bullet headshots when it was 2 and should be 1 and the bullet detection on the game sucks too ill be dead on someone and ill miss that's an issue

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    I think that part of what you're saying is that you put the shield in a place that's more open because you tend to just run and grab instead of having a game plan.


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    There is no such thing as a "new idea" in any genre, all the games are just new ways to put certain ones together and present them to the players.  If you can name a feature or idea that hasn't been done in a FPS in the last 10 years I'd be impressed.

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    So it's the game's fault that your teammates flipped the spawn?

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    Which were...ahem... ripoffs of other games before them, not to mention Science Fiction stories, movies, etc.


    This game may have elements those games had, but its not a "direct ripoff".


    What an irresponsible thing to say.

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    it's the games fault for not knowing my teammates are in a different spawn and they put me in the enemy's spawn yes!

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    Damn... that's some funny a $$ shite! Thank the lawd he's gonna let you off the hook on one of the enditements, lol, even though he wouldn't have. "Sorry dear, just wrap it in a towel to slow the bleeding until this round is over" bwahahaha! "I don't want to let down my brothers in arms!" Ahhhh... the smug arrogance is farcical.

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  • 01/28/16--13:26: The lag issue...
  • I normally think to myself "stop whining..." when I see people talking about lag, but the **** is real. I've played 5 games so far this morning, all containing players lag stuttering so I can't shoot them (they can shoot fine) or being insta-killed by everyone on the other team. Needless to say I rage quit from all 5 even though I was top score on the winning teams. Why is it so intermittent? Am I playing with European hosts or something? It IS highly irritating.

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    I think a lot of those supposed "good players" find that they aren't actually in fact good when they get put in an SBMM match and have to play equal or better players as well.  Can't have your cake and eat it too.  If you want easy farm kills, then sometimes the other team is the one doing the farming...

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    So I've been thinking about how the supply drop daily challenge was a great idea in advanced warfare. So maybe Treyarch could add a feature that everyday there would be a challenge that if you completed you would be rewarded with 10-20 cryptokeys.

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  • 01/28/16--13:27: Re: What's The Point
  • again go to hardcore. i have started working on my LMG's for camo challenges and on fringe or breach i can get 10-15 headshots a game. Granted you have to do some camping which i find very boring its just the only way to get them done. thats why it's a challenge. you have to play a different way than your used to, to complete the challenge. I had to do the same with the sheiva. I haven't had that much problem with the hit detection as you say you are having. and every specialist has a game mode where it is easiest to use and get your kills.

    Gravity Spikes-Safeguard

    Overdrive- Anything hardcore


    Vision Pulse-Hardcore Domination

    Tempest-Have just started so i havent found the game mode that works best for me on this one

    Glitch-Hardcore Dom or Core Dom

    War Machine-Anything really

    Kinetic Armor-Also anything Hardcore as it seems to be not as effective in core


    Combat Focus-Worked good on Bout every game mode as with low score streaks

    Hive-Domination core or Hardcore


    Ripper-Have not done much so idk for sure

    Active Camo-Anything hardcore

    Purifier- almost anything with a fairly close range combat zone

    Fire Break or stun or whatever- Hardcore Domination

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    this would be a good idea and possibly a weekly challenge that is a bit harder for more crypto keys. i do think this would be a great idea.

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    add us

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  • 01/29/16--19:11: 4v4 scrim PS4
  • Looking for a 4v4 scrim today!!! msg me if interested

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    I just made THIRTY classes with the dredge.

    If everyone is running SMG and spinning 360s, that's fine, I'll just slap on the laser sight and out compete still.



    Use a razorback.

    Use a vesper.

    Use the ICR.

    Use the KN.

    Use the M8A7.



    I'm never going back.












    But Vahn...I warn you, and this is only a warning, NEVER touch my baby.

    The Dredge is to me as the Bengals are to you.

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  • 01/29/16--19:15: Re: 4v4 scrim PS4
  • Basketball or Call of Duty?

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    every time i try to get online for call of duty black ops the server is not available help



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