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    You can send a message to us privately via this forum and we can try to help!


    Let us know what we can do for you. ^MG

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    I have been holding off on Prestiging weapons until I have completed all headshots and the 5 attachment camos. Once those are done, I prestige and do the no attachment camo. If there are any camos left by the time I finish that, I have unlocked some attachments to put on that weapon to complete those.

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  • 01/27/16--12:32: Re: Yet Again More Issues
  • All Green Bars!  Great Connection!  At least you got that goin' for ya...which is nice.


    Otherwise it just looks like you got owned...by some cat named Silkymitts!


    And, you didn't play the objective...


    Gunga Galunga! 

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    Anyone want to join our clan, it's called TysrO.

    We play many games including Gta,Bo3, Ark, Mc, AW, Destiny, and much more. But If you're looking for a clan just message us on Xbox one. We are always glad to have people join us.

    Gt: TysrO Majestic

    TysrO Beast

    If you join you will have to change your name to TysrO to show that your in our clan and our community.

    But if your willing to change your name. Come join us. Hope to see you guys there.

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    Most the "skill" is not about aiming, it's about knowing how to play the game, apply strategies and traverse across the map. And 'aimbot', you say? Haha. You really have no clue how the target assist actually works. It doesn't just 'snap' onto the other players, it merely slows down the aiming input to allow for fine tuning once you've already got pretty much on-target, and slightly follows the target to a certain degree, and it really only works for side-to-side motion. My opinion? Everyone 'signing' this petition are just poor sports, and are probably not very good at Call of Duty in the first place, and like to cry a lot, and want the developers to do anything at all to let them get one or two more kills every hour. Target assist has been here for a very long time, and it isn't going anywhere. Get over it.

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    T0XIC JERMS wrote:


    BrainDead6666 wrote:


    Here is just one example of what I'm finding a bit off putting: There is a guy on this forum (no names) who I don't agree with many, if any, of his personal positions. Yet he puts in a lot of work into his opinions and it shows in his posts. He cares and he belongs here because of that alone. His weapon takes are actually great reads which I and I bet many of the newer guys and gals love. He recently put out there a very controversial topic and went to dissecting his opinion and why he felt the way he did. It was pretty standard positioning no new rubs so to speak. As I went thru the following discussion I found the lack of civility shown towards this member was cause for me to sit back and evaluate just what in the hell is actually going on here. I will say many people in the thread stayed factual/opinion oriented without emotion but there were some what I would call "gravitas-ed" members who took it to the gutter which was immediately followed by some newer, maybe usually non-participating members chiming in in their debasement as well. Completely wrong in my opinion.




    Exactly.  I know he cares and normally brings some good insight to the forums, so I posted my opinion and did not post any further.  In that post I have to say that he was not very factual and it was almost completely his opinion, which is fine.  But if he was posting something that opinionated, he had to expect an equally opinionated response.  Instead of elaborating or defending himself, he chose to be silent.


    Yes, it could have been handled differently, but in my opinion he was more than a bit insulting.  For someone that has been here for years, I expected something a bit more professional from him.

    Iagree. And I'm not excusing his lack of discretion in the manner in which he did it. He did throw the metaphorical gauntlet down. However, whether he intended to or not is irrelevant. Why does the fight have to ensue. Most of the replies were insightful and well articulated but some were downright ugly. I am saying that anybody who took it personal enough to call him names may be taking things a bit to far. Farther than maybe he intended or wanted. Or maybe he did and shame on him and us both. Him for doing it and us for taking the bait.  I will say that although I was a targeted individual, I wasn't offended at all since I know many people feel the way he does and they are justified in their own eyes.


    Is it a sort of a "You say this so I'll say THIS!" thing... Please don't get me wrong in this. I'm an actual fan of loud and brash argument. You know I'm from Boston, it's something we do well. But It is the trend I'm seeing here in the boards that is bothering me. I believe a certain tone could be set by example.

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    "Why make a top 4 thread if you don't accept opinion."

    LOL, I think he's basically saying you can tell a person's age, or when they started, based on some of their choices. Ain't nothing wrong with the love though. Love anything, any game, yall want.

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  • 01/27/16--12:36: Re: clan tracking?
  • There has been zero response from Activision or Treyarch on clans.  No one knows if or when they will return, or in what form.  The game and the forums have things setup for clans, so it is a bit surprising that they have been silent about the whole situation.

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    You look fantastic! You been working out?

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    Black Ops 2

    Black Ops 1

    Black Ops 3



    Big zombies fan and never really played WaW where zombies all started so this is my reasoning for excluding it. Buried being one of my favorite zombies maps along with Kino. Also i enjoyed the campaign along with the aliens mode in ghosts.

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    Even though I would rather see Treyarch not remake any more zombies maps for BO3, most of these maps are good one way or another. The only map I didn't enjoy is Shangri-La which is full of very tight paths and areas where there isn't very much breathing room. The early maps were easier and terrible randoms couldn't lose parts or find a lot of ways to screw us over which became the case in later maps where one bad random player could lose a part and render an item unobtainable by either going down in a terrible spot a mile away from the group or by rage quitting as in BO2 where the large maps can mean having to try to revive someone on the lava, tight hallway, top of elevator(crushing hazard or falls off the map), mansion(drains points due to ghosts), or in the middle of a very long path in the middle of nowhere, do something stupid to render the PaP machine unreachable in Shangri-La(not activating the stairs), Moon(refuses to get on the teleportation pad), TranZit(if he or she is at the power station and lets the zombies destroy the turbine or rage quits while holding a turbine or PaP part or loses one of those parts), CotD(rage quitting or otherwise losing a part needed for the airplane), and SoE(rage quitting with a ritual item or gateworm or otherwise loses one of those items or trolls the ritual sites), or troll people with EMP grenades in TranZit..


    Even though I have to wait that extra month for the BO3 zombies maps(everything will be spoiled for everyone not on the PS4), I'll still look forward to them and the specialist weapons that are making their zombies debut in the Awakening map pack(sparrow and gravity spikes look like fun power weapons to use against the zombies) and see what crazy plot twists Treyarch pulls for the story in that there are multiple dimensions(original doomed earth timeline, Origins where the zombie outbreak is stopped, and BO3's alternative universe where Germany won World War 1) and that the fabric of all existence is threatened by Richtofen's goal of killing all alternative versions of himself to protect the children.

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    RayOldGuy wrote:


    Reasons I have left a game early in the last 2 months.

    1. Phone call from my doctor - lasted 2 minutes - I should have to wait to get back in a game? I don't think so.

    2. slow frame rate - like maybe 20 FPS. unplayable -  I should have to wait to get back in a game? I don't think so.

    3. Rubber band lag - lots and lots of rubber band. A few times I'll stay - but -- I should have to wait to get back in a game? I don't think so.

    4. Kicked for some unknown reason - I should have to wait to get back in a game? I don't think so.

    5. My team has a few 360 spinning trickshot wannabes - I should have to wait to get back in a game? I don't think so.


    Reasons I will never quit:

    1. My side is losing - sorry, but if I can't win, I can do my best to keep the other team from having great KDs.

    2. A full clan party is on the other side - sorry again, but too often I have seen this means nothing.


    In the end someone bought the game to be played in their home. There are way to many reasons one may quit some of which you listed above. There can be no fair way to establish a quitting penalty so the question should be moot. I agree with bplahn, not quite the way he said it, but his thoughts are pretty straight forward. It really should be a non-regulatable area.

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    This may be your first COD. But Hardcore has always had friendly fire for a reason.

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    IM a prestige 2 lvl 25 i know how to do everything in the shadows of evil map and ive done the ee 5 times...pick me up if ur looking for an experienced player...im only trying to play with ppl who know exactly wat to do msg or invite me gt: xfreegucci831x

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  • 01/27/16--12:49: Re: Yet Again More Issues
  • Hey, my Mom used to make me PB & J's too!


    She liked PB  &Tomato...yuck.  But then again she thought it was gross when I at a PB & Miracle Whip!


    Man, I miss those days!

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  • 01/28/16--13:06: Xbox one clan recruiting
  • hello my fellow Xbox gamers! So I just started a Clan for COD BO3 and am looking to invite new members!!

    The clan is spanking new so as of now I have 1 other member. BUT hopefully that all changes very soon! we are looking for friendly gamers who like to have a good time and just hangout, Even get some competitive gaming going! We are going to have a competitive team going for arena also! If you would like to join to just make friends and have a place to hangout that's totally fine as well! We plan on having tons of game nights with clan members and hopefully growing to where we are fairly well known threw out COD and other games as well. Below I have provided some more information about the clan and the clan rules, please take a moment to read that info.


    Clan name: M.I.A. {Mercenary's in action}

    Clan colors: Red/black/white

    Clan motto: "Spreading love one bullet at a time"

    Clan platform: Xbox One {ONLY}

    Clan Rules:

    #1 Be respectful to all your fellow clan members! Racial slurs and excessive taunting/ harassing will NOT be tolerated and will result in a warning then a kick from clan following the next complaint.


    #2 Be competitive, BUT Respectful. We would like all of our members to have a competitive side to them, but we also don't want them flaming the whole clan for their own mistakes or the mistakes of others. Losses happen we cant win them all get over it. Simple.


    #3 Have fun!! Although we are looking to be competitive this is still a game regardless! We would like all of our members to enjoy the game, after all that's what gaming is for!


    #4 Age limit. All members must be AT LEAST age 15. No Exceptions! The reason for this being is because we want to keep a fairly mature atmosphere for our members.


    Other Games: We play other games also!

    Halo 5

    GTA V online {clan name is actually Scarlet Order, for GTA V only}

    Elder Scrolls online Tamriel unlimited

    Star Wars Battlefront

    World Of Warcraft


    IF you are interested in M.I.A. Please send me a Xbox One message @Gamertag:SeattleLOB12, With your BO3 KD { there is no KD req to join the clan its just for reference}, Favorite Champion to play as, and your age! You can also post here on this forum topic and I will do my best to answer any questions you might have about the clan, and message you back about recruitment. I hope to hear from lots of you very soon! General Seattle, over and out.

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  • 01/28/16--13:10: Re: What's The Point
  • You, my friend... are a crybaby and on the bottom percentile of people who would say this is the worst game of 2016.. I have had my fair share of issues but its not that bad.. and the game is a good game.. the campaign is sweet as well as the alternate campaign 'Nightmares'. Shadows a bit of a disappointment in my opinion. It's fun and all i just cant get into it. Very hopeful for the new map. The Giant is great. and Honestly when i have been in a lobby of combine for a while i have been able to back out and join a new lobby that is not Combine. People complain about that map so much yet its a popular map. Run an SMG with kinetic armor and quit complaining. Even though i don't play core i know you are exagerating with 10-13 bullets to kill someone if the shots are on target. Post a video and all of the community will believe you lol Another fix to that is go play Hard Core. One Shot, One Kill. Almost always. Practice up or go ahead and go back to those other games. Servers are pry pretty dead but hey you wont have ALL the Problems your having now... Also the first DLC is coming most likely with a MAJOR fix it patch so be patient n STFU or go play some mario cart or something.

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  • 01/28/16--13:10: Re: Zombie LoadOut
  • LOL, welcome to the stream.

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    Banned for letting him confuse you

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    Do you till need to do this? If so add me as I need mission 4 onwards I am not online  until the 4th tho lewis ld11 if you want to add me.

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