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    For me, all the leaderboards do is give me a way of gauging the lobby for the next game. I look at the score per minute, KD and the number of kills. If the top player or players have high SPM and KD, but less than 500 kills, I discount their threat level.

    What I really am looking for is fairly even range of information. No one really high, no one really low. Even with that, seldom do I do anything more than look at the leaderboard. If I am dead last, it gives me a reason to be more diligent.

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    Once again, KILLS are not the only way to score points/XP in this game.


    There are MANY ways to do so. I'll give you an example


    Engineer+EMP Grenades = score galore.


    I play HC exclusively and when I throw an EMP grenade and hit 4 enemies with it, and they get killed, I get 200 points for free. Destroying equipment is another way to rack up points with EMP grenades. Running Scavenger along with EMP grenades means as long as you stay alive, you can rack up INSANE amounts of points.


    Another way to rack up score is to pack a launcher, preferably the blackcell, and shoot EVERYTHING out of the air. UAV's are 75 points, and CUAVs are 100 points.


    For fun one night I went into a game of HC domination with NO PRIMARY and packing only my Blackcell, danger close, 2 semtex, 2 EMP grenades, Ghost, Scavenger, and Engineer. I wound up second place with a score of over 5,000 points, 7 caps, 14 defends, got my cerberus out twice, RAPS out once, and 3-4 hellstorms. We won the game 200-106 (or something like that, it wasn't much over 100).



    Too many players overlook just how EASY it is to score in this game by trying to only use their gun.

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  • 01/26/16--12:06: Re: Update Upset?!?!?!?!?
  • I play Exodus every day. Since when has it been out of rotation? And, I've seen fixes in almost every minor patch that has come down the path. Sometimes twice a day.

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    To be honest, the reason they get nerfed over and over is because of that. the worse players outnumber the good players. Therefore to cater to the masses... They nerf Snipers.

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  • 01/26/16--12:07: Re: Update Upset?!?!?!?!?
  • What?  Haven't played that map for well over a month.

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    I've played both game modes and imo hard core is much easier. I've mostly done challenges in hc Kill Confirm and FFA gamemode and I'm  top of 2500 in both modes not even trying hard (most games in Evac map, KC spm around 650 and kd 3.2, FFA kd 3,5 spm cant rememember).

    Points what illustrate well hard core:

    - every game about 30-40% of players just sit at the corner.

    - six sense is a must have perk to avoid those bastards

    - spay and pray...you still manage to get double, triple, quad kills.

    I played all weekend hc kc with my friend and to be honest it took some time to do well in core mode when i returned. Imo person who already knows how to aim and is good in core is even better in hard core.

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    Besides, I'm a french model. Everything on the Internet is true.



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  • 01/26/16--12:10: looking for a clan....
  • Hello there, I'm in search of a clan that is very competitive and knows what the clan is looking for. I have over a 2.30 kd and over 4.00 w/l. I used to do league play on black ops 2 and ghost. But if your clan is recruiting and  it's a competitive type clan hit me up with some questions I would love to hear from you guys/girls. My GT is HAVOCxKaRiZMa

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    Probably the worst gun in the game on the ps4 , it gets outgunned by literally everything at its intended ranges . It needs a buff on the ps4

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  • 01/26/16--12:14: Re: Update Upset?!?!?!?!?
  • You have really bad luck. Exodus is the map with the roof side, turtle side, campy building in the middle, and the roads at both ends.  We play it all the time. What are you playing on? I am XB1.

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  • 01/26/16--12:14: Headshots?
  • I really don't understand why it takes so many bullets too the head ? Do they make it harder too get headshots because of the challenges ? Because I feel as if I am putting way too many bullets in people before they die and I refuse to play hardcore as all people do is camp still find it b/s on how it takes 3/4 of a clip to kill someone 15 bullets is b/s and I'm using an LMG.

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    Ummm... ever heard of sarcasm???

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  • 01/26/16--12:17: Re: Update Upset?!?!?!?!?
  • it never got taken from xbox.


    hopefully they'll give us ps4 peeps a few of those crates as compo for not having it for a month (those blue ones that were falsely advertised at being 400 cod points reduced to 200 that they did another update to so it doesn't say 400 reduced to 200 anymore because they got their butts smacked for being naughty)

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  • 01/26/16--12:18: SOE EE ZOMBIES XB1

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  • 01/26/16--12:19: Re: SoE EE - ps4
  • if you are still looking ill join as well. I have a mic and I know different parts of the ee but I have a laptop handy if I need it.

    Message me!

    PS4: AgentFishSalad

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    Hey there,


    I don't believe Activision does have an email address, sorry.

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    This right here, is mahhhh *****.

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  • 01/27/16--12:28: Re: Yet Again More Issues
  • This isn't a job. This Is a video game.  YOU said yourself that you KNOW they will not get fixed. So if you and 'everyone you know' hates it, then stop playing.

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    Your last two described most of my morning. My teams getting blown out, but me scoring high and doing what I could to keep us in it, and frustrate the guys on the other team.


    I hate losing.

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    I didn't say it wasn't on their end. it is but its about to put everybody with last gen on the S*!t end because they put out the most basic product they could get away with for the last gen and its only gonna continue this way with all games until eventually last gen systems are left in the dust. so rather than spending your money on these last gen games you might as well save for a next gen system and maintain your money's worth rather than dumping into a dying breed of system. So tell all these last gen users to not listen. stick with em but very soon you are gonna be even more disappointed with the overall experience. Especially with the VR coming out.. companies will probably dump much time and money to making games compatible for this feature and there is not possible way the PS3 can compute with that hardware. As i stated before the facts are that gaming is moving forward and to not further the disappointment just upgrade as soon as you can.

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