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    Im starting a clan called black panthers if you want to join?

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    as seen above u bought a ps4 black ops 3 package deal with n3ketown and the code says it has been used

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    When I try to join a 'Capture the Flag' or 'Safeguard' lobby it says there is 1% or 2% in 'Safeguard' and 0% in 'Capture the Flag' when really there are a whole lot more players playing those game modes. And it's not just those game modes it's sometimes KC, S&D, FFA, DEMOLTION, HARDPOINT, MERC MOSHPIT, GROUND WAR and GUN GAME but TDM and DOM are good for the percentage of players. Now the Hit Registration is a little broken b/c when I'm aimed directly at an enemy not missing at all my shots DO NOT hit! Sometimes they hit but when they do hit it looks very sloppy. PLEASE FIX ASAP!!!!

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    Sure that dont apply for all, i needed 4 kills for the reaper,it said get all 4 in a round, got two in the first half of Domination,followed by two more the next,

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    Looking  for recruit  for my clan on xbox one my gamertag  is RXG  DEADSHOT 

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    The only time I played Cranked was during CW and it was a blast.  But its not a mode I would want to play all the time and I think that is how most people felt.

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    I am thinking about upgrading from CC9  to CC10 to get access to the offense/defense upgrades, going to CC10 does not have much of new stuff, the third hero post is about the only real gain, BUT the CC10 upgrade for the troops and mechs ARE. I am a 50% to a 75% CC9, most of the important stuff has been upgraded along with my outer walls and some inner ones, 90% of all my troops are upgraded, some of the hero skills are maxed.


    So fellow players, what is your thoughts pro and con on this upgrade idea.

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  • 01/07/16--07:32: Please supercell
  • I Like bo3 on 360 but there is only one thing I want you to add. I want you to add supply drops, not just for us but for everyone who would like to use them in game and use there real money to get better. Please consider this. Otherwise I think that if you make the game better in all ways then people will want to buy and spend more money on the game witch will make you guys have more money in general to keep making amazing games. Thanks a lot!

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    I have found that with moderation post, the show up time can be anything from instant to never.

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    New clan called ''Ace Of Spade 610'' is now here.   Join now, no KD or Level requirements. I'm playing CoD Ghosts & Advanced Warfare with Xbox One.


    Welcome to our family.

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    Después de que Papa Noel le trajese el Pack de Skylanders Superchargers para wii a mi hijo y que la plataforma no detectase bien las figuras me dirijí a cambiarlo al establecimiento y no me lo querían cambiar porque parecia que estaba pegado hasta que la empleada del establecimiento abrió otros packs y estaban en condiciones parecidas, las plataformas inclinadas hacia la derecha, la izquierda, delante.....casi ninguna en buenas condiciones (aunque no se si funcionaban o no ya que no las llegamos a probar). Esto me hace pensar en qué tipo de Control de Calidad pasan estos juguetes para venir con un montaje pésimo y con un precio considerable.

    Otro tema es que el juego para Wii normal sólo tiene carreras no el juego de pasar pantallas como el del año anterior. Una mala política comercial desde mi punto de vista porque mi hijo ya comentó que el año que viene a Papá Noél ya le va a pedir otra cosa porque este año alguien engañó a Papá Noél con este juguete......

    ¡Ahí queda eso!

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    NEW CLAN called ''Ace Of Spade 610'', Join now. (No KD or level requirements)

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    Certainly there were delays over the holidays; I've seen some posts appear today dating back to just after Christmas. But as nearly all the mods are volunteers, I suppose they are allowed some time off!

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    What platform are you on?

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    This one reason I just stopped playing that map. Another is that the lag seems far worse in that playlist. I just stick to Core with more players and the experience is far better. Plus, it's a new CoD, why not play the NEW maps?!?!

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    If we are speaking theoretically then yeah, both the Argus, KRM and hard hitting snipers will win over anything, granted, you manage to place the shots but that's without mentioning the margin of error which is far narrow on these gun compared to guns such as the Vesper and VMP where they can unload 5-7 shot on you in less than 2 seconds while having both the clip size, firerate and accuracy to do so. The moment you miss the shot or if you are like me where I'm stuck at 3 bars and hit detection becomes wanky then you are pretty much screwed vs an SMG as they will simply keep spraying and praying till you get hit which doesn't take more than a few seconds and your are dead. I'm a main Brecci user, I'm destined to lose to anything auto with a high rof even if I manage to land my shots first as I don't have a 1-shot window, even at point blank range.


    As for Spawn trapping in gamemodes like Domination can be acceptable as you are controlling territory and there's a cap and time limits,but I really don't see it the same when is being done in Uplink and less in Nuketown against new players where these players are just abusing the Chaos Moshpit for.


    These players are holding the ball without scoring just to artificially extend the length of the game in order to be able to rack 100-300 kills per game which is basically impossible without exploiting while screwing new players and when they can't force it on a competent team composition, they simply get out of the lobby to find new victims, in other words, getting away with it while messing unsuspecting players. That without mentioning players with spare accounts and controller who happen to be boosting kills as well.


    I don't know. I just don't see why people are allowed to exploit a game mode to rank faster.


    I guess that is the price victims will pay for loving Nuketown a little to much.

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  • 01/08/16--07:54: WHAT A SAME
  • Who was the media who gave BO3 such high ratings? Apparently they had there own server because ever since the release of this game there have been nothing but problems...from server disconnection, freezes the screen, losses connection and the list goes on. Not to mention the fact that everyone,as far as I know spent good money for this game and basically doesn't get the whole game only pieces of it. Also if you don't buy the new XBOX 1 it's like they punish you for keeping your 360 and won't give you all the game content you should of had when you bought it....and last but not least you buy the yearly Xbox live gold/season pass...and they still want to charge you to download the maps...anyways that has been my problem....graphics are great and the game would be great if they would not have been so greedy and gave everybody the actual whole game and made sure there server's could actually perform so people could play without all the s__t.

    Really giving strong thought of buying a PS4 for my next gaming console and will also give strong thought to any new releases or gto COD Black Ops

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    Hello and welcome! If you are reading this then you are here looking for a community, a clan, a family. If you are not, then you have a lot of time to waste so why not join and waste it with us? What is it to be apart of Yield gaming? To be with Yield means to be apart of a community that cares (Insert Hallmark Moment here) We are an 18 and up Black Ops 3 community who play somewhat casually, somewhat competitively. We play most every night and have a good system set up allowing us to find people to play with at most any given time. We do play other games, however there is a requirment of playing Black Ops 3 to join. If you are interested, drop on by using the contact information below! Also do not forget to mention who recruited you if you decide to stay with us! When you are filling out your application, put somewhere on it that KingNotix recruited you! You mite get a reward for doing so.

    Clan Forums: http://yieldgaming.enjin.com/recruitment

    Clan Requirements

    Age 18 and up(No exceptions)

    Have a mic

    Be friendly and do not rage

    Own Black Ops 3

    We do have a soft cap of 30, so hurry while you can!

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  • 01/08/16--07:56: Clanwars!!
  • Suchen einen gegnerischen Clan für einen Clanwars einfach ingame adden : Lixbone1101

    Am 8.1.2016 ganzen tag on/ bis 1uhr

    Arena Profi serie regeln!

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