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    any joy with this as i have a similiar problem saying the tray toy can not be located

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    have you had an update on this issue

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    Many, MANY thanks Bellacats !

    I've been searching this problem since 3 days, I was about to get mad........ I have 20Mbps internet connection, Ethernet cable and I had the same problem that Nick-ja had... So that didn't make any sense to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Clearing the GHTV cache (only this, no need to wait 20 mins or restart PS) worked well for me !



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    Yea non-hardcore players make me laugh when they try to talk about it. They obviously havnt played it much. It takes more skill to not die in hardcore.

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    That is not a problem. We are an XB1 group. Send me your gamer tag and I'll add you as a friend.

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    when iam Finnish whit my game in online i get 0 exp who can this plz help

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    He asked "If you had to choose between a bare weapon with a loaded slate of Perks or a fully decked out weapon... which would you choose?"

    I would always pick  Perks over attachments. My playing style is running and I like to be in the middle of the map pushing the enemy back into their spawn. The last thing I want is for them to know where Im at so I rely heavily on ghost and dead silence.

    The only attachments that I usually use are Quick Draw and Grip.

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    Funny, but I play hardcore, and find the LMGs to be very good. In fact, I stopped my grind on SMGs to level up all of my LMGs because my KD and win/loss ratios, as well as my contribution to the team, were suffering. I love the VMP user who engages an LMG at range! Sure, I may take a hit, but it is at the low end of damage, while they are getting peppered with my 30 point plus at long range bullet hose.

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    My attack crew is most of the time made up of

    5 --- AGRs

    8 --- RPGs

    2 --- Special OPs

    11 - Snipers

    11 - Jugs

    11 - Assault

    2 -- Quad tanks

    2 -- RD1s

    Soap, Reaper, Wellcroft


    I use the Spec Ops for the wall breach, then real quick the AGRs and the RPGS, then Soaps care package, then a very fast deploy of JUGs, Snipers, Assault, then Reaper then wellcroft then the Quad tanks, then the RD1s


    The Spec. OPS most of the time gives me the wall breach, then my armor flows though the breach with the RPGS right behind providing some heavy hitting support, at this point Soap is deployed with his care package (maxed at 10) with the armor and its support  entering the repair ring, at the same time the Assault, Jugs, and Snipers, are deployed and enter the repair ring (repairing any damage from the breach) , Reaper, and Wellcroft , Quad tanks and RD1s are deployed,  everybody leaves the repair ring, the AGRs and the Jugs head for the turrets, the RPGs and Quad tanks are taking out every thing in front of them , the Snipers are headed for the LOOT, the Assault troops are cleaning up, The RD1s are covering the troops back with there healing,  Wally and Reaper are there INCASE the AGRss and Jugs are having a issue, or a hanger/com may be a issue, in that case Wally or the Reaper are called in for air support.. The reason for the AGR/RPG combo for the break though is the the APGs provide cover for the AGRs  from air born defenses, bunkers, hangers, ect.,with there range, heavy hit, and anti aircraft abilities

    As you can see, my attack is just the classic FAST ground attack (the BLITZ), most of the time (about 75% of the time) I use SP only ONCE, and because of this I always have on hand about 10,000 SP that can be used as much as needed for Wally or The Reaper if needed.

    I do NOT change my attack crew, even for events, though I may treek  it a bit every now and then to try out a idea or for a SPECIAL retaliatory strike. My attack crew has proved VERY efficient on bases up to including CC10s, I have not changed the basic crew profile since about CC4 (now a building 9), just upgraded as my base upgraded.

    I only play one way, to me it is fun, If I was not enjoying the game, I would not being playing.


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    brutus626 wrote:


    I dont see it as a big issue. Maybe thats why they dont care. But thats just my opinion. I would imagine that the majority of players (80% or more) arent being affected by this. I understand you saying they are trying to make you play a certain way and you paid for your game and want to play your way.....BUT is moving 1 inch a minute really that BAD. I dont get the frustration.


    I would imagine the number of players unaffected is larger than 80%.  The bigger issue is that the players affected aren't cheating or exploiting or even inactive.  That's their frustration.


    If the problem was AFK players in Gun Game, they should have put a solution in place in Gun Game to prevent AFK players.  That's not what they did.

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  • 01/05/16--13:54: Berzerkerz Recruitment [PC]
  • Who are the Berzerkerz


    The Berzerkerz are a small competitive group of individuals that play various gamemodes on Black ops 3. At the moment, we have been few in number because of college and other activities that take time away from gaming. However, now that the semesters are over and a small vacation has been given, we are starting to make new teams for our group. There are only a few requirements before you can be considered a part of the team:


    Application Template



    How old are you?



    Do you have a microphone and headset [MUST]?



    How well do you work with a team?



    What gamemode do you play on Black ops [I,II,III]?



    Do you have teamspeak?



    What's your Steam Name?



    These are simple requirements that are needed to be answered so that you can proceed to our Teamspeak for a follow up interview. This may seem serious, but we are a serious group that likes to enjoy the game tatically and not foolishly.



    *If you are interested in joining, please copy and paste the template in your reply and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

    you may add Warrior-Monks- or iZerk on Steam if you are interested to join



    Thank you and have a nice day!



    iZerk ~ Founder of the Berzerkerz

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    you have been accepted!


    please add a reply with your Steam name or add Warrior-Monk- on Steam!

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    People are not raging because this is not a rage issue. It is very easy to work around. Like you've been told, just move your left stick around a little bit. It is not that hard. Is it an annoyance? Yes. Is it game breaking? Nope.

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    must be a positive player lol contact VS4T_Ghost_NGU or VS4T_Techno on PSN/PS4 1v1 required with a top clan member ; /

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    If they wanted to keep AFK players out of Gun Game, all they had to do was put a screen before the round started that said "Press X to enter round".  Done.  Simple.  Easy.  Foolproof.  No loopholes.  No other modes affected in any way.  The measure they took is none of those things.


    Either it's ok for Acti to dictate how the game is played by players not cheating or it isn't.  I don't think it is.  It doesn't matter how easy it is to avoid or how many players it affects or which players it affects, it's not ok.

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    Q39ESM wrote:


    So you're saying the "inactivity kick" is even more broken than the videos of people being kicked while running and shooting indicate?  It's not even accomplishing it's most basic task of kicking players that are actually AFK?


    yes . they are in the search game afk without picking a class and doing the same thing they did on gun game is about all we are allowed to say on here. there is a video but i cant post it. but you get the picture right

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    brutus626 wrote:


    I have not seen this at all since the last patch and I play alot of Search.

    play at night when the kiddies go to bed and they are all afk in SnD

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    You have to kill 4 players (Any players) in one game.  If the game mode has rounds, it's per round.  So for instance, Domination.  You have to get all 4 kills in the first round, or all in the second round.


    So, 4 players per game, 4 times.



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  • 01/07/16--07:17: Starting a clan, PS4, UK
  • I am starting a clan, no tryouts, you dont need to be good at the game but it is better to be good, the clan with be called BP (standing for black panthers). The clan will be based around ALL styles of play such as sniping, aggressive and defensive. if you are interested message me on PS4. My PSN is Official_Rhys.



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    ok ty

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