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    This has often been a problem for me. It was a massive problem in Ghosts (my first day one CoD where I really improved). After a year or so I passed the 4KD mark, and nearly every single game (TDM, my go to mode and where I got 87% of my kills according to my leaderboards) involved me being given 5 teammates who couldn't average just 1 kill per life. Then the other team would get all of the positive players in the lobby, sometimes with people above 2KD despite that, and even parties of 4 or more players with stats similar to mine. What that means is you're playing 1 v 6 v 5 (you vs the entire other team, vs your teammates), and while that might be fair from an analytical by-the-numbers perspective, it means the other team will be fed streaks all day long which affect you too. I'm a specialist fan, it's what kept me playing Ghosts and MW3 as long as I did, but in these lobbies I'd be forced to run assault streaks and drop at least 40 kills in order to just scrape the win. Often I would get as many as 46 kills, or even a KEM in said TDM, and still lose or only win by 1 or 2 kills. It always seemed to be a far bigger problem in Infinity Ward games, compared to BO1 or BO2. Despite that I still managed to maintain a 1.7WL in Ghosts totally solo until the last 2 months before BO3 came out (that's 21 months of playtime) where I would play KC with a 2 or 3 man party. It was a bigger problem in Ghosts, and it wasn't even that big a problem if I could hold a 1.7WL solo running specialist.


    It's nowhere near as big an issue in this game as people make out. Even Drift0r has been complaining about it, which is ridiculous when he's "average" enough to be one of those teammates I'm struggling to carry singlehandedly to a win. Stats actually need to be high enough to affect the team balancing equation since it's an average of each team's KD. Even people with 2.5KDs or so aren't affected drastically enough because their KD isn't high enough to totally skew the whole 1 v 6 v 5 thing and end up giving the advantage to the mediocre team. My main problem with BO3 has been matchmaking and connections, not team balancing, despite a 3.4KD playing TDM solo again. That's the only thing that ever affects the final outcome for me, where I can die in situations I had little control over due to poor connections. Team balancing is better in BO3 than Ghosts or AW, no doubt about it.







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    i think all smgs were by far the easiest a blind kid could get them all gold.  Assault rifles weren't bad. Handguns I did in hc cause I struggled to compete with them in core. Knife went easier than I thought. Lmgs were meh. Snipers were my first diamond because that's all I used in the beginning. Shotguns went pretty good except the krm.


    all in all I'm very happy to be finally done mostly because I'm not the best player. Finished off with a .87 overall kd :3

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    Must have a mic or Skype.

    16 years old +.

    KD at least 1.25.

    Willing to change their GT in the future.

    Must be from the United Kingdom.

    Have an interest in sniping.

    Mainly play DOM/SND pubs.


    We will be thinking of a name during the recruitment process.



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  • 01/05/16--06:03: Re: Worst "Call of Duty" yet
  • thebiindsniper wrote:


    Black Ops III has a lot of problems, both big and small, but it's still a good enough game to play.  If they buff the shotguns, nerf the footsteps, and tighten up the skill parameters ie no more bad players in the lobbies, it'll be a better game.


    If you want to know of the worst multiplayer COD game, go play Modern Warfare 2.  Believe me, you'll LOVE any other Call of Duty after experiencing the horror.  You got endless noobtubing, deathstreaks, commando lunging, OP game-ending streaks (literally), stopping power, and more.  Hell, MW2 even had a major hack-fest moment during the lifecycle back in April-May (when the original developers were fired and half of IW quit).  At least MW2 didn't have Dead Man's Hand, right?


    Also, here's to the people who hated AW.  Video by a cool Youtuber.





    Now we know your form of entertainment,  watching a coked up youtuber who wasn't funny at all and AW.



    If you want to know of the worst multiplayer COD game, go play Modern Warfare 2.  Believe me, you'll LOVE any other Call of Duty after experiencing the horror.  You got endless noobtubing, deathstreaks, commando lunging, OP game-ending streaks (literally), stopping power, and more.

    Lol he said the worst multiplayer was mw2 but was actually loved by most, yup, those were the good ol' days.

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  • 01/05/16--06:06: Re: snipers
  • ffully agree with hit markers and the locus. And for those who say it's my aim and get good. It was my first diamond class and I have dark matter. So I have used all guns extensivley. I decided to use locus in HC and my god so my hit markers hitting them in shoulder and chest.

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    Add me Energyy_NB On PS4

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    yo who dat definitely man cant wait to run together i appreciate the response i sent you a friend request i hope to find more gamers like you on here who are willing to team up just message or friend request me and let me know!

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  • 01/05/16--06:14: Re: Ramping down on COD
  • RunAndGun1 wrote:


    I share my experience with game. Experiences that are shared by many if you looked outside of your computer screen. I haven't shared any experiences that haven't been raised by many before me. Try watching Vonderhaar play his own game on YouTube. He complains himself about the same things I've mentioned.


    Challenge? I don't need to prove my experiences to you. You can find truckloads of videos on YouTube proving my points. Including Vonderhaar's own video.

    I watched the video and his complaints were no different than the 20 mil other COD players.  They were just random every time he got killed.  I didnt hear anything negative from him about the game.  Just a normal noob playing the game he designed.  That video would never have made it to yt if it was anything different.

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    Three things that would actually improve BO3:


    1) Tighter matchmaking. No more letting people on to dedis at 100ms+ ping so he can run around and sponge like a warrior while those on 20ms struggle to kill him. At least one dedi in Asia so said lagging players don't get on to west EU servers, let alone EU servers in general. One more dedi in Oceania so that, like Asia, there's not just a single server (in Australia and Japan, respectively) to cover an entire continent. There are far more people playing CoD in Saudi Arabia or New Zealand than there are in Africa, yet South Africa has a dedi when it's not exactly located well enough to serve high populations anyway. Moving it to Egypt or Algeria would benefit more people.


    2) Reduced flinch. Treyarch didn't like the idea of a crutch perk (Toughness) but in removing it, they addressed the "what" and not the "why". Flinch adds an element of random into a gunfight; you can have superior accuracy, reactions, and the superior weapon for the range you're engaging at, yet die because either someone got a lucky flinch headshot (guaranteed in this game with randomised Stopping Power, oops I meant high calibre... let's face it, no one can actually consistently aim for the head), or because you were simply taken off target by someone reacting later than you. That is nonsense. It does nothing but help shrink the skill gap. We don't need Toughness brought back; we just need lower flinch as standard.


    3) Specialist idle time to earn rate increased. Simple enough; it's too easy to receive a free specialist, and actually "earning" them by going hard on the objective or slaughtering the entire enemy team does little to speed that up. Even Overclock only affects idle time to earn and not earn time by player contribution. On a similar note, Combat Focus needs a buff. It's the ability that has the least effect on the game, but takes the longest to earn. It is the only ability that doesn't lessen the need for skill to earn a kill because you only use it after getting your regular gun kill, or completing an objective. Sure, specialists aren't designed to reward skill as much as not having them in the game at all would, but this logic is retarded and backwards. The only specialist that actively encourages someone to play the objective should be granted more frequently than the Ripper, which requires far less than half the time to charge at 1:42, while Combat Focus requires 4:30 to charge. That's the same amount of time required to charge the Tempest, Gravity Spikes, Sparrow and War Machine. WTF?

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    For some reason when playing multiplayer online on xbox one i am experiencing huge amounts of lag with ping rates of up to 400. This does not occur on any on any other game on my xbox and my internet connection is usually very good. Nobody else in the house is streaming video or using internet heavy activities...

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    The bug I'm referring to is the one that prevents your comms from being completely filled with support units until you are attacked and the comm is cleared.  This happened to me last week.  I have level 10 comm with 50 available slots.  Below is an outline of what occurred.


    1.  I requested troops and immediately started a PVP search.

    2.  I attacked the second base I found.

    3.  Things weren't going well, so I checked the support tab and found 19 juggs. 

    4.  I deployed the 19 juggs.

    5.  When I returned to base, the chat said that all 50 spaces in my comm were filled.  However, the other 6 juggs were not in the comm.

    6.  The next time I requested, it showed that the 12 spaces were still occupied.


    This is difficult to duplicate because of the timing of being supported while choosing a base to attack.  But I think this is the cause. 

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    i don't think a lot of your ideas would work in the current war game mode But I think you have a great idea for a new challenge mode. Challenge mode wouldn't have a leaderboards as the rules could be different in each match so there would be no real metrics for how to decide positions. It would be for fun with smaller rewards than war. the match time could probably be 24-48 hours and run concurrently with wars. I hate the idea of voting in an alliance, it's not really a democracy so I say one on one  communication between commanders is all that's needed to set game rules. If your commander makes poor decisions in this regard then find an alliance with a better commander, or start your own.

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    There is a second but with the communication center. If players are already viewing the chat window when the request comes in they cannot send troops because the request will show fulfilled. Alliance members have to exit the chat window and come back to the chat window in order to see the request as empty. Then they can send reinforcements.





    Raining Anarchy


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    same thing happened to me and no one did anything happened on the 1/3  as well

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    Glad to hear you have it done. I should have mine done in a day or two. I agree with you on the Smgs. Once you really start going for headshots its actually pretty easy to get done. I play HC so that really helps. I carried a little over 2.0 kd and when I worked on the 4 snipers it went down to 1.79 at one time. Since I have gottten them done Im almost back to 2.0. It is definitely a grind but it has been pretty fun.

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  • 01/06/16--05:34: looking for dads
  • calling all dads looking to start a community we have 5 members looking for more gt is itz cpt chronic, just pm me

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    It all comes down to movement and handling speed.  The SMGs, pistols  and Shotguns all move at 100% while walking. The other weapons move at 95%, which, isn't a big difference. However, it also comes down to handling while ADS as well. SMGs ADS in .2 to .25 seconds. LMGs ADS in .33 to .55 seconds.  There is also a movement strafing speed difference. SMGs and shotguns move at 80% while ADS and this boosts to 104% with the stock. While Firing and ADS this drops to about 78% or 99% depending if you are running stock or not. The LMGs move at 40% while ADS or 68% with stock and they slow down to 16% and 24% respectively with the stock while firing.  This is a major handling difference. Also the LMGs take around 7 seconds to reload while  most other weapons are between 1.5 and 3 seconds. It all comes down to what you value, movement speed or sustained fire with constant damage.

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    The last 2 nights that I have played its been pretty good variance on maps. (Combine still came up more than everything else) Its like it goes in spurts.

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    I dont see it as a big issue. Maybe thats why they dont care. But thats just my opinion. I would imagine that the majority of players (80% or more) arent being affected by this. I understand you saying they are trying to make you play a certain way and you paid for your game and want to play your way.....BUT is moving 1 inch a minute really that BAD. I dont get the frustration.

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    I'm extremely new to this online gaming, but totally love it so far - I keep getting error code 92610 when trying to join a public campaign game and am so disappointed. only started playing yesterday and now this - thanks in advance



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