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  • 01/04/16--04:41: Re: Copying other games?
  • Hey! - it's very much played and talked about - it just doesn't have the same mainstream fame and brand recognition as something like Call of Duty, but then, very few games reach that pinnacle

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  • 01/04/16--04:58: Re: Tdm team balancing
  • I hear that!... I've had so many TDM games where I'm scoring in the high 20s with few deaths and lost, and I was in a lobby last week against this really good player who dropped several 30-40 kill games and my team still beat his.  Crazy stuff.

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  • 01/04/16--05:09: Re: Tdm team balancing
  • One player can make a difference between winning and losing if the rest of the team is trying their best*


    One player will not always make the difference between winning and losing if the rest of the team is not trying their best


    * sometimes your best is not good enough, and the added boost of a single player can get the win.  But if the team is totally disorganized and failing (e.g. not playing as a team), good luck winning.


    If one thinks about it, it is absolutely impossible for 1 player to carry a team (in the strict sense). If one (or two players) get a good portion of the kills, that alone did not secure the win. People often do not realize that:


    - other members of the team may have saved your life by killing someone you did not see

    - other members of the team may have contributed to you winning a gun fight you could have lost by getting an assist

    - other members of the team distracted someone by even losing a gun fight and dying, but allowed you to sweep in and get a kill


    Sometimes a terrible player who served as nothing more than a decoy allowed someone else to get a kill.  Hopefully one's team does not have too many decoys though, which usually results in a loss.  I could be wrong, but I honestly think that people who think "they secured the win", are nothing taking in the whole picture when they say "they carried the team".  Did they carry the team? Maybe... but the team still did help them out, and sometimes people do not acknowledge that.

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  • 01/04/16--05:11: Re: Specialist Balance....
  • Camo is pretty bad, but its leaps and bounds ahead of rejack lol. Rejack is the garbage tier specialist.

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  • 01/04/16--02:08: DLC not loading
  • Recently I bought the Championship Premium Personalization Pack from Steam for AW but it doesn't load in my inventory at all. The DLC is in my library but not in game it says it's locker and when I click on the exosuit or the helmet it just take me back to AW page on Steam. Is there anyway to fix this or was I just scammed? Also I am using the PC version of AW.

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    Me too. Any word from Customer support?

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  • 01/04/16--05:58: Looking for core players
  • If you play tdm on core and are a good player add me on xbox and we can play gt is xLooneyiscrazyx

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    They haven't been released yet.. As of now, you can get the DLC on Feb 2 (PS) and/or March 3 (Xbox/PC)

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  • 01/04/16--06:18: Looking for clan...X1
  • I have 2KD with a 1.5W/L. I am looking for a clan that play mostly SnD and Dom, arena and eventually GBS; other core modes are fine as long as those are not the modes that you prefer playing. Im looking for a clan that doesnt require you to go to a ******* website just to join. Im looking for a decent sized clan that have the same goals and near the same stats as I. Please post down below or send me a message through xbox live.


    Gt: xOMIGUHx,

    PS: i am 20 with eastern us connection

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    I played 7 games of Arena last night for the first time in a while and me and my team mates only got a 4 bar connection once.


    However, every time we switched to pubs, we instantly got in to 4 bar, good connections again. There was one game in particular where one person had 4 bar and the rest of the entire lobby were on 3 bar. I don't understand why that would happen!?


    I don't play arena all the time, so it's not the end of the world, it's just really annoying when you are 3 bursting everyone and not killing them and then they will one burst you in the leg.


    Any ideas as to why this would be worse in Arena than Public? Is it because there's just simply not any other teams from England at he same rough rank as me at that time? I doubt that!

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    i bought 200 cod points for 1,99 USD but never received them. how can i fix this?

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    I havent tried Arena yet but it is possible they dont run on the dedicated servers.  That would explain why one person had a 4 bar cause he was host.

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  • 01/04/16--06:37: Re: Tdm team balancing
  • Yeah, that makes, in any team game it's the overall combined efforts that determine the outcome, positive or negative.  On a personal level, I tend to not be particularly concerned with whether or not I win or lose a match -  If I'm getting more kills than deaths, then I'm more than happy with the experience.  However, this is a phenomenon that I have not seen occur with such a high degree of frequency in any CoD to date and it feels really bizarre.  Then when I hear a significant number of people echoing the same experience, it makes me question whether there is some underlying difference in matchmaking or team balancing that is contributing to it. 

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    I would say it has more to do with a smaller player base.  Any time I play anything that isn't one of the Big 3 game modes I find that there are more instances of players, myself included, with 2-3 bar connections.  We may be on a dedicated server, but it may not be the server that's in closest proximity to us and could affect the ping.

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  • 01/04/16--06:42: Re: Need help.
  • I'll get someone for you. to help you out!

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  • 01/05/16--05:30: Re: New base skins bugged.
  • Yeah right DJDJ36. Wtf is wrong with IT companies nowadays... They so f greed they ruin their own products. I play lots of games and after some time there is always some f "great" patch that ruin everything and it is made for squeezing more money from clients. It isn`t important that it is full of bugs and f up the game the priority is more money more money. When enough is enough? People truly seek places when they can compete on fair ground with clear rules same for everyone. F this pay to win model! Not to mention its f up people brain and their real life behaviour. Which bright employee forced this base skins idea? He should be laid off asap. I considered to pay for celerium but now I won`t do it for sure. This is what you achieved Activision. Another company another great idea of skins which gives unfair advantage and it is glichy. High five!

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    Team balancing is not determined by how much time you've spent levelling up.

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  • 01/05/16--05:33: easter egg ps4
  • Add me on ps4 I need to do full easter egg user: biiinuuu

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  • 01/05/16--05:33: Re: Worst "Call of Duty" yet
  • MW2 did have Dead Man's Hand, called the Javelin Glitch. One of the few things that was actually patched in that game, funnily enough. Will say I agree about MW2, but can't exactly agree with the shotguns. The only real problems I've had with them are due to not having the attachments unlocked for them, but they're mostly fine. Gotta boost slide a lot more.

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  • 01/05/16--05:41: Re: When I upgrade to PS4
  • I really don’t think people should take it out on Treyarch by boycotting future Black Ops games all because of issues regarding the PS3 version of BO3 when they weren’t the ones responsible for the port. They weren’t the ones who lobbied for a downgraded version of Black Ops 3 compatible with last gen hardware. Activision turned to Beenox and Mercenary to port the game after Treyarch had no intentions to make the game for last gen consoles.

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