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    Sent my gamertag and data by message **

    We are indeed referring to the Toppest Of Top Drawers Achievement, it shows 0 of 20. The trophy/achievement is now unobtainable and it ruined the platinum for many people. I am level 18 right now and scared to level up and get stuck forever without my trophy.

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    It would have taken you 45 seconds to look at the first page of Google results for "black ops 3 xbox 360" to figure out not to buy the game.  You weren't able to spare 1 minute to see if it was worth buying?

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    Greetings brycekilla13,


    Let's go ahead and try to turn off your console and then your modem (remove the power cable from the back) for a solid 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes are up, plug back in the modem and wait another 30 sec to 1 minute for the modem to turn on.  Once the modem is on, go into your router settings and turn on Universal Plug and Play. Once this option is on, turn on the console and try again to connect to GHTV.


    Keep us posted with the results ^SP

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    Hello XxR3T4RD4L1F3,


    You will need to contact your point-of-purchase for any inquiries regarding refunds or returns.


    Best Regards ^SP

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    After several games I finally found a place to test this.  After 40 seconds I got shot.  Tried again, got shot after 30 seconds.  Oh, man, these maps made for camping!   My normal play style isn't rushing but I never saw any indication of the kick mechanism so I had to try to do it.


    I did figure it out.  First, the warning is in the killfeed, so it may as well be invisible unless you're actively looking for it.  It takes around a minute to kick you, sometimes a few seconds more, sometimes a few seconds less.  You can move your look/aim around all you want & even enter and leave ADS multiple times and it will still kick you.  Shooting my gun didn't make it go away, just reset it.  The only thing I didn't get the chance to test was whether the kill with my tripmine would reset the clock.  I got shot 5 seconds before the kick-time-window.


    1) The problem was in the Gun Game but somehow the solution is applied to everything.  You can't solve a problem in one mode without changing all of them?

    2) 1 minute is stupid.  I should be able to take care of (insert random quick thing in life) and come back in more than a minute and continue playing.  We don't all live and breathe CoD while consuming only Doritos and Dew.  Some of us need 90 seconds to make a sandwich or cook a Totinos pizza, damn it!

    3) Even when you apply consistent, different, non-patterned inputs to the controller, meaning in should be obvious you're there, you still get kicked.  Unless of course that input comes from the left stick.  No loopholes there, nope.

    4) People are getting kicked while they operate scorestreaks.  I repeat: people who are so involved in the game that they got enough in scorestreaks to require more than 1 full minute of time to deploy and operate are being kicked because they stopped moving to bring those scorestreaks in.  That's like the baseball manager accusing the player that just hit a homerun of lollygagging for not sprinting around the bases.


    The biggest point:  everyone who's thinking right now "Ha! Stupid campers", remember this.  If you're ok with Acti dictating that a playstyle you don't use will be penalized by removal from the game then you're ok with them penalizing any playstyle by any method up to and including removal from the game.  Don't cry when it happens to you and don't expect any sympathy.

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    Rank is not the same as ability.  Those with more ability rank up faster but the biggest factor is time played.  There are plenty of people around your level who are ranked much higher simply because they play mp when you aren't.

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  • 12/19/15--23:54: Network issues...
  • Guys,

    I am really seeking help for my network issues that I have in black Ops 3. I never manage to get a 4 bar eventhough my connection is a 24mbps package. According to speed test.net, my ping is 3ms. Yet for some reason I am unable to ever get a 4 bar no matter how hard I try. As well as this, my NAT is moderate, despite the fact that I have followed soooo many tutorials on how to get an open nat, it just never works (maybe I am doing it wrong??). I am getting really pissed as I can see myself walking past a wall and still dying because on another guy's screen, I was still walking towards the wall. For geographical location, I live in Dubai, U.A.E in the Middle East. Thanks for all the help!

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    My first guess would be you made finn with a penis

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    When i started Guitar Hero, it asked me for my birthday.

    Accidently I left the Year Field on 2015, which is obviously not correct.

    After that a message was displayed saying something like:

    "Sorry you are not allowed to participate. For more Information go to support.activision.com"


    So here I am.


    Can somebody correct this?

    Am I missing any experience of guitar hero, because of my wrong year now?

    Isn't there any option to correct this by myself?

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    Seriously? You're placing blame on the consumer for a defective product? Are you that deluded? When you buy a product like COD, you expect it to be a playable, working product. So when someone wants to buy a video game they should wait until the game's been out a while, then Google for reviews? Do you ever think before you type? It appears not.


    Treyarch, and the horrible company that ported BO3 to xb360, are solely responsible for releasing a playable game to the public. The fact that they created a version for PS3 and Xbox360 speaks to their responsibility for releasing the game as a playable product. The fact that the 360 version is not reliably playable greatly reduces their integrity.

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  • 12/19/15--23:58: Hero Unlock Glitch?
  • I am currently experiencing an issue where it states 'Kill 6 enemies with the ........ in a single game.' In my case, I am using the Annihilator. During 2 or 3 games of Ground War Domination and Safeguard, I have had completed this challenge, including receiving the 'Wrecked' medal 3 times in a single game, which requires me to have killed 2 enemies rapidly with the Annihilator, equalling 6 in total. So why is it after the game when I check my progress towards the Hero armour, does it continuously say, game after game, that I didn't complete this task? I am aware of the glitch where it did require you to do it in a single round of Domination but I had thought this was fixed? I am trying to grind out the Hero armour but with this glitch, it's near impossible to complete in a single round? Any help will be appreciated, thanks!


    EDIT: I am aware this needs to be completed in 6 games total, however, I have done it once and it remains 1 completed after completing at least 4 times.

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  • 12/20/15--00:03: Lag on Xbox360 has increased
  • The last couple days I've played BO3, I've noticed a dramatic increase in lag and lag spikes. This version was bad already.


    WIll xbox360 versions get any kind of support?

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    If I was going to try and buy a new game for an 11 year old console if research first for sure. That doesn't mean that beenox and activi shouldnt have done a better job, but I knew something was up when they waited until June to even announce the old gen versions.

    That being said the OPS main complaints were about the lack of campaign ect. Things that were announced long before the game was launched.


    Also, just for the record, 3arch is nor to blame at all. They had absolutely 0 to do with the old gen version.

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