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    Really just looking for some good people to play with

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    Can i Join? I recently bought the game, but i played on Advanced Warfare

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    in my post, im just frustrated im not being rude. I only started attacking you because you attacked me. You posted something that was just meant to annoy me. That's all you are here to do, you are here because you want to get under my skin. You are being a real jerk and I asked you to leave me alone, I dont want your "help".


    And you are right, I dont ask for any specific help in my post, but I am hoping that the people that are having the same problems migrate to this thread (which has been ruined by you) and post their experiences. Together, as a community, I was hoping we could get the treyarch studio to take a look at this challenge and see if they could nerf the mortars and the warlords.

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  • 12/08/15--20:20: TEAM STORM
  • hey i just started a new clan called team storm and are looking for members we play on any console and COD but any fps game is good so if you want in talk to me on Xbox:  UnlikelySummer

                                            PS4: WolfGaming111

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    what are you talking about?

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    REALLY need good people to play with that know all steps

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    I guess that was for your future MP rant.

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  • 12/08/15--20:32: cant play why
  • Why can't I join a game

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    My ping is varying 200ms to 400ms Not getting the hit markers I should and die  instantly. I live on the west coast and the server I'm connecting to is in New Jersey. I disconnected All of my other devices on my network and it does not make a differences.

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    I purchased the deluxe version of black ops 3. It said it came with the giant map. However there doesn't seem to be a code in the box. Thought they may be sending digitally but still nothing. Does anybody know what's happening or am I just having a boy look?

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    no i think that this guy is stalking me. he probably clicked on my profile and is going through all of my posts, then he is coming back here to make a case against me as if this is a court of law.


    I dont know why he wont just leave me alone lol..

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  • 12/08/15--20:39: Re: What is a good ping?
  • No, your connection type doesn't impact you ping or matchmaking to cable over FTN (I assume that means Fibre to the Node).

    Where you live you have access to your 3 dedicated servers within 1,5000kms - New Yorks is ~550kms from you and the Montreal one is well, on your doorstep.

    I'd say you had a distant player in your lobby (up to 100ms away with probs some jitter/packet loss) or you yourself have similar issues.


    Could also be on a listen host (player console) who has inadequate connectivity for hosting or again, more distant players with bad connections.

    Canada has one dedi (Montreal) for your vast country so those who live up near Alaska etc will be trying to connect to that dedi as well.

    It's waaay oversubscribed, much like our Aus/NZ/Indonesia/New Guinea/EveryotherSouthEastAsianNation dedi.


    More than 5/7ths of the total worlds population of potential COD players with 5 dedis (1:1billion), the rest are in USA (9 dedis - 318m population = 1:35million) and Europe (9 dedis ~743m population = 1:82,5million ).

    Obviously the US and EU have a far higher COD player density than other regions but still, that could cut in in previous games with a low pop count but now with a popular COD out, makes life hard...

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    The NUK3TOWN map was part of a pre order bonus from participating retailers and is not included in the Season Pass, the bonus map that's been given with the Season Pass, is the Giant map, this is a Zombies map not MP.

    You can contact support to see if they can help you out.



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  • 12/08/15--20:45: Re: Skill disappearing?
  • People still say these sort of things ?

    Lag is lag is lag --- lag comp is a different beast entirely.

    Lag = delay in data transfer time (ping), lag comp = aligning hitboxes with player models.

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    While getting shotguns diamond in core modes ( I hate hardcore ) I personally realized a few things

    The krm has a terrible ohk range and is useless in its two hit kill range, While the argus requires good accuracy and aiming down sights, which causes me too easily get outgunned

    however If I run the brecci and haymaker with a hipfire centric setup ( gung ho and anything else really. Never run a laser sight though, it hinders you more than helps. Watch drift0rs videos on how shotguns work and it might help you get the idea, but I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain ) then I wreck. Hipfiring with a shotgun allows me too have more movement speed, causing the enemy too miss more, and allows me too always hit my enemy due to the hipfire spread. Pair this with gung ho and some fancy footworking/jetpackworking and taking out enemies with these guns is a breeze


    Honestly the haymaker and brecci are underrated and krm and argus are massively overrated

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    You need to check your router and open your ports on it for xblive.. this may open your nat or just put it in the DMZ on your router.  this also will open your nat type. 

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    Hey there, so I took alook at the enrollment page and it seems to be PS4 this year. Sorry for any inconvenience

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    The Brecci kills in two shots from veeeeeeery far away, I use the weapon with a rapid fire, fast mags, and a laser sight

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  • 12/09/15--19:49: Re: San Bernardino
  • In the US, the issue IS the culture (people).  See Switzerland.  Terrorism is global and happening outside the US in countries with way less guns.  The issue is people.

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  • 12/09/15--20:01: Nuke town
  • Can't redeem code

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