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  • 12/07/15--19:20: XB1 SOE Easter Egg
  • If you want to do the SOE easter egg and know how to do the steps message me at


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    That's his point, he is saying people are already very good with them so they don't need buffing.

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    How do they know if the game is going to freeze? They had no time to test the game due to last limit announcements..

    And you're on old hardware so obviously freezing will happen lol

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    Advanced Force Operatives is a competitve muti gaming clan. we have teams for CoD, battlefield, halo, destiny and more! our competitve team for CoD is 16-1 for clan matches, wars, GB'S etc. and 4-2 for scrims. we are online everyday pubstomping or practicing for matches so if you want to join msg AFO Hotel on xbox one


    clan requirements

    1. Must have a 1.00 kdr or higher

    2. Must have a spm of 300 or higher

    3. Must join our clan roster, or change your twitter name, or your YouTube name, or your gamer tag to join.

    4. Must be a good minded person

    5. Must be a active player

    6. Must be a mature person

    7. Must speak and understand English

    8. Must be a good team player

    9. must be 13 years old or older to join


    competitive team requirements

    1. Must finish with a 2.00kd or higher in three games

    2. Must finish in the top 3 in three games

    3. Must have a MIC

    4. Must have a Skype account

    5. Must have a game battles, umg, Gfinity, or esl account.

    6. Must be online at less 3 times a week. ( including weekends for scrims and matches)

    7. Must be good at map knowledge and game mode knowledge.( call outs rotations etc)

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    Is there anything I can do to fix it or is by design?

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    ...is it just a good night. Gotta give credit where it's due, the game has run smooth and by the numbers tonight....and thus played like a dream. I love this game so much, the XB1 is out on its own but the old-gen is a very playable beast when it's running as it should. Kill Confirmed (and possibly others) have been added to the Hardcore playlist which is great for me. Good news for the 360 players for a change, I hope you're all having the same smooth time

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    What do you guys think? is Call of Duty getting better or Getting Worst?


    1. Game getting better with balancing match making find games faster both with group or solo and good to okay servers and Better weapon Balanced


    2. Being force to play a game that has people quitting, getting spawn camped, Players camping too much slowing down the game, spamming grenades instead of trying to shoot, Spamming Killstreaks, playing on Unmatched teams, giving someone with bad yellow to red bar connection that skips Host.


    Which one would you gamers decide that needs improvements


    This is very sad to the Community and it's only betting worst by the year for when a new Call of Duty comes out it's the same thing every year same people doing the same stuff every year not giving the change to get better.

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    Where are you guys based? E.g Timezones?

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    We are a youtuber sniping/trickshotting clan accepting applications to join us. We are a small mature clan looking mainly to grow or start channels and to make trickshotting videos in general on Black Ops 3 and Advanced Warfare. We have our first sniping montage coming out really soon and need more clips to keep producing. Click the link below if interested!!!----> http://duskgaming.clanwebsite.com/

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    How do i export video from my xbox one to you tube or face book?

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    I'm in the Philippines. Add me up. I don't usually had the issue when playing in Team Deathmatch.

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  • 12/07/15--19:58: Re: Nuk3town
  • Nuk3town is only available for pre-ordering the game. If you purchased the game after 11/6/2015, the map is no longer included.

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    Game mechanics need serious tweaking tired of getting high level bases with next to nothing for loot. Some people play for extended periods at once eg day off not like once every 24hrs.

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    Thank you WoooooooooW for agreeing and seeing my point, and i never said i was going to sue them, i said they could have a lawsuit. Also i know a current gen game would most likely have some problems on old gen, but look at advanced warfare, it now plays awesome on ps3, and if they didn't have time to test black ops 3 on old gen, then they should have pushed the release date back or not released it at all. Activision still has part of fault here, actually the majority of it is there fault, why doesn't activision get off there lazy butts and fix the problems a lot quicker than this new studio that made a trash port from the start.

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    What system if ps4 add bronco_fan84 i have completed the ee and can help

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  • 12/08/15--20:01: Start over with 2.0????
  • I was running the game when it timed out (normally) due to inactivity. When it restarted, it loaded 2.0 and took me back to the tutorial- I lost everything!!!

    What is going on???  I don't have my ID number but I certainly don't want to start over.

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    If there is.. ahem..no skill... why do the same people end up consistently at the top of the leaderboards match after match?


    You can blame lag, lag comp, and Obama for poor performance all you want... fact is while connectivity is a factor from time to time, skill will win out 99.9% of the time.And if you have constant connectivity issues, you need to check your setup and not blame the world.


    Personal Responsibility FTW.

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    Has to know all steps


    Has to be a God at zombies


    And a mic of course


    My GT is "EACREAMTEAM"Black Ops 3 Zombies

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    Got a issue here that has been around for a while now that has to do with the 'Challenges' in CAMPAIGN CAREER for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.


    The problem is they don't track, at least one of them, it's the 'RUNNING THE GAUNTLET III' challenge, it seems to be broken on my end, I have ran the simulator more then a few times now and have gotten Tier 3 in the process every time, so why won't it unlock? Is this a bug or is there an issue with my profile?


    The platform I am currently on is Xbox One.

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    why is it making us run so slow on black ops 2 on ps3

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