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  • 11/22/15--17:15: Nuke town help please
  • I redeemed my pre ordered nuketown code but I do not have it in game what can I do?

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    i purchased call of duty black ops on my 360 but it has never completed download and i have spoken to several xbox support agents but nothing hasnt helped........ CAN SOMEONE HELP ME

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    Looks a bit too complicated.



    How about NukeTown?

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    gotsomestars wrote:


    Yeah... I'm a sexy manbeast.


    Nope, you're on every thread in more than one forum trying to tell everyone the who what why and where for. You are a problem, not a solution to anyone's problems.

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    help, checked online connection. It's hard wired. Can go online with other games but Black Ops 3 , try's then gives error code AB...FG.................. The status is defcon 5.

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    House Lanister > house Tyrell

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    OFC-Giorgio wrote:


    Pauly I still miss you like you must miss Lo and La




    I sort of miss Lola, but she lost the plot big time, no kidding. We haven't spoke for nearly 2 years.

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    looking to create a tactical style based game play clan friend me on psn to apply


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    Did you port forward 3074, 3075 and 3076 on your router? Also give your mac address from your system an address reservation. I had to do it for myself and some friends. It worked for all of us. Let me know if you need help figuring out exactly what to do.

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    Black OPS 3 for the PS3 is about as cool as a boner at a swim meet. I should of just used my money to buy a chest freezer, name it lag some frames, and stick my ps3 in it. It would freeze and lag less.Black Ops 3 PlayStation 3Activision Community

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    It's only for zombies.

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    I agree. The private match with bots are super useful. I like it because its how I get use to the maps. I only add bots to give it some type of MP feel. Yes the bots are week but you should just look at it like this, they are there to be targets. Nothing more nothing less.

    Private matches are over looked and under used (as a practicing tool).

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  • 11/22/15--17:35: Realistic
  • I've been soloing realistic but it's getting a bit challenging (just started hypocenter mission) and honestly, it's boring without other players talking trash. Lol


    I have a mic but don't talk much, someone else on the trigger would be a great help.


    HI time zone, online daily around 6p. PSN: Ms Butter


    Add me or send invite.



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    Here is a video. Aimbot at the final kill cam 5:50. The rest of the game play is him getting like quad feeds in chat.

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    There's a ton of people still purchasing the game, a majority of which are coming from games such as Destiny.  I've been put into lobbies with level 15's and under against a full prestige team in a party.  Needless to say those are the roughest games.  Every now and then I'll luck out and the matchmaking system will even the teams out pretty well but that's not very often.  I'm not sure how the matchmaking system prioritizes stats versus connection, but connection is usually at the top of the tier.  The system does feel kind of hit or miss.  Mercenary playlist seems to be useless with such a low population, which I think wouldn't be as bad if it was on the main rotation page instead of the bonus bracket.  Good luck to you finding a lobby worth staying in!


    Oh yeah, wtf happened to a small teams playlist?  4v4?  Similar to Arena but a public version?  I remember there was one in the first BO or at least I'm fairly certain.  Treyarch...get on that.

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    Is it going to be give everyone everything ? Since it's up to each person to pick whatever perks they feel fits there style and find their own balance why should they give a certain perk to everyone if some don't like to use it or place a higher value on another perk in that class, does the person who falls short because of your perk choice then get to choose what you should use so that they don't lose?

    Its a pick ten system each set up will have advantages and disadvantages all depending on who is using them

    I Just don't agree with the give everyone everything and make everyone the same .


    OH well we just have different perspectives on it either way have yourself a good one.

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    You need to forward 3074, 3075 and 3076 and give your system a mac a dress reservation. Look up how to do it for your router.

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    Definitely agree with Flinch!  That was a runner up on my list.  The flinch at times seems manageable, but then there's time where it feels like your controller has a mind of its own.  I'm not sure if it has something to do with the weapons in use at the time or the flinch stack glitching alongside a ping spike.  I'd love to see flinch addressed.

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    lol, no one would ever say no to better servers!

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    This game is just bad. I have never played anything with the 1 bar 4 bar spikes this game has. The beta was the same, I couldn't even play that. Treyarch is usually my favorite developer but I just can't take this lemon! Even on 4 bar 33-55 ping, the only thing I can kill is a uav.


    From the spawn kills, to the constant annoyance of being shot in the back, I'm just done. No reason to get angry trying to have a little fun. Time to get out while it has some value!


    To the 3 idiots that it plays good for that will just have a wise response, all I can say is have fun while it lasts, cause just like aw, there will soon be no lobbies.

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