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    I was having problems too. I just kept getting kicked completely when i was trying to join with a party.

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    Bet you pre-order the next one  

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    The stupid is strong in this one.......

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    Personally I use two different services to check my internet gaming quality. One is on a site called Think Broadband which has a connection quality monitor and speed test that checks the various ways you send and receive data. The other is a Netduma R1 router which I'm sure I don't need to explain here.

    My other post here does however concede that the lower numbers incurred by living in remote locations on a far greater land mass may not be avoidable.

    If you live in an area where everyone has 100 ping then it's true you won't notice much of a difference because everyone is even. In an area where one guy is running a 30ms ping and you are on 100 or more that's when you start to have issues.

    So to be fair knowing your areas standard is an important factor when addressing this.

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    You should try bots on recruit. They might all just stand around and let you shoot them.

    People cry no matter what they do.Essentially it's the same complaint though. And it just boils down to some people just can't lose with dignity. Darn those participation trophies. .....

    "Waaaah 'skill based matchmaking' "


    "Waaaah he has a site I don't! !! It should only match me against worse players!!"

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    Seems to be the pattern this year....

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  • 11/16/15--01:21: Re: Lets face it !
  • You will more than likely get a patch that fixes the freeze issues, and Activision may improve the servers and/or patch the game so there isn't as much server migrations during games. As for the graphics and frame rates, I'm sorry to say, they are what they are. Activision won't (and probably can't) patch things like that.


    The gaming community was forewarned that the game wouldn't be running a consistent 60 frames per second, and we should have known the graphics weren't going to be as good as current gen. With the news that the last gen versions were being subbed out to a second party to develop, that should have been even more evident. A cautious buyer should have seen enough signs prior to the game's release.


    You should have held off on buying the game if you didn't know what it was going to be like. You didn't. You paid $50 (on day one of the game's release) without doing any research on the last gen version. Just accept this as a mistake on your part, stop complaining, and move on.

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  • 11/16/15--01:22: Re: The Game Sucks
  • So you got owned and you scream "no skilled" or wannabe "gamers".


    Just because you "suck" at this game doesn't mean it sucks.

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  • 11/16/15--01:28: Re: The Game Sucks
  • Oh dear......thats all.

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    I would have to agree. We need some servers on either Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Or in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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  • 11/16/15--01:34: Re: looking for a clan xbox1
  • ,

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    Add me if you have a mic GT : KILLA FR3SH

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    Hey there.


    Please note that there is currently an issue regarding the gold camo that is being looked into. We appreciate your patience and support while this is being looked into.




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  • 11/17/15--01:16: Re: LOOKING FOR A CLAN
  • im looking to start a pub stomping team if your interseted

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  • 11/17/15--01:19: playstation 4
  • Not looking for a clan but anyone wanna party up for search and destory ? We need 4 we are really competitive  playstation 4 only add uniquedefiiant

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    No, that's where they put the changelogs for AW.  I figured they would mirror that in the BO3 forums but they haven't.

    Why would they put the BO3 changelogs in the AW forum?

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    Thank you!!!

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    Wishlist to 2.1 ... Make it a bug free app!


    ONce u did focus on the 'no-bug-commitment' there are some features nice to be added:

    1. Create a possibility to Select a specific alliance for AW battle (but limited to 2-3 cases a month to avoid miss-taktical-usage)
    2. activity lvl of players in team overview. It is a challenge for the commander to detect MIA mates ... any informational support on that would be appreciated.
    3. defense victory bonus: yes not activated right now, but pls review the community ideas on that. A 1h shield in combination of a liga bonus and/or a percentage 'used-sp-bonus' might be a top solution (and to increase activity time of the players, limit the pick up time to 16/24h hours!). The two hours solution would reduce the possibilities on def-ranking too.
    4. Possibility for direct communication on commanders lvl during the AW to comparator. A 3 days chat for both alliances might be fantastic, but it causes the danger for some missbehavours. A chat tool for direct communication on commander level (and captain) might be a funny add on
    5. cc11, the top base-developers needs a new challenge to stay on the game (and a possibility to spend there money). Reaching the end decreases players activity rapidly!
    6. once the air def is down, no chance to defend your base. Either some more air mines, higher walls that DF needs to destroy prior they can pass or some new turrests might strength the def. I never heated about a player finishing the '20-in-a-row challenge' for def victories. You might make your victories vs grounds, but it is just a question of time till the DFs will come. Pls adjust (carefully and focused on tactics, not on DF readjustments)
    7. Make maps, flags and bonus less defense. The additionally stuff on the Ground should not cause more legging ... It should only consume footprint on ground, but currently it consumes tons of graphic capacity and causes legging
    8. reduce the 24h cool down time. The 1h introduction have been understood (challenge to handle, but ok). The one day policy avoids both alliance and candidate a smooth gaming. If ya search a new mate, it prevents you from eliminating the MIA mates that are needed to get off, just to stay on a 25/25 AW. So the time slot for take on a new member is down to the 4th day anyhow. For the candidate, the 24h causes a high lvl of coordination to be on for the tiny moment between two battles of your new team .... The added value of 24h is very limited, but the un-convince is high.

    I know, there are tons of great ideas out there, put em on the wishlist, too!

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  • 11/17/15--01:34: Re: Lets face it !
  • No matter what you paid, you clearly don't think the amount you paid is worth the game you got.


    And I will say it one more time - you could have waited to see and hear from others how the game was, but you didn't. You went out and bought the game anyway, with little understanding of what you were purchasing. If your complaint is about the lack of features in the game, the graphics, and the choppiness/jitters associated with fluctuating frame rates, then you have no right to complain. That kind of information was available before the game's release. You could have monitored the information about the game leading up to day one, but you didn't.


    If your SOLE complaint is towards the freezing and connectivity issues, they are working on a fix. We just need to be patient while they work on a patch.


    If you had waited a few days and checked some user reviews who shared their frustrations about the freezing and connectivity issues, you probably wouldn't have bought the game. Am I right?

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    why are you  posting a worthless comment?

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