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    Whether we admit it or not, all the jumpy stuff disconnects us from the game. Our brains know that it isn't plausible so it's hard to get sucked into it. Honestly I loved every COD except for AW and I didn't really like BO2... You can flame me but I loved Ghosts. I've yet to get completely sucked into a COD game since Ghosts. I like BO3... It's entertaining but honestly I'll probably put it down in a month or two. I read that Battlefield is supposed to return to their roots so I'm excited to see what they put out. I used to not care too much for the battlefield games until AW... I started getting sucked into BF because of AW.

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    This should be fixed later this week.

    We talked to Amazon and this specific device should be added back in their stores.

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    Same here. I back out of the lobby of Combine gets voted in... It's not much better than puketown. I don't see what is fun about running around like an idiot and going 20 and 18. You can do better but you have to light a camp fire and setup shop. There's no way to strategically flank on those kind of maps :/

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  • 11/15/15--00:50: Nuketown map code trade
  • Hello fellow players, I dont know if this is allowed or not but here is my situation and a question. I live in europe and have a us psn account, , my black ops 3 disc is european so that means I cannot use the nuketown dlc code that came with it. I know the chances are slim but would anyone maybe like to trade the DLC codes with me? My european nuketown dlc code for your US one, would like to be able to play the nuketown map, thank you in advance!

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    Fav is infection. It brings back a feeling of the good old COD days. Least favorite is Combine. Its just a pure fuster cluck.

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  • 11/15/15--00:51: shadows Easter egg
  • need people for shadows of evil Easter egg. please know where to go in beast mode and know how to train and be local to Australia or newzealand

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  • 11/15/15--00:56: zombie team?
  • looking for black ops 3 zombie players for high rounds or easter eeg.

    must have mic and use it, no kids, ps4, and no quitters.

      if this sounds like you add harvey1

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    Looking to start up a new competitive clan. If you're sick and tired of playing with terrible teammates who don't even play the objective half the time and dont have your back when your trying to kill the opposition, then this is the clan for you. Our clan will focus on playing the objective and good communication so we can win (every game) and also have a good time doing it! Our clan will hopefully be very competitive and will destroy all enemy's



    Please don't message me if you don't meet the requirements:


    -Must have a good working mic that doesn't make any annoying noises

    -Must be willing to communicate well

    -Must actually play the objective and not just go for kills;)


    -Must have a K.D. of at least 1.2 and above


    -Must play regularly

    -Be above level 30(a K.D. of  doesn't mean anything if you're only level 3;)


    -A competitive player


    If you feel you meet these requirements and want to join the clan then message me on ps4 (ZytoxHD) for further information.

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    The M8A7 is my fav but I'll give the sheeva a try tomorrow.  I love the M8 but it can be unpredictable. I can one burst a dude 100 yards away that hasn't already taken damage but I'm lucky to two burst someone that is 5 yards away :/

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    How old are you guys? I'm interested.

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  • 11/15/15--01:06: game ban
  • I bought black ops 3 well pre ordered it to get the beta access. So game comes out last friday. I dedicate my time all of my time to grind on this game to get to my 4th prestige level 39 with 130 hours on the game on record on steam. And now for some stupid reason i am game banned....


    I want to know why the heck im game banned. I don't fricken cheat.... i have my own youtube videos of me playing black ops 3 i have a whole gameplay of me playing black ops 3..... just because i am good at what i was doing? I'm not new to call of duty on the PC nor the xbox series. Iv been playing since cod 4 came out.... both PC and Xbox series and i wanna know why my skill that i have obtained over the years of playing on pc and i get a in game ban on black ops 3. I would like some answers for this. Pretty upset right now that i had spent all those hours and my time on this game for that. Made so many good friends and now i cant even play with them anymore.

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  • 11/15/15--01:08: [PS4] Looking for a 21+ clan
  • I'm 23 and I don't want to play with kids. Any clans here 21+? I'll settle for 18+. My PSN is JustGresh.

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    XILED GAMING is now recruiting!!!!!! If you are interested you can send me a message on xbox my GT is XGC Touchable. We are a 18+ gaming community we show a competitive side as well as a causal gamer as well. We have over 80,000 registered members. We have a website www.xiledgaming.com  We have been around sense 2006 and to present if interested in joinig let me know

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    Yea I'm sure you won't buy it. You Purchased Ghost and probably said the same thing. Then Advanced Warfare came out and that game was far worse then any of them. You will buy the next one. You can claim you won't but everyone that cries and ******* always ends up getting it "Just to play"

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  • 11/16/15--00:54: xbox 1 looking for clan
  • I have a 1.83k/d looking for a clan to mess around on gt Pinballnlm invite me

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    It's not the game. It's the people playing it. You know what controls where you spawn? Your teammates (and to a lesser degree your enemies) . The problem is, nobody knows how to control the map anymore. The last few games and the youtube "celebs" have taught these add kids (and "adults" in some cases) that the only way to be "good" is to constantly sprint back and forth into the enemy spawn and kill people before they have a chance to move, and even worse they do it in objective modes while completely ignoring the objectives. Until there is a shift in what these moro...err...players perceive as "good " it will never change. And tbh I don't see that happening. Because it would take an increase in the overall IQ of the population,  and the current trend is the opposite. 

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    either let everything be unlockable or fix the fckin match making this games pathetic

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    Try using an 'unfancied' gun, especially a burst fire weapon.  This will 'teach' you accuracy and will automatically (over time) will teach you to 'lock-on' to the enemy instantly.

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    Okay I'll concede that there are vast differences in various areas of the world. In your country where there is so much land mass to cover 100ms may be the best you can achieve (for now). There will also be certain remote areas in the US that will be unlikely (until Google can get there) to achieve better ping. But in general for Europe and the majority of internet users in the US anything over 100ms between players is considered a low quality. But again the defining factor is distance and 1000 miles between players will always produce higher ping than a few hundred.

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    Hey there. Sorry to hear this issue occurred. Can you please confirm did you try redeeming your crypto keys for items or are you stating that you just lost them completely? which console are you on? Did you perform and hard reset on the console and check your inventory again?


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