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    Ghosts Digital Prestige Edition or whatever its official name was is still available to purchase on the xbox store i think so i would imagine quite a while, however after the game officially releases I very much doubt you will receive any of the pre order bonus content that is included in that bundle.

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    ^^^ Should also have mentioned, your console will automatically downloading the content a couple of days before the official release (providing certain options are ticked and the console is in standby mode) or will start downloading when you next turn your console on (after the pre load goes live)


    But basically once it hits 12:01 in your local time you will instantly be able to play


    Not sure how it works on XB1 but on PS4 I believe you have to go through some of the settings options (not sure which ones, maybe someone else can clarify) and make sure the box for "connect to internet while in standby mode" or something like that is ticked

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  • 10/26/15--04:39: Re: gh tv last rank
  • if your question is when you it last rank (level 20) in ghtv you can't play the song wanted for no reason we still need to pay 1 token or buy a 24hours pack. I wish eventually we will have other option but for now it's not the situation.

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    Xbox One. I stick where my friends are first off. Secondly I do like the One controller better. Both have pluses and minuses. Unlike @biron w, I didn't really see much difference between both during the beta. It's obviously subjective. I got my ass handed to me on both.

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  • 10/26/15--04:41: Re: GHTV Login Bonus Issue
  • i´m in the same situation, I think we are not alone and activisiton will correct the situation in a future update.

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    Hammer-on notes have a blue glow on them, kind of like the Hero Power ones, but without the lightning bolt symbol on them. Hope that helps

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    its still dragging itself along slowly

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  • 10/27/15--03:24: Re: My Escaped Videos
  • nice work

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    So can we buy just the guitars somewhere?

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    tthey want people to move to next generation so that they don't have to update the old generation console

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    I have a Turtlebeach headset and I've had a headset for awhile, that did help a lot. I have a Scuf controller but i have small,hands and short fingers. So its not the easiest thing for me to use, I have to really think about using the paddles. My brother in law is an IT guy. I've talked to him about setting up an dedicated line for my internet but he said that wouldn't make such a big difference that I'd be noticeable. My PS4 is direct connected to my router so that I don't have any wifi issues. If I was were to setup an dedicated line with my internet how do I do that? I looked it up before and it seemed to be above my abilities.

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    This is why.images-3.jpg


    Just kidding. The machines can't handle all of the stuff. It doesn't make them bad, just not quite there.

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    I’m Stevie from FreeStyleGames. I'm Community Manager on Guitar Hero Live, I have the awesome privilege of being in that sweet spot between players and the studio—it’s my job to let you know about all the awesome things FreeStyleGames are up to, and vice versa.

    Welcome to your forums.

    *throws confetti*




    First of all, if you need any assistance with other titles, click here to go through to Activision support, they should be able to help you with any questions you may have (they are super nice too). You can also post any questions you may have regarding getting in game, in our Support forum. If you’re interested in helping others or want to become a part of Activision's Community Ambassadors, click here.




    If you fancy getting stuck-into discussions about GH:Live head on over to the GHLive sub forum where you can talk about experiencing the new first-person view, SoundDial and Rock the Block and any other parts of the Guitar Hero Live experience. Our FAQ on GHLive can be found here.


    bulllet.pngIf you want to discuss the wonders of GHTV- our 24hr playable music video network, head on over to the GHTV forum where you can discuss Multiplayer, Highways, Premium Shows and more.



    bulllet.pngIf you want to discuss music, or you want to link FreeStyleGames some wicked tracks that we can play in the studio while we eat brioche, you guessed it, your Music Discussion forum does just that. Remember, everyone has different taste in music and that’s okay, so play nice.



    bulllet.pngIf you have anything else you want to talk about with the Guitar Hero Community, like awesome gigs, where you got your tattoo or the best place in New York to get a pizza, head on over to Off Topic.


    The thing I want to talk about isn’t here, and ideas, I have ideas!


    Can't find the topic you're looking for or have an idea you want share with your fellow Guitar Hero Community member? Then you're going to need to create your own thread. We do this using the ‘Actions’ tab on the right side of the page.


    There are two main types of threads you can create, the first is a Discussion, so for example:

    “If you had to be trapped on a desert island with a punk band from the 70’s or a boyband from the 90’s, which would you choose and why?”


    The second is an Idea, so for example:

    “Idea: Have an 80's GHTV Show".


    Discussions are general use and are the main form of threads found on the forum. Ideas allow you to find out what other users think about an idea. You have an Up/Down vote system included in the post. The best way to get your ideas and discussions replied to by other forum members, is to make the initial post as detailed as you can, and try and give reasons for your answers.


    How can fans keep up with FreeStyleGames and Guitar Hero Live?


    You can keep your eye on the Guitar Hero forums for updates or check out the official Guitar Hero accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. There’s also some pretty awesome stuff in the works for our studio channels, so stay tuned to @FSGStudio on Twitter for updates.


    I’ll see you guys really soon, the countdown to October commences.



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    You'd call your isp and tell them you need another line. But if you live alone it's not worth it. I have a wife and 4 teens, so everyone is always online.

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    This transpired on an XBOX ONE with the feature "instant-on" on, which is not really a complete shutdown but a sort of standby if you will.

    In the rare event I really need the XBOX ONE to do a complete full start I just unplug the power cord once it's in instant-on mode.

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  • 10/27/15--04:29: Re: Beta code still useable?
  • The beta ended August 31st (I believe). You can get the game November 6th though.

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    you told him

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    because if the opposing team is that far ahead...they have scorestreaks stacked up lol  Not that im against that, but im backin out to let the kids whom suck that bad, continue to get whooped that bad without me

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    Yep. we will know for sure in 10 days

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