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    Yes, it looks like a bug: Because you have your second Atlas Facility under construction, you are asked to complete it before building a research center, even though your first Atlas Facility is already complete. If you really want to start, I expect cancelling the construction would allow it! That said Atlas units are poor value for money at the moment, but it may improve with v2.0


    Raise an issue with support, either using the Support tab at the top of this page or in-game with the right hand pullout -> cogwheel settings icon -> help and support -> report an issue.


    Please post the response from support back here to let us know how you get on.

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    mattiedog27Do you need the Peacekeeper to get Diamond Camo for the Sub machine gun section!?

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    Thanks a lot for your quick response, N1123!


    Oh, thats how we report issues correctly!!! I've sent an email to Activision through google play, but they never replied to me.


    OK, Will do, thanks

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    I have applied for TG

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    I agree with you 100%. I think this game is getting a lot of unfair bashing at the moment because people just don't like change and don't like learning new tricks. They want to 5 star on expert right out of the box and anything less is a slur on their ability. Maybe, just, maybe, some of these people complaining that the guitar controller is badly designed just haven't learnt how to use it yet. The changes to the controller and GHTV are wonderful and really contribute to the genre. My only disappointment so fas is, like, you, I would have liked to see a much broader range of music. At the moment it feels like I'm hanging out in an American frat house. There's over 60 years of guitar based rock from both sides of the Atlantic  to choose from and they seem to be focusing on the past decade of the American Billboard top 40. Hopefully more variety will be added to GHTV over time

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  • 10/25/15--01:01: recruiting for new clan
  • No requirements necessary with the exception of being able to change clan tag. Just looking to start a network of gamers to keep the gaming experience continue. Add on psn Zemunyx

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  • 10/25/15--01:05: Re: i nees a clan
  • Im starting a new one and need some help .

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    HelloSupportTeam, I boughtthegameMW2, MW3andCoDGhostyears agoand wanted toplayagainbut thecodeto register withSteamgoallmehr.WonotI get newcodesagoorwhat should I do?

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    My PS3 console has been permenantly banned from playing online COD black ops 2 yet i only play once in a blue moon as my internet wont log into my PSN and there is always errors with the PSN logins on my console. I do not understand why i have been permenantly banned when i have never broken the security and enforcement policies in the first place! And if it is suggested that the console im using has broken a policy i would like solid proof that it has been broken for my own understanding of why i am being punished for an act that has not been committed

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  • 10/25/15--01:33: Re: Black Ops3 Beta
  • G'day Dante2423,

    apologies that you did not get to experience the BO3 beta. I have no idea why your retailer would send out the beta code this late.

    Unfortunately, you also missed the announcement that the BO3 Beta was made available to all for the last two days - no BO3 beta code required.  It is a great idea to use social media to keep right up to date with information. There a number of twitter accounts that are great to follow.  Also, this forum is a fantastic place to keep informed for all things COD.


    On the brighter side BO3 launch is only two weeks away.

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    Following the helpful support articles, synchronization still not working . I think that the USB key has a problem

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    G'day Zombiex21,

    The Giant zombies bonus map is available for those who purchase the Hardened Edition/Collectors Edition/ or standalone Season Pass.

    Yes, it will be made available to you day 1.

    Call of Duty®: Black Ops 3 | Collector's Editions

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  • 10/25/15--02:00: Re: real cod
  • 1. If its so bad, don't hang around trolling.

    2. See number 1.

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    i want to join too my psn is extremepeura plz add me

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    PSN: Redzrosee

    Call me Redzy Or Rose

    I also have Kik if anything

    I am Yes a Girl so bare with me.

    Yes I Swear a lot okay.


    Especially playing zombies, communication is the best.

    Im 17

    and yeah just need more people to jam with.

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  • 10/25/15--02:27: Re: Song Requests
  • May i ask when all of these songs will be added? Im waiting for the good songs before ill play again.



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    If you scroll down, you'll see a support link... It may ask you to login again, but its the same credentials as here. Just in case you can't find it; http://support.activision.com/


    I too can't find a way to submit a ticket directly in the My Support section, however; all of my past contacts with the online chat appear under My Cases.


    For Chat.


    Click Contact Us a the top.


    Click OK, let's do this.


    Then your platform.


    Then Guitar Hero Live.


    Then I need help with guitar hero TV.


    Then select something close to the problem.


    You'll find that it doesn't answer your issue, but if you scroll down, you'll get the official Support Chat up.


    Be aware thought, they are only open 11am to 8pm --- BUT "PT" TIME.

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  • 10/25/15--02:52: how do do u make a clan?
  • idk how

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    The Black Youkai are looking for players who love playing CoD, aren't bad at Call of Duty, and will be buying Black Ops 3 once it releases. Gun skills, communication, and being able to work in a group are the traits we seek.

    We still play AW but once Black Ops 3 comes out we're dropping this horrible game. We have 10 members, a 1.27 Clan K/D and a Clan win/loss ratio of 1.05. We are looking for active and loyal clan members to join our community of friends. This clan focuses mainly on Domination.

    The requirements to join [The Black Youkai] are as follows:

    • Over a 1.00 kill/death ratio. (Your "skills" will be tested)
    • Speak fluent English and live in the U.S. or Canada.
    • A mic that doesn't have background noise/static. Playing loud music is unacceptable.
    • Gun skills on the move and knowing when to change your strategy if you're doing bad.
    • You need to be on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday at the meeting time of 7:00 pm Central Standard Time. When Black Ops 3 comes out the meeting times will go back to normal, which will be Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sat. (Lack of showing up at meetings or lack of interaction with the clan will result in a kick)
    • Being able to give accurate callouts in-game.
    • You must be a mature player; preferably over 13.


    • You need the messaging app called  Lineto join our clan group chat. You need to take part in the clan chat and socialize. It's available on almost all mobile devices and computers.

    Contact Voidgangsta on PSN to join.

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    Hello i m a french drummer and i m affraid ...i m Sad....i don t inderstand activision. ...It s a very big problem for us....My gamergtag drumer26 and see you next time on 360 and ghwr or rb3. ....

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