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  • 10/23/15--02:36: Re: Question about sound
  • have the same feeling,


    parameters are correct, seems like I can't ear correctly the song. try to change sound options, basically, all the sounds (guitar, singer ...) are at the same level.


    when I put guitar to max, and lower the rest it sounds better, but the crowd parasites too much the rest I think, I'll try tonight to lower it only again

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    I installed Wasteland 2 again now that it got hefty update with completely new engine.

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  • 10/23/15--02:42: Re: Down Strumming Issue!
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    I'd say it hurts players that have to sit for ages waiting for their lobby to fill up because they aren't scared of facing a challenge and don't lobby shop to find lesser skilled players so they can pad their stats and brag how super awesome their k/d is. IMO.

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    I tried it with the CD of a friend, same problem ... . I think there are no problems with the CDs but either the console or the software. I think I will give the game back and just buy something other.

    Damn I just wanted to play cod, I didn´t knew what kind of problem this will get

    But I want to thank you all for your help and have a nice day

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    Unfortunately, the Guitar Hero Live controller is not supported on PC. The controller is designed to work with the dongle specific for each system. For example, in order for the guitar to function correctly on an Xbox One it would require to sync with a dongle designed specifically for Xbox One. The guitar would not function correctly if an Xbox One dongle was inserted in to a PS4. Since the game is not available on PC, PC dongles do not exist for this platform.


    Apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you.




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    yeah i bought some dew and i cant use the code says "log in to activision" but im logged in on activision on my pc and on the website

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    I love to see newer artists that no one really knows. Dan Croll, PUBLIC, Misterwives, Bronze Radio Return and Melanie Martinez are some good ones. Dan Croll's new single "One of Us" has a really awesome solo. I would also like to play more Of Monsters and Men, alt-J, Arctic Monkeys and Vampire Weekend songs. I absolutely love the song choices that came with it though. It was cool to see that they brought back some songs from the older Guitar Heroes!

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    Guitar Hero Live, Mein Guitar-Controller verliert die Verbindung zum Dongle wenn es über 30cm entfernt ist. Was kann ich da machen.

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    Dear Topfighter,


    I know that it is not supported on Windows, but the previous guitar controllers worked fine. I just thought.. maybe because PS3 uses DirectInput and xbox 360 uses XInput... maybe the frets and strum bar can't work together because of the different methods. A usb gamepad which I got has a switch to change the method from directinput to xinput. On xinput, the triggers work, in directinput they don't. That's why I thought maybe it does work with the xbox 360 dongle, you know?

    But thanks for the reply anyways,


    With kind regards,



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    habe nun seit Gestern Guitar Hero Live für PS4 (Release in Deutschland 23.10.15). Ich komme aber einfach nicht online!

    Im Live Modus heißt es: Punkte können nicht gespeichert werden, da nicht online,

    unter Quickplay sagt er: Der Guitar Hero Live Dienst ist nicht verfügbar, bitte später nochmal versuchen,

    im TV Modus versucht er die ganze Zeit sich mit den Servern zu verbinden,........

    Ich bekomme nicht einmal einen Error-Code.


    Ich kann auch im Netz nichts finden, angeblich sind alle Server online und alles soll laufen.


    Habe Router neu gestartet, PS4 neu gestartet, Spiel neu gestartet, Cache geleert, und alles mehrmals......


    DIe PS4 ist als exposed Host am Router ohne Einschränkungen und mit allen Ports offen angemeldet, UPnP ist an, NAT Typ 2, Download 89 mbit, Upload 9,1 mbit sollte reichen!?!


    Hier nochmal Speedtest,net Ergebnis Speedtest.net by Ookla - My Results


    Ich weiß nicht weiter, läuft  es denn überhaubt bei jemandem?

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  • 10/24/15--03:20: Playing GHTV with friends
  • Am I missing something really obvious or is there no way to actually start a game party and have your friends play in the same room as you in a GHTV channel?


    The back of the box says 2-10 players over Live yet there's no option to do this.

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    Still no word of clan involvement in Black Ops 3.  With us, it don't really matter.  We are an adult, social clan,, that loves to play online with friends and enjoy the game.


    We play not only Call of Duty but also other, cooperative and multiplayer games.  Our favorite times are grouping up in COD and just playing in six player fire-teams; or those special nights we form private lobbies and just play against each other.  Enjoyment of the game is our main goal.


    We played in Clan Wars, Clan Ops; we have done all of it.  Our clan has reached top clan level since MW3.  We win, we lose, we have fun.  It doesn't really matter to us what Treyarch does; but they have hinted to several features reserved just for clans so I suspect they will incorporate a robust clan experience within Black Op 3.


    We also play Destiny, Halo, GTAV, and most other online games.  We play on Xbox One.  Give us a look, no need to play alone.  Adults, 30 and over please.



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    Not sure if this issue has been reported. Some users can't build an Atlas research center? I think I have enough resource to build the Atlas Research Center, HOWEVER, when I tried to build it, I got a message "FINISH BUILDING AN ATLAS FACILITY FIRST" even though I have two Atlas facilities already... Does this make sense?


    Even with its flaws, I still love this game. Please fix this before the update 2.0 comes out if possible.


    Thanks & Regards,


    Username: Hiromasa72




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    5 days have passed, but nothing has happened. I've tried contacting activisions support twitter over 5 times, but they won't answer. Help, anyone?

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    Why can't I pre-order Black Ops 3 Digital / Digital Deluxe version on the Xbox Store for Xbox 360? The only pre-orders I can find are at a local retailer for the Standard Disc version..

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  • 10/24/15--03:38: Re: Is career mode broken?
  • I took the plunge and played all last night. I have experienced the issue on a handful of occasions but I'm happy to report that it's barely even noticeable - a brief crackle something in the order of about 20 to 50 miliseconds long. It has no impact on gameplay whatsoever and happens so infrequently I barely notice it. I've got to say I'm loving the game - can't put it down

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    GT: TurtlePower123

    K/D: 1.71


    Hi, I was wondering if I could join your clan, I'm 13 years old (not a squeaker) I'm always active and generally a very nice person. I  would like to join this clan because you seem mature, active and very responsible.

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    The problem is the same on 1.00 or 1.01.

    Stuck at this welcome screen !!!

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