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    thanks for your answer

    I translated with Google

    as I start the games is what he puts I click or not the result is the same




    Here's what makes me after putting or not


    .I already uninstall and reinstall without success

    I also do via the Steam games hidden audits





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  • 10/22/15--02:28: Re: No mini-map.
  • I've had this happen to me as well, I just put it down to being another one of those glitches.

    Hopefully someone knows why this is happening and sorts it out.

    And before anyone asks, no, there wasn't an enemy CUAV up when I put my UAV up.

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    There's a known issue with clans not earning XP, this is currently under investigation and hopefully it will be resolved quickly.


    Activision Support

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  • 10/22/15--02:33: Re: Xbox 360 gamer tags
  • Add me



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  • 10/22/15--02:53: #Universal Gaming Recruiting
  • We are looking for those individuals who have the time to participate in AW & BO3 on a daily basis. You don't have to be great, BUT, you are required to be quite active.

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    Yesterday i´ve received my GH LIve Preorder. Everything worked fine for almost 2 hours.

    Suddenly the Controller got disconnected and it remained powered off.

    Now the Controller can´t be turned on anymore. I´ve exchanged the batteries, but the Controller

    can´t be turned on. Any tips ? Is there a way to reset the Controller ? Guess i will return my GH Live Pack at my Games Dealers.

    I´m dissapointed to waste my Money for that crap and it won´t work after almost 2 hours

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    This has been happening to me since early yesterday morning......Any ideas for a timeline on the fix?

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    20k dom games and maybe 50 misalainus games all the going to show you is 10+ w/l and high spm but I think hc players tent to stick to what they know or what's available like

    Cod 4 hc hq

    Waw hc don't remember

    Mw2 hc hq

    Bo1 hc ctf/dom

    Mw3 hc dom

    Bo2 hc dom

    Ghost hc dom

    Aw hc dom

    Bo3 most likely hc dom but would love to see hq come back


    So my over all w/l on the last 5 games is the same as my game type w/l

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    One of the forum moderators has responded to your previous thread, you should have received a personal message for you to respond to, so they can help you resolve this issue.


    DLCs after changing to "next gen"

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    amazon have only guitar for console (wii, ps, xbox...)

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    Activision. Please reconsider your stance on allowing us to permanently unlock our favorite songs from GHTV for unlimited play in Quick Play. I really like the new guitar and the challenge associated with it. I even like the idea of Guitar Hero TV, it's like watching MTV when it was still good and being able to play along with the music. That said, nickel and diming me every single time I want to just play a specific song on demand is ridiculous.


    I already paid $150 for your game and a second guitar. I really don't even care how many tokens/ghcash it takes to buy the songs but to simply forbid me to ever have a way to unlock a song I really like is an awful business decision. I think it will turn a lot of players off to your game and for me especially it will cause a lot of resentment when I run out of plays. This kind of monetization for the content in a game with such a steep initial cost could definitely kill it.

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    I CAN own anyone with any gun because I'm just a better player than them it doesn't mean the smgs are good, I didn't generally use AR or the m27 but when I did the game was 100% easier to do well in... I'm not claiming anything, I'm stating facts, I do have a 55 gun streak, numerous kem strikes with multiple guns (non care packages ones) The point I tried to make was that "Once I got on and used a honeybadger for my first game and the gun is soo easy to use that I got a kem". You're still avoiding everything I said about the game been BUILT for defensive play and that's not adapting if you are forcing everyone to play one playstyle to succeed. Go on ask anyone else, anywhere why they don't like ghost. They'll give you the same answers. And you think I struggled with ghost? SON IT IS THE EASIEST COD ever anyone with two thumbs can get a kill on you, it's not about accuracy when all the guns are lasers and just melt people. When did I ever said that a jammer takes down a heló? I said if you are using assault streaks which all of them are GROUNDED streaks they'll be wiped out by a jammer. I MS, sentry, satcom anything! Except the dog and launchers? Launchers are worthless when you have a m27 with blindeye to take a chopper or anything out of the sky. Believe me you did play me once or twice or more idk but everytime you did you and all your party (if you had one) would go negative. Against NKO or even when I played by myself. ME DISLIKING this poor excuse of a game has NO effect on my results on it.  I still dropped 60/70/80 kills per night, kems with specialist whatever. You think just because I dislike it, it means I did poorly playing it? You can even look up my gunstreak if you want. Also you search over ALL SOCIAL MEDIA and websites/Threads/YouTube videos why everyone knows that supports streaks are better than assault on this game. Think about it... Why is it that this game is the less played cod to date? Are you so self centered that you honestly believe your opinion is better than all of the people who didn't like the game?  What about pro players? Are you telling me they couldn't adapt to this? THIS SO superior game? Yea no... accept it Ghost takes no skill if you did well in it is probably because you are a defensive player and that's it. Keep playing on Ghost on Wii U while you can.

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  • 10/23/15--01:46: Re: Wonder Weapon Ideas
  • I had an idea for a wonder weapon, the 48 shot revolver or if I were to give it a name The Cheap Reaper it will be old, little rusty, and dirty. With it being all power at the beginning such as the python or the Remington New Model Army, it's clip would be a giant exposed circle drum(giant clips LMGs have) that holds eight, six bullet chambers. It's sight would be a regular revolver type weapon sight such as the python or executioner. After finishing one 6 bullet chamber you'd move to the next chamber by rotating the giant drum with your hand. Each of these chambers would move individually as a regular revolver would, you will figure out why I said this in a little. It will come with 1 extra clip big enough to fill the drum. It will be a little bulky like between an assault rifle and an LMG. When you would be done with the drum, you will shake all the empty chambers out of the drum, then put each individual chamber back in the drum reloading about as slow as a shotgun. I know this gun sounds like kind of nightmare to use but, when it's pack-a-punched, you will get a Varix 3 sight for it while also gaining reduced recoil while aiming and each 6 bullet chamber gets raised 4 bullets. It's new name would be Reaper98K, it will come with two clips this time, and will be much lighter than before. It would get a reaper emblem carved into the side with 98K looking like it was scratched in and   It would shoot as fast as an assault rifle. It will get a new drum as to fit the new sized chambers. When shooting you will no longer need worry about turning the drum for another chamber, because when shooting each bullet, each chamber will move once to the right, making the drum work like a giant revolver chamber. When shot the chambers would move so fast as to look like it were processing thousands of bullets.(I Know I'm Exaggerating) it's bullets would peirce through at least 2 zombies dealing massive damage. After finishing all the bullets in the drum chamber, instead of changing each individual chamber, you will remove the whole drum chamber throw it and put a new one in and you're ready to kill some zombies. If you were to go as far as to pack a punch a second time, it will take away the sights but make you dual wield two mini versions of the Reaper98K holding 40 bullets each and shooting like medium class speed smgs and their new names would be The Carolina Reapers(Cause they're small but pack a punch). It will also reduce damage a little but will reload quicker. They will reload the same and the chambers will act the same but instead of their bullets piercing through zombies they will cause direct damage damage as where the zombie absorbs the whole bullet staggering back kind of like a punch. But if the rumors are true about being able to actually pack a punch your weapon to make it better a second time in Black Ops III, I don't think many of you would like to go permenant as the smg version of of this weapon so how about if you pack a punch it a second time and you get a new more explosive weapon. This version would be called "The Grim Reaper", the 8 chambers would morph into 4 big chambers contains 3 explosive rounds each. They would get an acog like sight, but would now shoot  like a medium speed semi automatic rifle. This gun would reload the same as the other two, but Slower than the "Reaper98K". It would act like a straight shot grenade launcher that explodes on impact To ensure the zombies grim future. Well this one I came up with after seeing this picture. Who knows if they see my idea and like it enough to implement into the game maybe they'll find a way to put all the versions i came up with in it too. Thank you if you've taken time to read about my idea.


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    They're "targeting 30 fps" on last gen because they couldn't get the desired performance from the consoles at 60 fps.  Trying to port a game that pushes the capabilities of the current gen consoles was a bad idea to start with.

    Killzone: Shadowfall, a launch title, is still one of the best looking games on PS4, probably because (in part) most of the others are trying to maintain playability on last gen.

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    Still recruiting,, join up ready for black ops 3.

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  • 10/23/15--02:11: Re: Down Strumming Issue!
  • Hi looks like the dongle and the guitar are too far away of each other. maybee you have some interferences issues because of the emplacement of your game console (maybee if it is in a tv stand)


    generaly, when bluetooth accessories get issue you describe, that's because of battery or interferences, or both.


    try to get closer and change guitar battery, see if it works better

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  • 10/23/15--02:12: Re: Unlocking the Guitar
  • that's right, you have to use this black triangle to unlock the guitar

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  • 10/23/15--02:16: Re: Unlocking the Guitar
  • maybe to pu it away for example.. the guitar takes a huge space !

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  • 10/23/15--02:23: Black Ops 3 Season Pass
  • It looks like Charlie Intel have been busy and there are lots of news articles in regards to the Black Ops 3 Season Pass, all the articles are just in regards to the Xbox at the moment and apart from the links from Charlie Intel and the Xbox store, there is no official statement from Activision or Treyarch.

    Nothing has been confirmed about any of these in regards to Playstation.

    Black Ops 3 DLC will include re-imagined maps from World at War and Black Ops series | Charlie INTEL

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Season Pass won't be available for last-gen | Charlie INTEL

    Black Ops 3 Season Pass will include access to The Giant Zombies map | Charlie INTEL

    Call of Duty: Black Ops III - Season Pass


    COD Intel on Twitter: "Correction: It is yet to be Confirmed if DLC Packs will be available on #BO3 for Last-Gen separat…

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    I like to use the first two or three rounds to gauge how the game will play out and whether or not I should take it seriously or not. I always like to try to do it the "right" way, if there's such a thing, but I also try to remember it's a more laid back game mode for fun, so I try not to put myself through the whole getting worked up thing.


    I'll take a look at the pre-lobby leaderboards if I'm playing solo with randoms and that usually gives me a good idea of what to expect... then I adjust my attitude accordingly. It does suck getting stuck with trolls or people who don't know what they're doing, but I'm used to that in multiplayer anyway if the other three people in the lobby are "tryhards" like me I know I'm gonna have a fun game. If not, it may be more fun for other people as they do their thing and I try to do mine.

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