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    im on Playstation 4

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  • 10/21/15--02:22: Re: a coleta de produtos
  • Acho que este é um problema com o dispositivo que você está usando.

    O dispositivo e do sistema ? ( IPhone5, Samsung / Amazôn , Android, Win8 )

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    Nssg is a English speaking clan, looking for new blood to fill a B team in competitive play,as well as casual players to enjoy and rage at the game.

    15+ members mix of old and new male and female.


    what we can offer

    1. experienced fps players to game along side with.
    2. banter.
    3. player types from run and gun to map control.
    4. potatoes
    5. mixed group of players from around the world


    what were looking for

    1. 6 players to join and fill out a B team and reserves
    2. skilled players for competitive
    3. mature players who can have a laugh
    4. English speaking
    5. 16+ in age



    feel free to leave a reply or join us on facebook, or hit us up on ps4.





    ps4 tags





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    Haha yeah, if only we lived in a world where that was viable, hopefully soon !

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    I'm curious to know if any grand masters received the 10 AV supply drops that was advertised a month ago

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  • 10/22/15--00:05: Re: Speed up Alliance War.
  • At first, when AW was released, I whole heartedly would have agreed with you. But now after 2/3 months I'm happy with the times. Mainly because maintaining a 3 day war turn around, is perfect for recruiting and building up SP's.

    I know why you want to speed it up, as I did too, but now, I don't think battling ever 1 & 1/2 days as you suggested is sustainable for most/many alliances. (just my opinion)

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    I have been reading slot of threads with "I hope they don't have leader boards because people will lobby shop". Well that might be true but the pluses outweigh the negatives.


    A: Lobby leader boards spawn competitive behavior.


    B: People have something to talk about good or bad at least we might see more mics.


    C: I would much rather newbs back out befor the game starts then a group of 5 back out 90 seconds in. Then there's that one guy stays in the lobby for the next 8.5 minutes making my SPM go down


    Now I know not a lot of you agree but it worked for the first six games. (Mw-Bo2)


    Just my two cents

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    Hi , I'm grandmaster 4 on PS4.i become dont the 10 supply drops?why?

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  • 10/22/15--00:54: Suche BO2 Xbox 360 Team
  • Wie oben im Thread schon beschrieben steht, suche ich ein BO2 Team.

    Da ich mich aus der Professionellen Szene von csgo zurückgezogen habe, suche ich hier, wie schon erwähnt ein Konsole-Team.

    DAs Alter sollte von 25- sein..

    Addet mich einfach..



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  • 10/22/15--00:55: 10 supply drops
  • Hi , I'm grandmaster 4 on PS4.i become dont the 10 supply drops?why?

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    I'd really like to see some Reel Big Fish, or at least some Ska in here. I cant be the only one. Reel Big Fish has some great guitar works. I mean songs like I Dare You to Break My Heart, Trendy, Suckers, Party Down, and pretty much any of their songs. Just a suggestion but it would be solid to see them in the game.

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    How come when I'm playing whit my tablet in chapter 12 of the story closes al the time and suddenly the application?

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  • 10/22/15--01:38: Re: Down Strumming help?
  • Hi, got exactly the same, i'm on ps4



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    I'm with Pauly.  You're so wrong in so many ways.  Not sure if you're trolling or just clueless.  Not worth my time though.  I could prove you wrong all day but you'll never agree with me anyway.


    I will add that I do play domination and I'll still get more kills with a helo pilot than you, or anyone else, ever will with a squadmate.   Same with a Loki.  I get plenty with sentry guns too.   All I ever run is assault.  I'll take those 3 over a squad mate any day and I'll get more kills with them too.  I also run the trinity rocket.  It's also good for a couple kills at least.  I mean just that comment alone.  That Support is better.  What?  I mean maybe if you can't stay alive long enough to earn an assault streak it's better...squad mates are nothing more than another body to kill.   Heck the only streak I hate is the dog.  I don't get it.  Enemy dogs will hunt me across a map and mine just watches me die.  Can't rely on him for nothing.  I don't remember what the other assault streaks are though aside from the ones I mentioned.  I quit playing for like 7 months and just started back a few weeks ago.  I never bothered changing anything in my classes. Just left them as they were when I stopped.  I'll have to go look the rest of the assault streaks up.  But yeah, I don't think they are better.  I know they are. The ones I mentioned at least.

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    If they show stats I hope they show all the stats relevant to the game mode and achieved in that game mode only.  I'd like to know who achieved their 12 K/D by carefully avoiding any objective whatsoever.  They're the ones I don't want on my team.  W/L is more important than K/D to me.


    I'm more interested in doing what I can to help the team win the game.  If that means dying sometimes while trying to capture an objective, so be it. 


    Frankly, I've moved beyond the need to impress others.  If that's your motivation for showing stats I'm not the audience you're looking for.

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    Yes and yesyes.  Best hope is an option to disable DLC like past ones. 

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    You need my Gamertag or Something ?

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    I don't know if reverse boosting works but I know 2 things.

    1) Matchmaking has so many variables that to figure out the one thing that's most important is hard to say the least.  Keep in mind that 2 things happening doesn't mean the first caused the second.  Be careful of people seeing what they want to see.

    2) It's f-ing annoying to be in the match when somebody is doing it with grenades.  Not only are you down a teammate, all you can hear is grenades every ten seconds.

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    If we get pre-lobby leaderboards (because there's nothing wrong with showing off rank IMO), I'd like to see two stats in particular; SPM for that mode, and then one that pertains to the mode itself.


    For example in KC, I'd like to see average tags collected, or at least confirmed tags. For Dom and Hardpoint that would be average captures and defends, and time spent on the "hill" for the latter. For TDM I'd like to see average kills, rather than having to go into the seperate "Kills" leaderboard since that's not relevant to a specific mode.


    KD is fine for TDM and FFA leaderboards. I'd like to be able to see who has to go 4-0 in a typical match for their supposed 4KD, and who can go 40-10. I suppose you could say I lobby shop when it comes to avoiding those games involving people who hide in the corner of a building at the back of a large map flanked by equipment, so that after a full 10 minutes the score goes to something like 40-37. I'd rather just not bore myself fortunately that wasn't common in AW though.

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