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    Looking forward to BO3. I thought the beta was awesome. I really like AW and I really really liked Ghosts. So there's no pent up energy. I imagine if I didn't play CoD for a couple years it would be hard to hold back my excitement. To be honest... I've been playing CoD so steadily since CoD4... I've become a bit numb.


    I'm interested in BO3's co-op campaign, zombies storyline, and easter eggs. Also excited for Hitman, Ghost Recon, The Division, maybe Battlefront and Tomb Raider. It should be a good year.

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  • 09/19/15--14:54: Mystic Clan recruitment PS3
  • Hello everyone, I'm the leader of the mystic clan, MysticRug, I recruiting players cause I just started the Clan , im look forward on a make The clan a competitive clan, if you wanna tryout just fill it the registration form and if I approve  I'll add you , any question just Kik me at MysticRug.



    Position applying for
    Name (First):



    Why you would like to join:


    Mic/Headset (Prefered):

    What would you bring to this clan:

    Skill Rate: 1-10 (Honest):

    Are you active?:

    Can you be trusted and not ditch the clan?:

    What would your name be if your accepted?:

    Extra Info:

    Thankyou and good luck.

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    Exactly I am super excited. Although I had no issues with the specialist weapons and abilities to be honest. I didn't really get killed often by the specialists. I did enjoy however shutting down people who had them. I felt like they were going to be Op as well but after playing with them and against them. I kinda enjoyed them.

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  • 09/19/15--14:55: Re: DrEam clan recruiting
  • Bump

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    I can not connect to any online game

    adance warfare call of duty, it takes a long time to find a game but ultimately not getting it.

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    My alliance was match today with the number 91 of the alltime alliance war ranking. This will be the secound week whitch ended with a slaughter of my alliance in the alliance war. Please fix the matching Tool. What ever the matching process find to compare these alliances it was complete rubbish!!

    We fought 15 alliance Wars and only two matchings were fair!!!

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  • 09/20/15--13:01: exo zombies glitch?
  • someone please help me i wanna play exo zombies but it wont let me. whenever i try it says "additional content required". is this supposed to happen? please help a moderator or someone that knows whats happening.

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    oRLsx317o wrote:


    Yeah... my idea of fun doesn't slow the game down and affect everyone else negatively for my own gain though.

    That is hilarious that you think you speak for "everybody else"


    oRLsx317o wrote:


    CoD sales keep dropping because of my mindset, yet Ghosts is the deadest recent CoD out there even though it's not yet been out for two years? Coincidence?

    You want to talk about "deadest" COD? AW sales werent even close to Ghosts. BO2 had more people online within months of AW being out.


    BO3 sales are going to be larger than AW total sales by christmas .... if that even. BO3 total sales are going to dwarf AW.


    If the majority have fun ... more people buy the game. Make it harder for the majority to have fun ... you get sales numbers like AW, with a 2 year older game (BO2) with more people online.

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    Call of duty is call of duty. players who aren't that great will buy the game either way. IMO. Catering to the worst players will make your game worse....



    Cater the players that do well and the game will do well. Issue is not how the world is. Bad players want things handed or the game made easier, without fully understand exactly how the game works. As I said, look at World of Warcraft, Burning crusade was fantastic... After that WotLK was okay. Then it went down hill towards the end of WoTLK so now the game has been dumbed down so much that people are bored and tired of things getting handed to them. Granted two different games but same concept. I think that if the game is made less challenging you will lose sales regardless.

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    Looking for 1 patient player that knows what to do and at least have a mic to communicate with us tomorrow at 8 AM (pacific time zone) psn username: rest_in_peace908

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  • 09/20/15--13:18: Re: Serious server issues.
  • Never because nobody give a f.. About us

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    I want to join I am good at trick shooting and quick scooping I am 13 my gamer tag is gameslayer32

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  • 09/20/15--14:10: Juggernauts
  • In PvP battle 3 of my Juggernauts turned against ghost and killed him, why?

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    Yeah... my idea of fun doesn't slow the game down and affect everyone else negatively for my own gain though.

    "That is hilarious that you think you speak for "everybody else""


    Did I say I think I speak for everyone? No, I said my idea of fun doesn't affect everyone else negatively. It's right there, above... look ^^^^


    Plus considering they're only on last gen consoles, it's safe to say MW3 and BO1 are more popular than Ghosts. We can only speculate about AW numbers; I don't find many games, but if I switch over to an account I used for supply drop frequency testing I suddenly find lots of games. Considering it's the current CoD, and that it even sold less than Ghosts did, there's no way AW can be considered dead compared to Ghosts.

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    Charity eSports™ was established to host Charity Tournaments for various Charitable Organizations throughout the year. To bring gamers and clans together to support real world causes.


    Today, Charity eSports™ is proud to announce the opening of our very first charitable tournament!


    In cooperation with Susan G. Komen, Charity eSports™ is hosting its first annual 4vs4, Single Elimination, Fight Like A Girl (FLAG) Charity Tournament!


    There is a $25.00 Registration Fee, which is paid through this link directly to Komen.


    The games currently being supported for this tournament are:


    • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (PC, PS4, & XB1)
    • Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (XB1)
    • Halo: The Master Chief Collection (XB1)

    The game types for this Tournament are:

    • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Capture The Flag)
    • Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (Blitz)
    • Halo: The Master Chief Collection (5 Flag, Capture The Flag)

    Teams interested in participating in the Tournament need to register here. The Tournament is tentatively scheduled for October 24, 2015 beginning at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. Sign ups will close October 21, 2015, all Registration Fees must be processed by that time.


    Charity eSports™ is looking for corporate sponsors for our Charity Tournaments. We are looking for monetary support, prize support, and advertising support. If you're company is interested in supporting a good cause, please visit this link and complete a Sponsorship/Affiliation Form.

    Help Wanted

    Charity eSports™ is looking for volunteers to assist in the day to day operation of our Community.The following positions are available:

    • Game Manager
    • Public Relations Director
    • Social Media Director
    • Event Staff
    • Public Relations Staff
    • Social Media Staff
    • Forum Moderators
    • Graphic Design Staff


    For details on these positions or to apply for one, please visit this link and select Staff Positions.


    If you have any questions concerning this announcement please visit our official website at CharityeSports.org

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    Also, sales mean nothing compared to current players. IW were coming off the back of major success with the MW series, and people had no clue what they were getting into before they bought. Imagine just how many people preordered or bought it on day one. I'm one of those people...


    Meanwhile there's barely anyone playing it, and that's not gonna change anytime soon with the amount of thermal M27 corner fairies that are STILL selfishly slowing the game down for their stats. Like I said, Ghosts is a "ghost town"... coincidence?

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    oRLsx317o wrote:


    Did I say I think I speak for everyone? No, I said my idea of fun doesn't affect everyone else negatively. It's right there, above... look ^^^^



    oRLsx317o wrote:


    Did I say I think I speak for everyone?

    You are definitely trying to.

    oRLsx317o wrote:


    It's right there, above... look ^^^^

    Maybe you should look.


    You saying .....

    oRLsx317o wrote:

    my idea of fun doesn't affect everyone else negatively

    ...... is saying that you speak for everyone and that it would affect them all negatively. That is totally absurd that you make that claim. You know how "everyone" will feel about it?



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    Hopefully this is something someone can assist with - my game is crashing constantly. Sometimes 2 minutes after loading the game, sometimes closer to 10. All of a sudden, the screen just freezes, and I have to end the task to restart the game. It is unplayable. The last 6 times I've loaded up multi-player, I haven't even gotten into a match before it freezes. Note that this is only in multi-player; single player seems unaffected.


    Some notes: I'm running windows 10, (upgraded from windows 8.1, never had issues on that platform), playing on a 2560x1440 display, running 3x GTX 980s. I would be very surprised if it is a graphics/driver issue, as I've made sure my drivers are all up to date, and my hardware is beyond capable of running the game. I have not noticed issues in other games.


    Any thoughts on how to fix? Is there a patch for this issue?

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    I had the same issue right now.

    I've joined a game and you could see all kind of strange menus (hacker) and each time i've respawned, i died  from a sniper head shot.

    now i'm in level 1 with no prestige.


    please advise!!!!!

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    PEBKAC - Please read what you're posting.

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