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    Medic, will also make one hell of a difference

    oh but no class is part of this equation. ugh....this is going to be tough.

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    Maybe I will try it with pistols only so I can run double class.

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    Well the double sp weekend flopped hard, wtf happened? Do you respect us as customers?  I dont see it one bit, ive turned in 3 tickets already about my wasted troop booster from over the weekend, you see i paid 1000 celerium to get all my airdrop crates one day, i got some pretty crappy stuff, but i wasn't upset because i recieved several training comp and mech boosters, so i sat on th, waited til the time was right, oh looky double sp weekend! So i used my 4 hr training booster for all my training comps, then came the reconnecting nightmare,  couldnt play a lick after some oiint fri evening,  so saturday i decided to use my singles [3 2hr and one 4 hr) along woth a 4 hour all mech booster [keep in mind these werebought with celly  or shall i say money]reconnecting problem was no better, so not only did we not get to take full advantage of our inventory items that were used, some vets lost alliance wars, some others wasted boosters like myself, and for everyone pvp was a risk. [God forbid u risked it and lost due to data error blah blah blah,


       So activision

      Im asking, did you take my money/celly and run?is it my/our problem now? Do you even intend to fix ur f up?or like in the past are you going to leave it on us and say f u?i wanna know what was wrong, we all do, i also would like a response and fair compensation to mine and everyones loss? U fumbled, not me, show me the money jerry

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    oRLsx317o wrote:

    Clearly. I've proved that people don't need OP weapons to do well, because skill will usually trump crutches shine through in the end. However you still seem to be missing the point. If an inferior player can win a gunfight (yes, even just one standalone gunfight) that he wasn't ready for first, or more accurate in, just because he has a superior weapon that we got randomly in a supply drop, there is an issue. No ifs, ands or buts.

    Because of the randomness in the variant drops, there is this illusion that what you get is what determines how good you are. It's only true up to a certain level of play. At some point it doesn't matter what gun you're using - it's how you use your brain that wins in the end. How you think is what overcomes this issue of the random supply drop.

    People forget the fact that another gun choice or overall strategy can beat the variant user, regardless of the variant user's skill.

    Any time we are killed, we are faced with the decision of trying again or trying something else.

    "Something else" could mean any number of things. It could mean trying different tactics, perks, lethals, tacticals, etc... all in addition to trying a different gun.

    What really makes a player better than another player is their ability to adjust to what another player is doing. We shouldn't judge a game based on losing one gunfight. We judge the game over the several gunfights that occurred and the tactics used leading up to them.

    If a player is truly better, then they will find a way to overcome the so-called overpowered variant over the course of the entire game.

    The inferior player keeps doing the same thing. The inferior player is often lazy and doesn't want to change their class. They will keep rushing out of their spawn only to be gunned down. They will not do things that make it harder for the other player to kill them. They will just keep doing the same thing and will likely keep getting the same result.




    Could this not all be solved if Sledgehammer would just give us a way to earn every weapon in the game? Then which weapon a player was using would be a complete matter of their own choice. If a player lost any gunfight, it would be the result of their choice and not some random variant mechanic.


    Then someone could say, "Sure, they beat me with an Bal-27 Obsidian Steed, but it's probably my fault for not having an ASM1 Speakeasy in that situation. I'm picking that class next..."

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    Problem with that is that with limited ammo it will be a lot harder, without pistols only you can have 2 primary weapons and pistols, so ammo will never be a problem, especially when you max it out, you will only need to throw ammo once per hive, leaving plenty of money for armor and electric traps


    But at the end of the days, you will have to go with what you feel comfortable using

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    I usually run pistols only and limited ammo and with CSA I seem to do fine, but on the other hand, I was counting on my vulture to get a lot of my kills. Kind of a catch 22 there. I will give it a go trying both methods since I am not grinding teeth anymore

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    Yeah it's happen to me a couple of times when playing BO2. I have no idea what was up with aim assist in that game... it used to aimbot people through walls


    But even then I've only noticed it when I'm already adjusting my aim. Those odd moments are what sent me out in search of facts on aim assist and how it really works, because I used to think multiplayer's aim assist was somehow similar to the single player "left trigger aimbot" lol


    I don't recall it ever happening while I was stood still and not moving my right stick ("hardscoping" at long range, for example), even if someone suddenly ran across my path up close.

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    I ran everything but No Class and EYK. I used Medic and Tank. Too hard to kill Cryptids and keep them off the drill though, that's why the score was so low. A lot of repairs, I only missed the Leper challenge. I had Zero Downs though and it was a platinum escape since Medic pretty much negated SYG.

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    Where are you based?

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  • 09/15/15--12:53: Re: Dissapointed and angry
  • good luck with that. Tough field to get in to.

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    Drill protection is hard when you only have pistols, that is why I suggested running without using EYK and no pistols, with 2 primary weapons it is so much easier

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    Yes, it is. Especially because you can tweak and fine-tune it. It doesn't snap on the way an aim-bot does though. The crosshair smoothly enters the hitbox spectrum when close enough and practically sticks to the target throughout movement - even explosive exo-jumps. Combine that to the precision of a mouse and you have a non detectable cheat.


    It's disgusting.

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  • 09/15/15--13:02: Re: COD AW NO PLAYERS!
  • I'm in us and same problem for days now!  I'm on ps3.  PlayStation says Activision servers.  Help Activision

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    I'm down I have a ps3 with a mic and I'm also in the EST. I can play most nights after 5pm and all day on weekends if I'm not busy. Add me LordOfDaZombiez on PSN. I've done all the eastereggs but I want to redo them for my second account.

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    Now I'm loosing more resources than I can possibly loot. I'm getting attacked at least 2-3 times per hour can't even refill my hangars or bunkers or ask for support from my alliance in time.....this really bad and I think I'm done

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    Okay... Put some time in on doing the no attach challenge/gold cammo this morning... lol... Cleared out 200 kills easy... It's fun as hell to use now... What's more fun is finding the other XMG users on the other team and having long distance, high flying straight up crazy shoot-outs... I loved it!!!

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    The problem with that is I would have to sacrifice No Class.

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    I know, but you used to say that about smaller wallet and now you get by without it, give it a go, I think you will get on well with it

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    Some days i can tolerate them but other days i just find them obstructive.


    Even though the HBRa3 insanity is the most OP gun in AW, i had to switch over to my beloved STG44 royalty for some cleaner ironsights. I actually ended up performing better (even though the STG44 is statistically inferior).


    What do you think?

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    LOL. That is true. But that changed with CSA. I will still give it a shot though.

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