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    MMan it is really hard to have a conversation with you.


    I Never said anything about relaxingend video. I said that if I were to take your theory into account that if you are to let your profile go totally dead, zero playtime for months, and then come back and play a single game for less than 4 hours you would not be able to rank from the Bowie knife to shotgun. But the thing is, you can.

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    UPDATED - 9/8/15

    I'm on 360 if you're wondering

    All SMG'S

    All Assault Rifles (Including AE4)

    All Shotguns

    All Heavy Guns (Including OHM)

    All Sniper Rifles



    Working on: Crossbow

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    Chicom CQB

    Atlas Sword to appear in Exo Zombies (Cut content from AW) I want to see it show up in the game

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    It was a work of art I tell yah.  He drew out all my support troops and lured them into a corner.  He then deployed snipers to hit targets all the time drawing and luring my support while taking advantage of the gaps.  He took about half of what I had to steel and earned whatever loot her got. 


    Truth be told I don’t mind an attack like that.   It’s either that or cluster your vaults and have someone drop airstrikes and drones on them.  You can’t win but burning 8 or 10 drone strikes for loot is nuts.

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    Tiex1958 wrote:


    Yah you are right. I never camped up on the roof. I don't have the patients for camping. I Doubt they were good players... Good players would of removed you from that spot with ez even if you camped there forever.  Yeah my Win to loss ratio does matter it means I play to win I am a good player simple as that. You didn't outplay anyone you camped on top of a roof. Gratz. You did well with camping. I don't know **** about traditional sniping? I think you would have to have played zero FPS shooters and never watched a war film in order to not know anything about Traditional sniping. I do know what it was like in CoD4 it was easily my favourite CoD of all time. That being said you were a camper. I lost quite a bit of respect there for you. U cannot avoid a well Cooked nad  you just can't if you don't know its coming. I may not have more CoD hours in the series now since I barely played AW and Ghosts because those two were the worst. But I am 99% sure I have more in CoD4/WaW/MW2/BO1/BO2/. All of them I Snipe in, out of all of them WaW was the only 1 that actually had maps big enough for sniping traditionally and staying on the move around the outside of the map.

    Sniping is where you are supposed to stay in 1 spot to kill targets from a distance and every now and then move your position to avoid getting caught and that is what i did. Was it camping? Uh yea cuz that is what snipers do dipsh*t. And that is how traditional sniping works.


    I dont give a sh*t if you have ANY respect or NO respect for me. Its clear i dont respect you and your holier than thou mentality when you think YOUR way is the ONLY way and everyone else is wrong.


    No you dont "snipe" you QS, there is a difference.


    And you are completely wrong about W@W being the "only" game to have maps worth sniping on. COD4 had Crash, Crossfire, Strike, Backlot, Wetwork, Overgrown, Bog and Ambush. MW2 had Quarry, Wasteland, Afghan, Derail and Invasion. MW3 had Bakaara, Downturn, Village and Mission. Black Ops 2 had Aftermath, Cargo, Carrier, Drone, Standoff and Turbine. Ghosts had Freight, Whiteout, Stormfront, Warhawk, Overlord and Stonehaven. And all that is not even including any of the DLC maps. And just because some maps are not what you deem "big enough" doesnt mean anything either since the sniper rifles were changed to operate on those maps regardless.

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    new dlc advanced warfare reckoning, exo zombies easter egg done, final clan wars battle royale september 27th, apply today and join a winning clan, apply on app!

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    North American PS4 Players only please!!

    This is strictly because of the issue with time zone play...


    We are KhaotiK Gaming (KkG), a level 25 PS4 clan that has been around since MW3..


    Here is the bottom line..

    Do you plan to pre-purchase BO3?

    Do you just want people to play with so you can get out of "rooms full of randoms"?

    Do you want a chance to play with an established clan and join our family?

    Are you tired of the clan you are in and just want to try something new?


    Then Apply Today...

    Become part of our family, have some fun and help us move/build to BO3!




    Sponsored by: Cinch Gaming, No Scope Glasses and Wolf Gripz

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    I figured nuts to it, you only live once gone and ordered PS4 along with The Order 1886 and The Last Of Us, along with a bit of Ghost on PS3 to keep my cod urges in check (managed to reach my goal on AW and get to original MP or prestige 16 depending how you look at it, time for AW to be put to bed), figured that will keep me amused until BO3 comes out.


    Thanks for your help guys.

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    That link is an interesting read. It was mostly referring to EZ before the pause feature was implemented and not really about the legitimacy of zombierecords.net or zombielegends.net though. From what I gathered reading all 51 posts, the high round community is rather toxic and it's best not to even get involved in that whole fiasco. The way I see it you have 5 options for leaderboards.


    1) you can use the leaderboards in game where glitching/modding is completely acceptable and you will get ranked using them or not. 2) you can use zombierecords.net where moderators review your content to make sure your record abides by their rules before they post it. 3) you can use zombielegends.net which is pretty much the same exact same thing with a slightly different rule set for placing on the leaderboards. 4) You can join a clan or forum with their own community leaderboards and forget about trying to set a WR. 5) You can make your own leaderboard up with your own set of rules stating exactly what you think is acceptable/not acceptable for a high round run and use that.


    Of those options I personally use 2 & 4 respectively. From what I've read there is a difference of opinion as to what kind of pee break glitches are ok/not ok to use and Treyarch has not made any kind of Official statement on the matter nor have they fixed their leaderboards so what actually constitutes a WR is up for debate. If they were to have an MLG competition for zombies (Which would be illogical since you can't really have an MLG competition against AI) would they allow for multiplayer pausing between rounds and if so would this be considered a glitch? Or would they turn it into a competition to see who can go the longest without using the restroom? Would use of adult diapers be allowed or would that be considered cheating?


    This would only be an issue in EZ anyway since you can hold zombies behind windows or train them for longer than 45 seconds in 3arc zombies. Regardless I hope in BO3 they fix the leaderboards so this will all be a non-issue and I really hope they integrate some sort of coop pause feature so that breaks to the restroom or to stretch/rest your eyes will no be so annoying to accommodate for seeing as how the mode lends itself to being extremely long for experienced players.


    I really liked the idea I read about them adding a bathroom into the game where a player could go afk safely while the game was still going for a few min. Stay in there too long and you get ejected like you do in the robot heads in Origins only the timer lasts 2-5 min instead of 10 seconds. Also to prevent exploiting the room, if all your teammates die while you are in there the game will automatically end so you aren't able to exploit it and clutch your way through the round.

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    boybad wrote:

    Call of Duty Zombies Forum

    You may want to read this before claiming that the site is legit.

    I suppose neither you or I can make the call on what is or is not legit. There is a difference of opinion on that matter within the community so the only people who can actually make that call are the developers of the game and AFAIK they ain't talkin'.

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  • 09/09/15--09:37: Re: EE (Worth) Bo3
  • I'm sorry I didn't follow. Could you restate the question in other words? I'll do my best to answer honestly once I understand the question.

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    First off, Pamaj has pointed out that it's hard to get solid games in on BO3 with a Sniper Rifle, so can't really say no Pro Players haven't said anything. Second of all, you CLEARLY haven't looked at Sniper Rifles in BO3, since if you had, you would know that there is no such thing as a quickdraw attachment for Sniper Rifles. This is how silly this conversation has gotten, we have non-Snipers so adamant that Sniper Rifles are PERFECT, yet most of you people on here defending your position to the death have no clue, you just went into the beta, realized Snipers were pretty crappy and thought to yourself "GOOD!!" If this game was based entirely on a horizontal playing field, where all targets were moving like in the CoD days of old, I'd be pretty hard pressed to argue against the current Sniping model in BO3. But this is a very fast paced game, with wall running, jumping, specialist abilities that effect movement, ect. It makes no sense to say when the games were entirely land based, with a predominantly horizontal combat field, that Snipers were strong, then as soon as it becomes a game where you have to aim horizontally as well as vertically, the Snipers are weak.

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  • 09/09/15--10:04: Re: All , or not at all ?
  • I've thought the whole system was crap from the beginning.  Remember the posts back then...it's not like you can buy supply drops.  Everyone gets one at exactly 45 minutes or certain acheivements so everyone gets basically the same amount, none of the varients are better than others...and even then the base varient is all you should need and you don't even have that now.


    The system is now so polluted that I've about given up on a Bal elite or any of the new weapons.  I finally got a Speakeasy and Insanity and let's just say when the worst of my lag magically left a few months ago....it was a totally different experience....placebo, nah.


    My largest accomplishment in AW is my Joker mask.  I would say it was luck too, but at least it was something I grinded for and knew how to obtain it.

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    sadly it's your Xbox 360 that's betraying you, not Treyarch. The games are far more demanding now, and I'm impressed that they'll even be able to get BO3 onto the Xbox 360 in the limited form that it will be to be honest. I'd imagine this will be one of the last, if not the last CoD, on Xbox 360.

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    I tried an 8 relic run last night on POC and couldn't make it past the 2nd Barrier Hive. My first mistake was trying Earn Your Keep. With Limited Ammo, I could only get 40 bullets in my magnum at a time...ugh

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    It does seem that way. I'm not sure if it's just my perception or if it's true. Around the time they released the AK47, STG44, and Blunderbuss, it felt like I was getting more reinforcements than ever before.

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    This was the first SlipKnot song I ever heard.  I was kind of hooked after this: Slipknot - (Sic) (Audio) - YouTube

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    With every little piece of Barbie gear they add in, the chance to get any other certain item goes down.  The odds get worse and worse as the game goes on.  The fact that I have the same chance to get a Hole Puncher or Nigerian knee pads is ridiculous.

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    I'm still waiting for some Mk love

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    I think quickdraw was discussed as an attachment early, but rapid fire is new.  With rapid fire affecting accuracy, this negative could have an impact, but did not see exactly how it was implemented other than you can reload a bolt action quicker.

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