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    I Agree don't buy ASD. Why gamble your money without knowing the odds!

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    What is gen 2 strat is there where you go through the tank and back around or you talking about the tank glitch? I obviously don't know it.


    However, what about this strategy?  This is the way to do it and it will work with two players talking, one at church and one at the tank station, but much harder to do at the tank station with the robot and mud.

    Origins New Tank Strategy for High Rounds // Black Ops 2 Zombies Apocalypse - YouTube

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    I Think another great idea would be to increase the size of the map. As they add more buildings and  sure eventually increase Command Center to Level 11 the map is starting to look cluttered. Eventually the only place to deploy a troop will be the outside of the base. So increasing the base size would be a good idea.


    Another idea would be to have an option in the Vault to purchase a name color change for celerium. Say change your name to a color for 25 celerium each week and have an option to change alliance name color for say a month at 500 Celerium. This will help created awareness for alliances and players. Increase virtual currency sales.


    ANother idea is to give players the option to battle each other for no rewards of course. But say for example there's a challenge  between two players in Vet chat they can settle it with the option to battle each other. Maybe have a leaderboard for the best and a monthly reward for the top players. But the batte would give no rewards just battle. It's also a good way for alliances to practice with one another in preparation for wars and to just get better.

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  • 09/07/15--10:47: Re: COD AW problem
  • Howdy there Rinkk2000!


    We do apologize but could you type out your question in English? We want to assist you but we want to make sure we understand you 100%!


    If it involves a connection issue, do you have a wired or wireless connection?


    Please let us know!


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    Wow. I posted a link to codes video and the only post in this thread that was deleted was that post. All trolling and masked swearing has been allowed to stay. What a joke.

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    Yes. Although really that's the opposite of what you want to do.


    DMZ should only be considered if your router is incapable of opening the appropriate ports by itself.

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    IF that is true then explain why you can rank up after letting your profile go unused for months with just one game less than 4 hours of play time? Thought there is a game play threshold? or is it that you're wrong about it.

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    EST. Why? You have no friends of your own so you need to reach out to people you know absolutely zero about?

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    I Think he's searching for his last chromosome.

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    LLink removed again lol.

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    I don't see the problem w/ attacking with a lot of snipers. That's part of the game .

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    You know there is a play time threshold because THERELAXINGEND's video PROVES it!


    In fact, watch his video and add the times up and you will see WHERE I get my times from and you will see the pattern in the times.

    {1 hour, 5 hour, 10 hours, 15 hours.  Kinda strange huh...that sure looks like a pattern and all you have to do is watch his video with a calculator next to you.}  Watch it for yourself and do the math.  Road to 0 Kills Shotgun Rank! #1 - Black Ops 2 Zombies How to Rank Up - Die Rise - YouTube


    Wow...you loose.

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    I think an electronic signal jammer would be a great asset and could help counter these 5,000 skill point attacks by ghost and wallcroft.


    Create a simple aerial antenna structure, 2x2 in grid size. The purpose of this building would be to create signal interference that would cause overhead cameras to not work properly. The gunship and predator missiles would have their screens filled with an effect of being under waves in water. This would cause severe inaccuracy.


    This building could be attacked and destroyed, or disabled with EMP artillery to clear up the interference and allow for accurate shots.


    I would say command center level 8 you get one tower and it distorts and area of 6x6. Upgrades at 9/10 allow for distance increase to an 8x8 area. At CC 10 you get a second antenna tower.


    This structure has ZERO attack capabilities. All it does is cause signal interference so an attacker must disable or destroy it before raining down gunships and predators. Again, the player CAN choose to still operate these items but the screen will be distorted and effect accuracy.

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  • 09/08/15--09:50: Re: www.raininganarchy.com
  • Raining Anarchy has cleared out some players have stopped playing. We have openings for anyone with a communication center level of 4 and higher.


    All we ask is that you participate in Alliance Wars and use all of your battles.



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    Definitely  not a bad idea, diubtful sonce sp costs cash or hrs farming, i think ghosts gunship along with price choppa should be subject to anti air defences and be given hp so they may be taken iut by our bases, not necessarily,  but may, as in wed have a chance, to counter wally a missle detection system with an odds based level setup that could possibly prevent a pred from impact would be a way to give you a chance to save ur depots or sams. Again not a guarantee just a chance to defend against sp burners,  for example my lvl 4 missle detection system would have a high probabilityof preventing a level 4 pred,  less chance vs a lvl 5. But still a chance, idk, likely to never happen but if we spitball we can come up with ideas of true merit

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    I would have played AW more last month if they gave me the STG-44 and Blunderbuss by default instead of dangling the idea of playing to hopefully receive something. It should have been handled like the M1-Irons and the base weapon should have been offered to everyone. Instead SHGames and ATVI want you to buy ASD's or continue playing with no guarantee of getting the guns you want.


    It could have been handled better.... in my opinion.

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    Double barrel shotgun....1870-like.


    MK14 from past titles.  Cannot tell you how pissed I was with this gun's performance in Advanced Warfare.

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    Can i join as a sub? I dont have a mic atm

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