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  • 09/06/15--10:08: Re: PS3 EE
  • Hey I'm down too.my psn name is bry407.add me

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    HAving tryouts for my clan acolyte, you must have Skype or a mic so I can explain to you!! Beat me you get admin abilities and if you le by more than 5 kills you Won't join,QUICK add XxIbRaHiMoViCxX- and have your chance of being in a badass bo2 clan, already have a member and am trying out people as we speak!!!!

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    Okay, apparently you didn't read the article, just the headline.


    The Xbox One version AND the PS4 versions both operate at 60fps, not 30 (there was nothing in the article that suggested otherwise except a drop to 50 during intense action moments where a lot of explosions and such are happening, which isn't noticeable). Also, the One versions could be put to 1080, but the framerate continued to tank while it was.. meaning the hardware either wasn't fully capable of running 1080 without a dip in framerate, or Direct X 11 can't operate properly on the One's hardware.. which is unfortunate. There is little resolution difference between 920p and 1080p, only a very trained eye would even notice the slight transferral... if you don't know what I'm talking about, then you aren't one of those people and would see ZERO difference between the two, so stop determining your gaming based on resolution thresholds, that's as mental as it was in the bit war era... pathetic.


    And do you see how stupid this whole thread looks when you put the post as the subject line? That right there takes away ALL credibility that anything within will both a) make sense and b) be written by a credible person... lol0e2d56f6596ea881b4fdf6d0258e50d27283cd5b09859d87a397dde98f3fbe32.jpg

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    Hey guys currently we only have a couple members and we would really like a few more, no matter what gun you use or whatever game mode you play this clan is available for anyone, just message me on black ops 2 my user name is horizxns23 and we can get you started in the best clan! What you waiting for? Join us now!

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    Clearly we disagree on what even a noob is. I encourage you to make a thread about the definition of noobs and offer your own.


    Please include why you spell it as you do.

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    Sorry to hijack the thread. I'm done now.

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    message MGNxxxMEATIUSxx to be recruited btw that's my gt     MGN.  LLM

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    As for your Standard Reply & trying to Blame peoples Game consol's, this is shear stupidity. Everything was fine until I downloaded and installed Reckoning on my PS4. As I bought this add on from Activision, it is your responsibility to ensure it is working correctly.


    Every other Game works fine,  It is just COD AW since Your add on.My Connection & console  are both Excellent 



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    Hey there StabbiMctavish!


    Have you tried using a different browser to unlink your account? You can also clear your cookies & cache for the current browser with Ctrl+Shift+Delete. Refer to this link! Activision Support


    You can also try using a different email for your Callofduty.com account!


    Let us know if this helps!


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    Play two hours straight without connecting to the Seattle server. 2015-09-07-12-34-39-1425673398.jpeg

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    i have PS3

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    Not to sound rude, but it was not a standard reply. The answer I gave was to try and clarify exactly what the problem is, so that other community members, like myself, can try to offer assistance to fix your issue. I'm sorry if you feel that is not the case and hope you resolve your issues.

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    Tiex1958 wrote:


    Yeah, doubt you did really well. Also prolly didn't QS. Soo.... Ofc someone who doesn't use them full time thinks they are okay. But once again you aren't that good with them. Soooo.....

    Actually i did use them in quite a few matches. I didnt QS obviously because i wanted to see how they were when used CORRECTLY and i thought they were just fine ADS. Of course, i found the bolt action worth using more since it had more power and damage, which is odd for me since i usually gravitate toward the semi-autos. The only time i ever really used the bolt actions was in COD4 when i was grinding through the masteries. But they were fine to me since i use them to actually snipe.

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    Manam taidesh mikonam:)

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  • 09/07/15--10:11: Re: Alliance level
  • Please somebody answer me

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    Im in no way head over heels with AWful, or am I with BO3. I'm just unhappy with the direction CoD is going. Season pass is watered down. Pre orders means nothing. I have lost the desire to have the latest CoD. Thanks to Ghost


    im no SGH troll, I hate yes , hate the fact I have to get lucky to get a weapon that I want. Disco, clown, boxing gear is just plain silly if you ask me.

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    Ok sorry about that.  You ask because you think you need my help? Everything is in your player channel at this point, and, yes, it is not really easy to publish that information at this point or to help someone very easily once they are over the kill/death.


    Just stay on it man.  Play every day.  Don't go down.  It will happen before you know it.  If you do go down, try and play a one or two high round games in solo set on EASY that will average that game up.


    So, say you mistaken go down at round 10, then play a game to 36 without going down, or play two games to round 26 without going down to fix it in your player channel.  You can also wait a week, and that game will "fall off" your player channel.

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    Demolition Man - Win 500 Demolition matches ( i hope people get the reference, if not you may be too young to play this game lol)


    Boomstick - Get 100 kills with a pump-action shotgun


    G.L.U.E. - Grenade Launchers Unyielding Explosions - Get 500 kills with the under mount grenade launcher

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  • 09/07/15--10:33: Re: Spawn Trapping on AW
  • If it was unethical, players would be getting banned for spawn trapping, but they are not.  Players get banned for "spawn killing" all the time.  2 totally different situations.


    If you can't get out of a spawn trap in AW then there is some serious problem with your gameplay.


    Spawn trapping has been and is a legit tactic in any COD.  Its opposing dominance on the other team.

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    They didn't sell ASD in the beginning of the game life span. They waited until a few months then they started it. it would have killed sales if this was in at the beginning of the game. I wonder what surprise BO3 will spring out!

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