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    i just got a message im permanently banned form call of duty aw what can i do to get this back or can i talk to someone about this this is missed up not even giving a reason for the ban

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    Hello, I did not received any beta code in a mail, so, I can't redeem my beta code because I don't know it, by the way, I pre ordered call of duty black ops III on steam

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    hi das dlc havok umfasst nur die map outbrake du brauchst alle 4 dlc´s um alle maps zu bekommen ascandance ist die map burgertown supermancy ist carier un das neu ich die neue map ich kenn den Name gerade nicht

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    The Sound Check- Introduce yourself

    Hi guys, it’s Stevie from FreeStyleGames, welcome to your Sound Check,

    What’s The Sound Check? It’s where you can introduce yourself to the rest of the Guitar Hero Community.

    Guitar Hero has an incredible community, spanning all the way back to 2005. In that time Heroes have been made, champions created, and a whole, whole lot of Guitar has been shredded. So how do we start fresh?  The trick is we don’t have to. With a whole new generation about to get their hands on Guitar Hero, and a whole lot of veterans about to rediscover it and become the mentors of those who join us in the halls of rock anew, we’ve got a lot of incredible gamers on our hands.

    So how to get to know everyone? Since there are loads of different ways to do this, I had a quick whiparound FreeStyleGames and we came up with a device that we think is the ultimate way of not only remembering the awesome history of the Guitar Hero, but bringing new players into the fold:

    The below is the tried and tested “Guitar Hero Live Sound Check” Fill it in, and have some fun (no personal information, safety first peeps). At the end of the day, it’s all about the music, and it’s all about you.

    The Sound Check-


    Your forum name, not real name. We’ll also take “Fake awesome rock name.”

    Guitar Hero Games owned:

    List ‘em

    Favorite Guitar Hero Game and why (we’ll also accept DJ Hero):

    What song was number one the week you were born?

    Name of song, author, year

    Do you like it?

    Yes or no

    What Song do you wish was number one on the day you were born?

    You can name the song and go into why.

    If you had a band, what would it be called?

    Bandname, reason.

    If you quit the band, what would be the reason?

    Can make this as funny or as serious as you like

    Tell us about your Guitar Hero history in your own words:

    What are you most looking forward to about Guitar Hero Live?


    So that’s The Sound Check.

    Oh and in case you thought I was going to wuss out of it, here’s my Sound Check-


    FreeStyleStevie, AKA StevieSG, Stevie, Stevils.

    Guitar Hero Games Owned:

    All of them. Well, we have all of them at FreeStyleGames, so now they are mine by proxy. ¬¬

    Favorite Guitar Hero Game and why (we’ll also accept DJ Hero):

    Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. Because “Lav-in-an-ela-vata!”

    What song was number one the week you were born?

    Footloose, Kenny Loggins, 1984.

    Do you like it?

    Not being funny, but Footloose is probably one of the best songs ever. I mean, I know in the ‘rock hall of fame’ it may not rate that highly, but I guarantee you even the most hardcore metal fan has a hard time not dancing to footloose at a wedding. It’s Footloose. If you don’t dance to Footloose, you’re like the bad guys in that movie.

    What song do you wish was number one on the day you were born?

    Footloose. For the reasons supplied above. Everybody. Cut. Loose.

    If you had a band, what would it be called?

    Stevie and the Jagerbombs.

    If you quit the band, what would be the reason?

    Probably in-band romance

    Tell us about your Guitar Hero history in your own words:

    Played the games, loved the games, now I get to talk about the games all the time. It’s awesome.

    What are you looking forward to the most about Guitar Hero Live?

    Honestly? Talking to all of you.

    So that’s it from me, over to you,



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    I don't recall but I think they "patched" it on the 360 to make it harder to get Diamond on it, I could be wrong but I'll try again.

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    I know but I like doing the challenges for the Shield it was fun got all 500+ kills all attachments it was a tough ride.

    But thank you for the pointers I will try to see if it helps.

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    Playing with people today! Get your application in.

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  • 09/04/15--17:00: [PS3] [BO2] Join UNSC today!
  • UNSC Recruiting!

    must be active 3 times a week at least

    must be level 5 to join

    no microphone necessary

    no K/D ratio requirement(s)


    if you would like to join

    plz contact me

    and send me a friend request on your Playstation


    member count status: 2

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    "Besides, it was even stated by Robert Bowling before MW3 came out that less than 1% of the actual QS community is even good at QS"

    Wut did he invite the entire "QS community" to a massive private game where he evaluated everyone based on what he classed as being "good at QS"? Omg this forum

    "Difference between the sh*tty QS and the "normal weapon" users is this, at least the normal weapon users TRY to help and get better for the team"

    What, you've never encountered a) bad "normal weapon users", b) campers ignoring the objective for KD or c) trolls? Right.

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    Hey guys, I'm currently looking for a great clan to join and play with in black ops 2 for PS3.


    My name is Chelsea I'm 20 and I'm from the UK, my current K/D is 1.01 (not the greatest I know) and I play 7-8+ hours a day.


    I have a working mic also, hit me up my user is horizxns23 and give me a message, thanks

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    If you are looking for a place to communicate to Activision/Treyarch without any response desired or required there was an anonymous Beta Feedback Survey.  It's now closed.


    If you still want to post your feelings but have no desire for a conversation, remember that a conversation requires two sides.  You could have just not responded and there would have been no conversation.  If you're truly interested in such, don't respond in this thread anymore.  If you do respond, we take that to mean you might want a convesation of some kind.


    Why do all the UCD_randomcharacter accounts seem like the same person?

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    Username: pRE83yeS



    CODs:BO1,BO2,and AW

    Can you change your name: I'd prefer not to

    What position do you play:Depends on what map

    Youtube: Not currently

    How active are you on your console? I'll be on for most of the week

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    My PSN is lewmfc2000 I'm interested in the clan

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    Das selbe Problem hab ich auf der PS3,  ich habe aber nur das DLC Ascendance. Seit dem neuen update gehen einige modis mehr (vor dem aktuellen update ging kein Modi) nur das komplette Hardcore Modi nicht was für mich sehr wichtig ist.

    Hab dies auch schon hier in einem thread geschrieben,

    bin mal gespannt ob auf diesen jemand antwortet.

    Kann ja nicht angehen das man etwas bezahlt aber nichts damit anfangen kann, und man auch keinen Support bekommt.

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    "If sniper rifle and LMG sprint out times are around 0.4 seconds, then ARs are probably about 0.3, and SMGs and Shotguns are probably about 0.2, which means that the Weevil SMG can fire 2.9 shots before the sniper is out of sprint.  Not enough to kill, but if the sniper does not begin to come out of sprint before the SMG does, the sniper will die."


    At least this seems like an encounter where both sides have an advantage and a disadvantage (SMG can fire first upon seeing each other but the QSer needs only one hit).  That would be better than what I've experienced in the past where I barely get to start ADSing before I'm dead upon seeing the QSer.


    This is sort of what I have said I support as to your choice of weapon matching your choice of playstyle mattering as a separate skillset from simply twitchy-point-and-shoot-first wins regardless of either players gun or chosen perks.

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    Hey there!


    Players searching for game in public matchmaking are broken down into different "pools" of players depending on the DLC maps they have installed. When searching for a game, you will only be matched into lobbies with players who own the same combination of DLC as you. Unfortunately, this means that only owning a specific DLC, or two, will place you into a matchmaking pool with fewer players.


    The 2 biggest pools of players, are those who own All DLC maps, and those who own none of the DLC maps. This support article goes into more detail on this topic. Activision Support


    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please let us know if you experience any other technical difficulties. ^AR

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  • 09/05/15--08:54: Re: Lag
  • I've had "no games found" at 7pm on PS4 TDM of all things many times in the last month. 3.27KD/490SPM. I even have a connection that lets me pull a 4 bar as far out as Canada on a good day (from England). In fact I was playing Ghosts KC with a couple of people from Quebec yesterday with barely any trouble.


    Encouraged my friend to lend me his account details so I could attempt to find a game; he has 1.03KD ans 267SPM. Booted up the game after signing in, hopped into the TDM playlist... 27/35 good games found. Lmfao.


    I have to go play Ghosts if I want to find games with solid connections, and there's never more than 10k people online. At least my stats don't stop me from playing the game there. Been having a lot of fun hunting KEMs in TDM to be honest, even despite the remaining "community" still selfishly slowing the game down and (ironically) hiding for KD.

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    Sadly enough, it's pointless features like that aimed at bringing more kids into the game. Why have solid gameplay when you can have brightly coloured uniforms, custom camos for your super advanced gun and more for people who aren't even old enough to play the game!

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    Oh well.  You seemed to be changing your tone a little.  I tried 2 more times than I probably would have.  I'll stop now and move on to other things as you are simply repeating yourself and not actually providing any source for most of your assertions.  When I was informed by , who has had good info in the past, that Ghosts had removed blackscoping, I acknowledged it.  You continue to believe that somehow, "bad players" got aim assist taken off of snipers and ignore anything that could dent that belief.


    The most basic response I can give you is this:  sniper rifles are not supposed to be CQC weapons and by design should not have any advantages over a weapon designed for CQC like ARs, SMGs, shotguns, or even pistols other than maybe the ability to OHK.  The OHK is a "maybe" because some of the designed-for-CQC weapons will do so at close enough range, especially shotguns.  The difference is that the CQC weapons with OHK can't do so from across the map too.


    Have fun playing BO3 or BO2 or whatever you decide to play this November.  There are many choices out there.  I'll be playing as much Battlefront as BO3 and enjoying that most guns will not only not have scopes but won't even have ironsights.  Apparently Battlefront will be more "realistic" to the Star Wars Universe weapons than CoD is to actual existing weapons and the differences between them.


    Goodbye now.

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    im interested I just never prestige. my psn is gabinator11

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