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  • 08/28/15--07:08: Re: My Analysis on the Game
  • Is anyone else having issues with being "flank spawned"? Seems like I spawn and literally 3 steps later someone comes from behind and kills me. I know CoD has had issues with the spawning but is it the map layouts? I don't know why they'd spawn you knowing that someone was flanking around the map facing away from them with zero chance of defending yourself. This is happening to me in DOM and Hardpoint.


    Anyone else?

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    http://portforward.com/english/applications/port_forwarding/publishers/Activisio n.htm


    As far as how on your home hub youtube it or go to their site.

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    They're both used up. 



    Thanks for sharing anyways.

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  • 08/28/15--07:10: Re: Hacking..OP or OK?
  • That's all I've been doing in DOM and Hardpoint it seems like. Terrible K/D but man am I taking down some drones!

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  • 08/28/15--07:12: Re: My Analysis on the Game
  • havent had it happen to me but i have done it to the other team many times

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  • 08/28/15--07:13: Re: Hacking..OP or OK?
  • I've already shot down 15 more uav's than I did in AW. That's because I shot zero down in there. I'm so excited to see HC I can't even explain.

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  • 08/29/15--06:15: The truth about Hardpoint.
  • Let me start of with this image I created. 


    I keep suggesting that Hardpoint have a scoring change based on the amount of time you stay on the secured hill.  Halo 4 did this.  Why not Call of Duty?  As it stands, Hardpoint objective players may earn a decent score for their efforts, but despite their reason for the team winning, they are outclassed by slayers who put a lot less effort into winning.


    Here is an example:

    Notice how I have 20 total objective pursuits under my belt.  I was the only one to jump on the Hardpoint, even though it meant being in extreme danger.  However, since someone else got more kills, they are more recognized.

    ...not only did I play the OBJ, but I also knocked out a ton of UAVs (if other streaks were present, I would have knocked them out too).


    Trust me, that scoreboard you saw above is better than most of my matches.  A lot of times when playing Hardpoint, both teams didn't even bother to jump on the flag.  If they did, they jump right off because they wanted easy points.  It's like working hard and needing a glass of water to quench my thirst, but some fat kid who didn't contribute decides to drink it all, leaving me with a few drops.  That's pretty messed up.

    What should the scoring system be like?

    • No points gained for securing a neutral Hardpoint.
    • +10 is gained every second you spend on a secured Hardpoint.
    • Points earned per killed while on the Hardpoint are higher.
    • Simple kills that are not directed toward the objective are worth less.

    The idea is to motivate team play and highly reward people because of it.  No more of the "slayers getting recognized, despite not putting much effort into helping the team win".


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  • 08/29/15--06:18: Re: como recuperar um ID?
  • Você perdeu sua base e reiniciado no nível um após upate 1.9 ?

    iOS / Android / Win 8 ?

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    By Announcer I mean the guy telling you B is being taken, enemy hell-storm coming in.

    The priority for what he says needs a bit of a tweak to make sure he gives you a warning about flags being taken and targeted enemy kill streaks coming in.

    A number of times his been saying something pointless and ill get hit by a hell storm, literally on my death screen he finally says Enemy Hell storm incoming... No **** Sherlock. Same thing with flags being taken you wont get a message until their is like 2 or 3 seconds left on the cap because his qued up like 3 random messages about friendly's calling in care packages or whatever.

    Ideally I would like him to not mention friendly score-streaks at all because I only care about what is a danger to me.


    aW was like this too. The announcer can't keep up with what goes on in a typical Dom match.

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    So you should allow them to cap the flag?  Killing someone while they are taking the flag is called defending . Holding two flags and defending them is a legitimate strategy and why shouldn't someone get points for ptfo ... Objectives have numerous roles,,, it's those that take advantage of people playing the objective while offering no real team support that are the issue.

    imo kills and deaths from objective modes shouldn't be reflected in overall kd ,,, should show objective per game mode ---- caps and defends per game ---- tags confirmed and denied per game---- plants and defuses per game--- something more along those lines.

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    Happens too much to me. I shoot first, then I get melted because the flinch made them get a headshot on me. Anyone else having this problem?

    At first I didn't mind the flinch. Occasionally I'd run classes in Black Ops 2 without Toughness but then I started to get beaten by it in ridiculous ways. The worst one is if someone is overlooking an obstacle where only the top part of their body is show because you need to aim high which means when they hit you your aim goes above their head due to flinch, but they have your whole body to shoot at

    it constantly happens, and is extremely frustrating to see a player shoot at my knees, and end up being rewarded with a Headshot. All because my aim was accurate enough to pop his reticle high enough to obtain one.

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    This is a very small issue for me. Just wanted to see if anyone else agrees.

    I don't like how when I'm choosing my class, I can't see the name of the gun I'm choosing. I have to either remember the classes by number or go off of the tiny picture that only shows half of the gun.. Like I said, this is by no means a huge issue, but it does get kind of annoying when I'm changing my classes around. It seems dumb to have to remember what each gun looks like rather than its ******* name.


    Also, why can't we see what gun the enemy is using in the Killcam? Should also be added in.

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    I have gotten four atlas boosts since the update. This is really irritating me. No matters how "good" the boost is I am never, ever, going to use them. Atlas units are complete trash.


    I understand that you need to put atlas boosts out their for the two or three people who use them but for me to get one in almost every supply drop since the update is effing stupid. Quit trying to push people to use atlas units. If you want us to use them drop the cost of the units and buff their stats. Period.

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    okay, how? just by typing advance warfare into google shows plenty of people with same problem.

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    I mean Advance warfare no games found into google.

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  • 08/29/15--07:00: Re: 4th marine read this
  • Holy crap. There is someone defending thugs and he seems to be as big a tool bag as thugs himself is. Zero real input, ignored the topic and just insulting people. Is that your second account thugs? I've never seen anybody bebe quite as big a douche on the forums as you. If its not, we might have ourselves a douche-off here to find who the douchiest douche on the forums is. I'm still betting thugs but this new up and coming douche bag Alex could seriously give thugs a run for his money.


    Why not try and positive and constructive instead of imbracing the douche side?

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    Our alliance just got a notice we haven't seen before, it said matchmaking failed and wanted to try with less members.  We have 25 active and eligible, I was wondering if this message would eventually revert back to letting us try to matchmake again, and if so, is there a cooldown before it does?


    Or are we now stuck shaving 5 players off of the war?


    [Update]never mind, it was bugged, another captain came along and started it, and even though I saw 20v20 during the matchmaking he saw 25v25 and it was successful and the war started with 25.  Man this game is buggy.

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    I pillaged 6 million oil and 4 million gold last night, it was damn fun :-)


    Lost a ton of rep points, but if those have a negative effect on my matchmaking, then what is the point of having them?  I'm still gold league so the rep is really just bragging rights, so once it starts hurting me I have no problems losing rep.  I could care less what people think of my rep.


    My Alliance all started pillaging last night, we lost over 3000 rep points as a team, on well maybe we will get matched with lower teams then...win/win IMO


    The game is about advancing your base, if people don't know how to protect their bases from pillaging, then that is a strategy they aren't prepared for.  I personally love this patch, as it finally opens up large resources from high bases that were unobtainable previously.


    Evens the playing field too, these high level bases are getting repeatedly hit for loot, and not getting shields.  Nice head start for new players so we don't have this elite top and noob division.

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    Petecage wrote:


    I find it funny how the guy who fought a single rejack player suddenly feels like the grand master of understanding the ability. First off, you have 6 seconds to stand up with rejack, NOT you have to wait 6 seconds. So go ahead and shoot blindly into smoke, despite not knowing if the guys decided to get up yet or not. So thats the first misunderstanding you have on it. Second, you act as if Black Ops 3 is ultra open spaces with no cover what so ever. People get up after rejacking and then run for cover, which direction they take? Who the hell knows, it's up to the player, it's not set in stone by the ability. So again they could run away from you and try and get away, or they could jump up in the air and shoot at you, so you can't just say there is any 1 solution to the Rejack ability, since it was designed to give the rejacking player a fighting chance against you. Otherwise people wouldn't be dying to it. You've fought ONE person who's rejacked thus far. I hit lvl 41 on PS4 and am now 25 on Xbox One. I've fought plenty of Rejack's, and it's not 1 strategy works against all as you make it seem.

    Dude, i dont know what you are getting all hot and bothered about. All i did was share my experience and you are making it seem like it a huge deal just because you have a different experience.


    Yes i only fought against 1 rejack. but this is COD it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out and put much thought into what you should do in certain circumstances. I am not the kind of person that has a 1 track mind when it comes to things. When i play this game i have MANY thoughts going through my head about my opponents play styles.


    To sit there and think that i need to face more than one person to know multiple strategies on how to face a rejack is silly. Like i said, its COD, its not hard at all to predict people.


    You need to chill

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    We're recruiting~!

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