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  • 08/23/15--23:35: Re: Black Ops 3 Melee Attack
  • It ain't that hard, just melee and immediately fire a bullet from the hip and your done, you just need to get used to it.

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    No excuse as to why its completely unplayable for almost everyone on ps4. This isnt the 1st cod..  the hybrid system deff isnt helping them, even tho its superior to full dedis...not

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    Haha can´t believe no servers in Germany, but at least now I know why I´m lagging. The first 2 days it was ok, but now it seems much more people playing and due to poor or bad server locatiions in Europe it turns out like always in a laggy game like the last ones have been as well.


    BTW nice thanks for the info.

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    FalconR6 why do you suggest triggering instead of forwarding, in my opinion triggering is just making delay because ports only open on request?

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  • 08/23/15--23:47: Re: Physical vs.Digital
  • The Beta will pretty much be like a game to download. go to the Xbox Games store and it should be there to download.

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    The Beta will be available to you once it is released. It should show up in the Xbox Games Store once released.

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    I had strict nat....type 2 on the ps4 system.....poped in AW and ghost and both are open nat.....im no expert btw...im hardwired also.

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  • 08/25/15--02:02: Re: Lag
  • Your download or Upload speed has little effect on Lag unless it is stupidly slow. The more important piece is your Latency (Ping) this is effected by loads of factors, what router you are using, if you are wired or wifi where you are connecting too etc etc


    I was playing a game last night connected to a dedicated server in London (I live in Surrey < 30miles from server). I can only guess that the server was over loaded as pinging it directly I averaged a Ping of 72ms, in game it is showing 25 - 33ms spiking to 120ms. So i am not sure what the in game ping is indicating...........


    I am showing 4 bar which states under 100ms ping, If i am getting a ping of 72ms to that server from under 30 miles away i do not believe everyone else is 4 bar as shown in the game so what is the 4 bar actually indicating?


    In that Lobby I had 2 friends one in Yorkshire one in Bristol in a party me hosting the party. I have the worst connection out of all of them 60dl 20ul very low ping.


    In the lobby there was a someone playing on a Mobile connection in Birmingham, someone from Marseilles someone from Switzerland, 2 from Italy, Saudi Arabia and Uruguay. Not surprisingly the game was very very laggy but why/ How are people from Saudi Arabia and Uruguay connecting to a London Server.


    I know its a Beta so matchmaking wont be perfect but that is crazy, why am i being matched with players that far away and also to someone playing on Mobile internet

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    So like I thought, it must be just a beta thingy.

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  • 08/25/15--02:08: Re: IMHO on AW
  • I Like how people want the dev's to follow social media so they can see what the community would like. I am guessing thick skin and alcoholism runs rampant. I can't even understand or decipher half the stuff in the comment section on YouTube and Facebook let alone to take constructive criticism or tips. Bet that wasn't in the curriculum during programming school.

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  • 08/25/15--02:11: Re: A Thank You and a Review
  • Fair review. It seems theyve dummed down the streaks and slapped the snipers..good!!

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  • 08/25/15--02:15: Re: Sniper Rifles
  • Totally agree..i was just about to put the same thing!! Its called balance.

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    Treyarch are really getting it right..(in my oppinion)

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  • 08/25/15--02:27: Hacking..OP or OK?
  • So from what ive read so far there does seem to be an issue with top killstreaks getting hacked straight off the bat! My question..surely theres a counter to this? Or if not..is it that easy??

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    Yes... go with the monitor. You sound pretty serious about gaming and if that's the case... the monitor is the way to go. That particular model is actually much cheaper than I imagined.

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  • 08/25/15--02:34: Re: A Discussion of Stealth
  • Just bumping this up as by the time it got approved it was on another page.

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  • 08/25/15--02:35: Re: Hacking..OP or OK?
  • I think its needed because otherwise you have very few options to counter UAV spam.

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  • 08/25/15--02:42: Re: PLAY THE OBJECTIVE
  • As others have mentioned, map control is vital to winning any objective game mode, especially in a game of DOM. The aim is to keep your starting flag and cap B, then don't push in to enemy spawns. Getting kills is important as you need to do it whilst pushing for B. So kills are important, and players should be rewarded for getting them. The problem with DOM is the nature of the game. When its a close game its good, but when one team is being dominated beyond the point of recovery, it because a free for all for the winning team, whilst the other team is trying to save face by having a respectable K/D. Lets be honest, no one likes to lose and go majorly negative. I find people tend to complain when they are on the losing side getting dominated, either because they are on a team of players who have no concept on map control, or you're just playing a superior team. My experience from this beta and other COD games are that you have two people capture your starting point, whilst the remainder of your team go straight to B. Instant map control there, then just stay on the defensive.


    Games like uplink on the other hand would be a better example of where you getting intentionally not playing the objective.... You see a lot of 'slayers' there! You get some matches where no one even goes for the ball, and the game mode effectively becomes a TDM. In that scenario both teams ruin it for each other.

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    I was thinking about map design after playing the beta and I can't help but feel Treyarch is going to do the same thing they always do and that's COMPLETELY force nothing but CQC down our throats. All of the maps in Black Ops 2 were basically CQC maps and even large maps like Turbine played like a CQC map because they through so much crap in the way and they've done the exact same thing in Black Ops 3 from the maps we've seen. You see random objects thrown about into corners to prevent people sitting in corners, you see items randomly in the way and nearly all open sight lines are really small.


    Sniping is basically going to be dead if my fears are confirmed because you won't have any decent sight lines for sniping and if you do they'll be obvious places where you can easily be shot from.


    If we take a look at MW2, Black Ops 1, Ghosts, Advanced Warfare we can see easily a lot of those maps were open and allowed a mixture of CQC and long range combat whereas these maps we were shown did not.


    Lastly I feel that the spawns are going to be like they were in Black Ops 2 because of this. I mostly play TDM and I found the spawns to be very problematic. I mean I'd often have people spawn behind me and then they'd only have to run for a few seconds to reach me.


    I'd kill an enemy and as I moved forward a little I'd meet them again 5 seconds later. Or an enemy would kill me and I'd kill them 10 seconds later.


    One memorable spawn situation was I pushed into an enemy spawn, killed a couple guys and then move around a rock and they started spawning right behind me so I got shot in the back.


    Overall Black Ops 3 is going to be the same cluster fudge that Black Ops 2 was. 

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    Ghost Gunship: Although the stats quote a single value for 105mm and 40mm, the damage is not equal throughout the AOE,  and the splash damage towards the edge is less than at the point of impact. Cannot say if this is the cause for your particular attack, but you do need to be cautious using the quoted figures for damage caused.


    AT4: I think you need to be very careful using the AT4 as the damage is only on the tile hit. It is important when firing at the taller structures ( hangars and especially higher level comm centers ) that you direct fire to the centre of the building footprint AT GROUND LEVEL (having the view as top down as possible also helps). It is all too easy to tap the tower half way up and watch your shot land on the empty tile behind. The impact animation is also not helpful, as the explosion is shown mostly beyond the impact point.

    Hope you get better luck in your next war!

    [Edit]: You might want to try tripping the comm center first and THEN using drone/gunship on the reinforcements?

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