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  • 07/30/15--09:39: Re: Is the troll gone?
  • I'm talking about our one and only infamous Extinction Troll.

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    Daily Bump!



    If you want to join message: HG Mercer!

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    Daily Bump!



    If you want to join message: HG Mercer!

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    First of all, the access is restricted to private and local matches, not online games, but it is a good way to end the early access deal with Microsoft.


    NEWS: Report: Xbox One Preview Members to get early access to Advanced Warfare Reckoning DLC bit.ly/1fLgV5h






    > via Android Pro Widgets


    Activision Support

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  • 07/30/15--10:00: Re: ->STR33T KINGZ
  • bump

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  • 07/30/15--09:56: Re: NEED BIGGER MAPS!!!
  • As for camping:

    It's only a legitimate strategy in objective based games.
    In team deathmatch, the ruleset is BROKEN by camping -- and it's from team deathmatch the hate for camping stems:
    Imagine a 3 vs 3 where 3 guys on one team headglitch from various positions, and don't move except going from headglitch to headglitch position:
    Only the top of their helmets showing. Or only their heads.
    ... while the positions they overwatch have no proper cover:
    To engage this team, the enemy team *must* put themselves at a serious disadvantage -- not knowing where the campers are located, first, walking into the campers' sights, second, not having cover to protect themselves, third.

    Team Deathmatch is simply not a competetive game mode, for this reason:
    It completely relies on the mutual understanding between the teams that camping is not fair play -- and most serious gaming leagues will tie and abort team deathmatch games where teams camp exessively;

    Which shows that there is a fundamental problem with the way Team Deathmatch works:
    Only with an Attacker and Defender phase would camping be "fair" and Team Deathmatch competetive.


    Attacker phase: You score points for kills. You can't camp, because the defenders have no incentive to attack.
    Defender phase: You score no points for kills. You're rewarded for camping.


    Currently, a team can just camp in team deathmatch -- and if the other team doesn't, the camping team get a greatly increased chance of winning, and if the other team does, the game will be aborted if it's a competetive match.

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  • 07/30/15--10:04: Re: relics in extinction
  • Wow, you're that upset about not being able to complete with relics on and it hurts your feelings when someone brings it to light.

    I'm sorry for you but don't give up you may still be able to accomplish it if you try playing on casual.

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    ohh thank you for your help it scared me for a while, ok ill just wait till then

    and will it email me?

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  • 07/31/15--09:30: Re: Replay issues and 1.8.1
  • One of issues which was supposed to be resolved in 1.8.1 was lag issue of ghoast gun ship, I have experienced this lag in pvp, 3 times in passed days.

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    Hi sir, sure thing i'd like to have someone to help me with that... only have the skeet shooting for that darn crossbow  that annoy me, the double kill i could manage when i'll be up to it.. and then launcher where there is not much to do either so that will be along the way... My PSN user is  G8nk3r



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    According to the above article, yes you will be emailed a few days before the beta begins.

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    Amazing !

    one of THE most talked about things on vets but when the actual truth comes out everyone shuts up and says nothing like they are embarrassed they opened their mouths to begin with.

    I wonder why that it

    (sarcasm intended )



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    Heres part 1 of the secret story of the shadow man / ancient evil, which run throughout black ops. Once i finish the videos i will put together a text based version for everyone to pick through.


    Part 2

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    can i change my season pass from xbox one to ps4 for call of duty advance warfare

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  • 07/31/15--09:51: DlC Drachen-Paket Bo2
  • Hallo und schönen Abend,




    Und zwar sobald ich im Black Ops2 Hauptmenü bin und auf die Drachen Tarnung gehe steht da Im Laden so bald ich da aber hin gehe finde ich das Drachen-Paket nicht so wie auch nicht in Playstationstore ist es nicht zu finden aber meine frage ist ob man es trotzdem bekommen kann ? Wurde es entfernt ?

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    Hey Skylanderspony!


    It has been announced that there will be 20 available Skylanders and Vehicles in Skylanders SuperChargers for players on all platforms.  More information will become available as launch day, which is scheduled for September 20th, approaches: Skylanders SuperChargers Video Game - Official Site.




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  • 07/31/15--09:56: Re: Replay issues and 1.8.1
  • When one holds high expectations they never are achieved, But when one holds low expectations, there most likely achieved. Please consult the fountain of knowledge. To be or not to be, that is your question.

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    The biggest thing that I notice in all games is the graphics. The xb1 has more frame rate drops. Interestingly,  there have been a few situatips with certain lighting effects that look better to me on xb1. Even though they are lower resolution,  they just seem to look a little better. It's pretty rare though.

    The other big thing for me is the controller.  The xb1 controller has a pretty big dead zone. So there are instances for me where it the controls feel 'sluggish'.

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  • 07/31/15--10:01: Re: B3AT Clan Recruiting
  • I want to join your clan ...when it is oky?

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