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    Yeah. Just recently got a AW and just wanna play regularly in a group. Invite me on


    PSN: Hutchnip

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  • 07/25/15--07:02: Re: looking for a ps3 clan
  • gamertag* is Kaharee

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    Not the player's fault he got matched against a bunch of arranged group of friends or clannies.


    Disagree he/she needs to swallow the lumps and leave at the next lobby. Why should they waste his/her time? Even if its 2 minutes, it's 2 minutes of their life they'll never get back.

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  • 07/25/15--06:42: Re: PS3 CLAN RECRUITING!
  • send invite to megabeat6

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  • 07/25/15--06:24: Re: PS3 CLAN RECRUITING!
  • couldn't find the clan.can u send a invite to Kaharee

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    Immoral Gods

    Winning is Teaching, Losing is Learning...

    If you can't learn when you lose, you won't

    get any better.


      Immoral Gods is a skilled PS4 Call of Duty clan fighting in diamond division clan wars, now looking to recruit new members to join our team and strive for the #1 spot! We excel in our elite team, which war after war compete together to win and advance throughout the diamond division brackets. More recently, we have launched our two MLG teams, IG Black and IG Red. There, we select and collect the best of the best to enter GBs, UMGs, and tournaments to be known vastly in the MLG community. We have spread ourselves throughout social media, putting our name out there and continue to grow (ImmoralGods.com).


    Sponsored By Cinch


        Redefining the standard of professional game controllers, Cinch Gaming is a leader in providing the best gaming experience to both professional and casual gamers alike. Pushing the envelope of innovation and technology, Cinch offers unparalleled customization options, premium ergonomic tournament buttons, full range internal trigger stop adjustment, and four-button remapping technology. With unrivaled customer service and support, it’s easy to see why gamers around the world are Making it a Cinch.

    Promo Code: igclan


    Sponsored by Noscopeglasses

    There is more than meets the eye when it comes to NoScope. With our glasses, you can stay in the game longer, reduce eye strain and fatigue, and improve clarity.



    -1.30+ Kill to Death Ratio

    -1.30+ Win to Loss Ratio

    -300+ Score Per Minute

    -13+ Years Old

    -Lives In North America

    -Gold+ in Ranked Play

    -Prestige 3+

    -Objective Playstyle

    -Follows IG on social Media (See links on ImmorgalGods.Com)

    -Free Fridays and Saturdays for clan Wars

    -Must Have the LINE app for Smart phone or tablet

    -Must have a mic


    Contact Us

    -Apply on the forums at ImmoralGods.com
    -Friend acedude125 on PSN or LINE app.

    -Friend Wh0_Cares-_-_X on PSN or LINE app.

    -Friend FUIMGR8 on PSN or LINE app.

    -Send email to [removed by moderator] for your privacy

    -Private Message immoral_gods on Instagram

    -Tweet @ImmoralGodsClan

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    clan wars diamond division in perthOverExposedGamer clan OExG after day 1 (4hours of game play) we are crushing them, and we have one more day to go!


    aw perth day 1.jpg

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  • 07/25/15--08:14: Re: New Clan "Legacy"
  • Your Facebook page is not up. I might be interested in joining your clan. Let me know when everything is ready.

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    Thats cool, gt is same as on here.

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    lol Pro, hello

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  • 07/26/15--06:46: Re: [PS3]sRe Clan Recruiting
  • I Would like to join [Ps3:Troll708] I'm good at quick scoping and not a try hard I never go rage and I could 1v1 one you and you could see if I am good enough to join I chose this because I saw this first

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  • 07/26/15--06:08: Re: [PS3]sRe Clan Recruiting
  • I would like to join. I'm 17 my psn is :halokid17d (halo as in angel) I've had it since I was 9

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    Looking for 5 more people

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    Wow I cant believe the length of this conversation and the difficulty understanding it for some people.  Personally I dont think it would be a bad idea to get arcing stun ammo first since there is someone in nearly every lobby with CSA and having arcing stun will be of use in that case. 

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    So yeah, someone has gone on my account and redeemed all my gear and weapons and I was wondering if theres anyway I could get them back as I had quite alot of stuff. Thanks, any help would be appreciated

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  • 07/26/15--08:04: gmp and supply drops
  • Finally got to GMP, which of course means NO more ASD.  I can accept that, but what I can't accept is the fact that ALL I get now in normal supply drops is tons of gear that was in circulation when the game first came way back when.  In regards to elite weapons I pretty much have two of everything (no royalty or legendary love i'm on PS3), but SHG could at least add the new gear to the normal supply drops for people at the GMP level. I've invested in both DLC map packs to this point and can't see paying more money just to get the gear that others get in ASD.  Where is the reward for getting to GMP? Hopefully the GMP royalty gear isn't as good as it gets.  Come on SHG show some love to those who have grinded their way to the GMP level. We want chances to get new gear as well and don't wanna have to pay for it.

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    So, because people leave and ruin the gaming experience, are you entitled to a pleasant gaming experience as if it's some kind of right? If people leave, it's none of your business why they left. They can have have kids to take care, dog peed on the carpet, someone at the door, etc.


    There is also already a penalization system in place: You get a loss (games asks you to confirm you are ok with the loss before leaving, and you lose out on bonus EXP)


    About the ruining game for everyone else part: Plenty of other things ruin the game for everyone else IE: players that are better than you, players that have better guns, players that camp, not getting good drops are among many things that may ruin a person's gaming experience.


    Based on that logic, what about the players that are getting their head bashed in a arranged team game vs random pubs? Why should a casual random gamer have their gaming experience ruined? Just leave, pay the penalty of a loss, lose the bonus EXP and move on.


    Not everybody is self sacrificing enough that they have to endure getting massacred so someone can get their pleasant gaming experience.

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  • 07/26/15--06:47: Re: Video Game Tester?
  • Thanks so much. I have just now seen this and I will get back to you on it .

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    im down im a quickk scoper, trickshotter and a feeder



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  • 07/26/15--08:11: Re: comptuer setup
  • I just dumped PC last year, been on PC since PC's started and I still left. Much better games on PS4 IMO because of the video on PC. Preset graphics are the best way to go for better gaming and console is that place. PC is a dying platform for any FPSer game and PS4 will only get stronger and bigger as PC dies off due to the high cost and crappy online play.

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