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    I don't see any update on the Celerium pack I bought 2 days ago. I'm receiving error message when attempting to send PM ? Please Help Me AxelSpoonz , TopFighter !


    - Email [removed by moderator] for privacy reasons

    - Receipt number: GPA.1339-8038-2065-03396

    - User ID (in-game): 14310963

    - Purchased Amount (Celerium + price): 2.600 & 44,42 TL

    - Date of Purchase: 23.July.2015 3:25 pm


    mod note:

    Just letting you know that I removed your email to protect your privacy. This information must be shared privately.

    As you have @ mentioned a member of customer support they will attend to you.CS should be able to rectify any PM problems you are having.

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    I need to know how to access the weapons that came with the DLC packs or get a refund!

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    Thank you so much Tracy. That was easy with your help. I believe I need completionist on Awakening and Most of the Exodus achievements. I believe I am done with POC, NF and MD. After clan wars lets get back to it

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  • 07/24/15--07:51: Re: Moderation and You
  • Hey G

    The anti-spam tool just doesn't work that way from what I understand.

    The frustration we have at the moment is that posts are being erroneously placed into the moderation queue ; as the anti-spam plug-in is being overly aggressive. I have had periods myself where just about every post I make goes into the mod queue, and then it gives me a break.

    Honestly, we just have to do the best with what we have for the time being. Hopefully it will not be too long before the anti-spam plug-in behaves the way we all, mods and forumers, would like it to.

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    Moshpit probably has the lowest player count vs any of the other playlists. I believe also since AW is nearing the end of its Life Cycle, it will be harder and harder to find games there. Did you ever play Ghosts? Try finding a Multi-Player Lobby now.  I waited 10 minutes for a TDM lobby with only a minimum player count...Games die off eventually.  I think the problem with AW is that it had a very short life cycle.

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    Hi justinbw,

    First thing to check is if you have restarted/power cycled your console since you installed the map packs. Quite often this is necessary for the weapons to appear. You should see the AE4 and OHM in your loadout customizations.

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    Open up the side bar menu on the right of the screen where the chats are located. Look for the gear/cog looking thing (I think it's blue). Click on it and it should bring up a screen that has a few buttons. i think one button says support and that's where you want to fill out your ticket. If the support button isn't there play around with that window and you should find it.

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  • 07/24/15--08:11: Re: LOOKING TO JOIN A CLAN
  • Im a member of Homicidal Gaming. We are a very mature clan. If your not in or even in a clan HG is the place for you. We are looking for new members and/or clans to merge with. Were lvl 25 w/ red tag & a website. Also top 3 in diamond. Interested?

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    I will be on tomorrow or later today so i will invite you know, we have already recruited 1 person from this post

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    SSend invite to megabeat6

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  • 07/25/15--06:47: Re: Is Nuketown Coming Back
  • IF it comes back it should be as a free dl .  Any re skinned map or map brought back for nostalgia IMO should not be part of the map packs that people paid for but should be free.

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    In the old days there was probation. I don't understand that reason for backing out of close games I would gladly take the intensity and excitement of losing a close game than winning in blowout fashion. that being said I can see that sometimes, say within the early stages or if the opponent is spawntrapping, you just don't want to put up with the BS. I can understand that and I myself would never stay and fight if my randoms can't figure out how to break a spawntrap. It's not worth the constant dying and being cannon fodder.

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  • 07/25/15--06:59: "Cherche clan BO2 - XBOX360"
  • Je cherche un clan Call Of Duty BO2 sur XBOX360. Mon gamertag : Bilandrin. Je suis connecter assez souvent et ai un niveau plutôt bon. Merci de me tenir au courant.

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  • 07/25/15--07:01: looking for a ps3 clan
  • My gander at is Kaharee, I don't have a Mic right now . My k/d is .98 and my w/l is .76

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  • 07/25/15--07:02: Re: NEED BIGGER MAPS!!!
  • Smaller maps means easier spawntrapping, faster gameplay, and you don't have to take the time to learn how to shoot accurately at long ranges. You can thank YouTube for the obsession of small maps.


    The smaller the maps the easier it is to find 100 people to kill, the easier it is to lock down spawns as they're limited and closer together, and the easier it is to effectively use SMGs. Small maps means you can get anywhere you want in a shorter amount of time and we all know the obsession the gaming "elite" have with fast paced action.


    I for one don't like small maps. I think it takes skill and strategy and replaces it with chaos, which to me is a something I find daunting and boring. However, I'm not selfish enough to know that's what some people like. So balance is key. Small maps should honestly be left to TDM and KC type modes as objective based games on small maps breed exploitation. Nuketown for instance is small and was popular solely because it was easy to rack up hundreds of kills due to broken mechanics.


    Personally I think the smallest map size should be what we now consider medium. Increase map size, increase lobby size. Eight player teams playing what we consider medium maps would, in my opinion, resolve many issues people have with the game. There's more ground to explore so spawntrapping will be more difficult as spawn zones are larger. More players mean you can kill just as fast.

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  • 07/25/15--07:05: Re: NEED BIGGER MAPS!!!
  • Basically the ADD community has one objective; 100 kills in 100 seconds. If you can't do that then the map is too big.

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    I need 3 more people to help do the easter eggs

    mic is not compulsory but would be recommended

    Psn name: dalmare

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    If you have done the carrier Easter egg or want to do the carrier Easter egg add me my gt is pitpensfan62 and just message me. Going solo I made it to the maze step but it's too hard to keep a zombie alive while you do some of these steps.


    Also if you want to do the infected Easter egg I'm down to do that as well but I appreciate the help if anyone want to play thanks

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    To mean this is a vice virtue topic. A vice are two opposite conditions. Popularly discussed is the virtue of courage. Courage sits between the vices of rashness and cowardice. It's the sweetspot as Courage means you're not afraid to do what you feel is right and you're not so brazen to think that you can do anything even when it's appropriate to do nothing.


    I take this same approach with Call of Duty. To me, I feel the vice of fantasy and realism is especially difficult when describing video games and trying to place a games purpose between the two vices. What's Call of Duties virtue when it comes to gaming? I personally would like it be more towards the vice of realism as that's where it was from the start. Over time the virtue has slid very close to fantasy. If you were to compare where Call of Duty sits on the realism scale with other FPS like Halo and Destiny I would wager that it's next door neighbors at this point.

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    Please Get Rid Of The Laser Guns I Really Hate Them

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