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    If his name is phxs72, he's not going to bother taking names.  He's just going to put on a clinic of pain.  Why? Because the death mics in a 1 v 6 are hilarious.  Particularly when they try and bum rush you only to get shot in the back.  Then if you get lucky (and it does take some luck) and you actually drop a streak on them, it's down right demoralizing.


    Phoenix Firebird.png

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    Words of wisdom right there. I would suggest playing some private games on the maps to get to know them but the only way to know the preferred camping spots and likely choke points is from experience. Good luck!

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    I saved 4 ASDs from my last prestige thinking they might better my chances of new weapons after the SVO etc. were released. I got my first legendary CI exo but no new weapons. I really like the way SHG have extended the life of this game giving us new stuff like the M1 Irons and the Ohm but can't see why they have released these differnenttly. Like Dforums said about the Samurai gear its punishing those GMPs and anyonbe like me on my final prestige. Give us a reward for prestiging 30 times not punish us. Or let us reset to Lvl 1 but keep unlocks & armory.


    I did consider buying ASDs last night but felt violated when I saw its £1.60 or $2.50 a drop. Thats half a pint damn it!

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    2 more ASDs that gave me the Aces Exo and Atlas Ranger Gloves and plenty of supply drops that gave me several M1 Irons, MAHEM Royalty and AK-12 Royalty and 12 Nigerian gear set pieces later, a standard supply drop gave me the STG44 Smokeless(p). With that weapon now unlocked, I'll do the marksman challenge to see if it gives a 300 kills version of it.


    428 supply drop weapons are in the rotation and given the average drop rate of weapons in ASDs, the odds of getting a particular weapon is about 1 in 300. As there are 5 STG44s in the rotation, that cuts it down to a drop rate of about 1 in 60 ASDs and that holds true for the SVO. The Blunderbuss would be closer to 1 in 28 ASDs. Those odds get worse in normal supply drops due to the fact that they may only contain 1 or 2 items and double XP, care packages and rapid supply time are common.

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    Join us we have a mix of us & euro players EXILED A$SA$INS

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    sure it should be fine but im just the person putting the post up you should message madsnipes 89 if you want in im sure he`ll say yes

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  • 07/23/15--07:47: Re: Exodus solo score help
  • Oh yeah don't even worry about that bro, but thanks tho. I'm glad you got that kink ironed out, if you got any more questions man...don't hesitate to send me a message, even when I'm not on...I still get the message on my phone.


    I think the main reason why we were able to get our scores that high was because none of us were selfish. I mean sure knowing a bunch of stuff helped, but the selfishness factor was the biggest contributor in my opinion. It didn't matter who's name it was behind the score, we were all part of that score, we all played our role.


    I might be wrong but I have a huge feeling that that's what messes/d up every team before and after us, especially the selfish one trying to keep that #1 rank.  Anybody who knows me will tell you what it is, I helped beat my own #1 score plenty of times, little trivial things like that just makes you want to play with that person over and over because you know that person will give it their all till the last decimal is earned. Nobody is perfect, I failed challenges from rookie mistakes and beat myself up for it every time, apologized so much you would think I was Canadian, but most of the time I didn't have to because they knew it was unintentional.


    That's what makes or breaks a team, that trust factor, its hard being in a game where you feel the other person ain't giving it their all, pretty much just trolling. But I'll tell you what tho...It ain't about who did it first or last, its about who did it right.


    If anybody reading this wants to know how to do stuff right, feel free to hit me up, I'll be glad to help anytime on anything, no secrets over here. I can tell you what it takes to earn the score, but you yourself have to go earn it.


    Stay ClaSsy.

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  • 07/23/15--08:05: Re: Prototype PS4 Problem
  • Hey there.


    We're aware of this issue and are currently working towards a fix. We apologize for any frustration this has caused.



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  • 07/24/15--07:10: BO3 Beta Size? [PS4]
  • Hi, like the somewhat majority of players, I have a really slow internet speed, [close to 1.2mb]. Knowing this I always download content/updates/games overnight. The beta will be up for only 4 days so I want to get the most out of it. What is the size of the beta and is there any way we can download it BEFORE the 19th to get it ready? Thanks so much ! 

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    Hello, my level 23 clan is recruiting. Most of us are from the UK, we have few people from America and other countries.


    Clan name= VeNom Gaming


    Level=23 (this is rising quickly as we completed a raid and we are looking forward to clan wars)


    Current members=30 (most are on every day)


    My KD is 1.44 and we have players with over 2 KD



    Message me on my PSN and send a friend request on xXepicjasaXx with the following details

    -How active are you?


    -Best elite gun?



    -What time you come on?

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  • 07/24/15--07:19: Re: ARX HolePuncher
  • That's not what I'm asking. I asked how it makes it more accurate lol... because the in-game stat bars say so?

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    But those have reached GMP are up diarrhea drive without a saddle

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    Armour with defensive value... really? CoD4 has Juggernoob if you can find a lobby that's not hacked.

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  • 07/24/15--07:23: HighRise 24/7
  • One of my favorite maps but kind of disappointed with it in AW. With the exo movement it just has a different feel than it used to. Thoughts?


    I would like to see a Sideshow 24/7 at least for a weekend, I could finish my sniper challenges in record time.....

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    Almost impossible to see someone with Cold Blooded?




    Something Infinity Ward should have got right in Ghosts with Incog, because selfish, KD-obsessed clowns crutching on thermal M27 killed that game. Thermal is far better balanced in AW.

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    I think they are talking about party chat for Xbone and PS4 where you are separate from the lobby game chat and just talk to friends through consoles no matter what game everyone is playing.  It is basically a mute function for the randoms you are playing against.  I like it because of this and it is a lot better quality.


    Although I do sometimes enjoy listening to people rage, most of the time I always had everyone muted anyway cause there is nothing worse than screaming babies, mad girlfriends,talking on phone or just 10 yr old squeakers talking smack all the time.

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    well i dont have the AE4, and i dont have the OHM got the maps and zombies but there are no extra weapons, i play local ant the "bad guy" or the enemy can get the AE4 dont know why, but i dont why is that, and welll ill send the gamertag latter  is that ok

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