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    XBL: Green Paprika i need to do the eastereggs in tranzit, die riese and burries if anyone can h

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    We haven't seen on in any of the trailers but it could be still possible.

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  • 07/22/15--05:38: Re: New dlc guns
  • yes. atleast have season pass holders get to use the gun right aways..... and people who didn't spend money on season pass or dlcs get lucky from supply drops.

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  • 07/22/15--07:47: one bar ping. help me please
  • so the past two weeks ive been having 1 red bar ping in almost all games, and it takes forever literally to find a game. but when ever i join a game i have to leave because i cant even hit anyone.


    my internet is 7.7mbps download speed and 2.8 mbps upload.

    a month ago i would game with those exact speeds and get 3-4 bars and i would dominate but now i cant even join a game!! i would get 40kills and 9 deaths in a short game. now i cant even kill 4players without dying 20 times! .  it makes me hate AW so much .


    also my NAT type is open i use wired connection.

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    G'day North,

    May I ask what platform you are playing on ?

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    Rexens_View wrote:


    Nice setup Fox.

    If I had seen this thread earlier I would have said scrap the plans for the 120Gb SSD and go for a min 512Gb - you will fill that SSD up so fast it will make your head spin.

    Good choice on the WD Black for the secondary HDD.


    What monitor are you using ?

    On the right account now!


    That 120 is primarily for the OS and work related programs. Perhaps a game or two. The WD Black is for games that I don't mind not sticking on an SSD. I'm actually picking up a Samsung 512 this month which will be a dedicated Steam / Game HD. I also have a second WD Black, same size, for virtual machines.


    My current monitor is a BenQ RL2455HM RTS Gaming Monitor | BenQ USA. I'll probably pick up either a 144 Asus or a 144 BenQ later this year and then a 4K in either late December or Q1/Q2 2016 for when I pick up my second 980Ti for SLI. Not to mention the variety of other goodies like Oculus / Steam VR etc.


    Edit: I am going to say thanks for the shout and looking out though! A lot of people underestimate how quickly they can fill media. I remember purchasing 256Mb Sony Micro Vaults at a young age and thinking "I probably will not fill this." LOLZ!

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    On the right account now!



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    i have the same problem... I just bought 28 ASD's and i still haven't received them yet. They also aren't showing up in my downloads... help? 

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    i have my account!




    add me

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    From my perspective, it's all about moderation with respect to the objective.  In Uplink, when I grab the ball, I boost to no end as if my pants were on fire.  When my team is on the defensive I try to rush over to the carrier, pick off his followers, and take the ball away.  TDM is the complete opposite.  I only use boost when ducking out of cover and trying to get better positioning.


    The objective is my priority; however my preference is to conserve boost so I have it all ready when engaging my opponent.  This way I can boost in any direction or fly around in the air depending on their weapon and playstyle.  For example, against shotguns I usually boost backward to stay out of range and buy time to stop the rush.  I'm also having a great time boosting around corners and catching people by surprise.  This works especially well in Comeback because the middle of the stage is heavily trafficked and people like to flood the corridors on either side.  Apart from these tactics, my feet stay firmly planted on the ground.

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    add me on xbox

    what is your gt

    I have bo2

    a mic

    Im lvl 53 andI have reset since prestige master

    I will change my gt to Opz Callyy

    my gt is Callyyxox

    I use all types of guns but most sniper

    I am a trickshotter and feeder other info will be told once added but im over ten lol

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    The bad news about today issue is they have returned 5 mil oil & gold to each player, this means they have NOT back up of our bases!! I lost 19 mil oil and they returned me 5 mil! This game is a festival of all possible glitches, it reminds of my college projects, primitive and full of bugs , I think the developers just carry a name from Activision.  they didn't ccompensate players loss from hanger bug in 1.7 and they wouldn't do anything more than this 5 mil for today issue.  So desperating... I hope they chang their attitude about players and their responsibility, otherwise please say it clearly that nothing in this game is guaranteed and if someone doesn't like it can leave it.....

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    not got any sound on ipad air tried upload 3 times now help needed 4 year old grandson upset

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    My biggest gripe is when I'm on (or against) a team that is on the verge of forfeiting.  When I'm the only player left and I'm hanging out under cover to pass the time, the game foolishly adds people who unexpectedly come in to get slaughtered.  This happened a lot when we had to endure the invincible Goliath glitch.  I would hang around as the only person left until the end of the game just to report the exploiters.


    The worst is when I'm on the winning team and the forfeit timer get interrupted because 1 person was added to the other team.. Seriously, what's 1 person going to do against an entire team waiting to unleash all kinds of score streaks.

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  • 07/23/15--06:11: Re: Clan war glitch?
  • For anyone wondering, this was an issue that they had and were investigating. I haven't heard if it is resolved yet for all clans or not.

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    Yes, if you play in Diamond and place in the top 3 you should also be receiving the Centurian gear as well.

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    Black Ops 2

    Higher than level 30

    Able to change there Xbox Live Name!




    If you reply it is recommended that you tell us your:

    Xbox Username

    OpZ Username



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    My xbox name is OpZ Trix. Xbox is meesing up atm so could you add me and we will get in asap!


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  • 07/23/15--06:43: Re: ARX HolePuncher
  • If you have the Steel Bite its very similar to that but the Hole Puncher is +1 accuarcy over the Steel Bite. Add a sight to the Steel Bite and you are more accurate then the Hole Puncher without a sight attached.

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