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  • 07/19/15--04:54: Re: How EMP works?
  • Thank you for your explanation but my problem is when I point a tile carefully and it doesn't neutralize any turret. For example I use EMP for stopping a sam, I point the sam, EMP splashed but neither the sam and neither non of surrounding turrets get neutralized. And when I do it again (use the skill again) it will work. This happened multiple times for me.

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  • 07/19/15--04:54: Re: Whats your favorite...?
  • My favourite class is probably weapon specialist or medic (tank is very close behind, as my second class.)

    I like the VKS and DMRs, high damage weapons like that.

    I usually upgrade my class first, then my support/ammo.

    In terms of visuals, I like Awakening. Reminds me of Oblivion'sShivering Isle DLC. I find Nightfall interesting to play as well.

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  • 07/19/15--05:07: Re: How EMP works?
  • Not seen that myself. Are you talking about the EMP Artillery or EMP Grenade? Also which device/OS are you using?

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    I seem to remember it was set at CC4 (?) a while ago. The problem was ( is ) that some senior players opened new accounts, got to lvl 3 and then camped there getting easy wins and building rep in safety ( a glance at the leaderboards gives a list of cheaters those clever players who have chosen to game the system).

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  • 07/19/15--05:28: Re: How EMP works?
  • EMP artillery, I play on android 4.4

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    expect to be shot at and expect to try to win.

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  • 07/19/15--06:18: Re: How EMP works?
  • OK. For me (iOS), when I tap the target tile ( whether occupied or blank ) a blue crosshair marks the tile with a blue 'area of effect' circle around it. Any turret ( including SAMs ) in the circle up to the ammo limit are neutralised (level 2 for 10 seconds).


    If this is not what you are seeing, you should raise an issue with support, ideally giving a recent PVP match where this happened ( include date/time/opponent ID ).

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    My personal belief on why the spawn suck is because of how small they are. Every year the maps have gotten smaller and you couple that with the exo suits, it makes the maps seem even smaller with how fast you can navigate through them. Given the size of the maps it is not hard to spawn in front of or behind people.


    I found myself being put into that situation all the time. Its just the size of the maps and lack of decent areas. My one main problem with this game is the map sizes and how screwed up they are with the exo suits and the ability to get to one side of the map before you have a chance to respawn which would effectively provide spawn deaths all around.


    I never minded the exos so much until now. I actually found myself saying "i hope BO3 is better than this crap", and I dont like 3arch games. That just goes to show how much I dont like the exos. They said exos wont be in BO3 but it will have similar setups with thrusters and junk like that, but I just hope that they dont make the maps the same size if not smaller than AW because when you put in a capability like this, you dont want to decrease the size of the map along with it because then you would have spawn deaths up the ass and that is not fun for anyone. That is the main complaint i hear about this game while playing. People are complaining about dying right as they spawn even though the guy that killed them already did so just a few seconds ago part way across the map.


    The spawn issue has always been a problem and quite frankly, if they havent done anything about it in the past 6-7 years, they most likely wont do anything about it now.

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    My two favorite ones were MW1 and W@W. I have an appreciation for all though.

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    If you truly want to know how much of a scumbag they can be, look at this guy.



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    Heyy guys we need an editor and some more good recruits


    Add Impulsive-Deejay or Impulsive-Nanoo for more info

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  • 07/20/15--06:01: Re: Call of Duty Elite Clan
  • ya ill join

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  • 07/20/15--06:10: The Big Red Button Finale
  • Just looking for one more player who has completed the tranzit, die rise and buried eastereggs on richtofens side to push the big red button. Message my gt X Mr SP3C1AL X if you have them completed and want to join.

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  • 07/20/15--06:12: Re: Goliath review
  • Archer you got to agree tho, 5 lv 7 assaults is still better than a lv2 goliath

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    Hey, I had the same question for a while also and I found out what to do.


    So basically you will get an e-mail close to the launch of the beta giving you your code so CHECK YOUR E-MAIL CLOSE TO LAUNCH!!

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    Hello, is this clan still open to join?

    If so could you add me tylerdavisHD I have K/D 2.41

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    You can view the full FAQ that OUHATEME is referring to online too though you will need to get the app either way.



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  • 07/20/15--06:32: Re: Beta FAQ
  • Bytes69 wrote:


    i did all that entered my code on this site and sitting waiting on nothing allday for playing this

    The beta starts at a later date. If you entered the code in this weekend then surely you saw that it doesn't start until August 19th for PlayStation 4.

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    Rexens_View wrote:


    Do we have a copycat ?

    laughing animated GIF

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  • 07/19/15--20:12: Re: HACKERS COD AW
  • Yes, there are hackers on the Xbox 360.. (I've got AW on the 360 and on PS4, but I've never seen a hacker on the PS4) I've seen two, both different people, in this game.. Both had the "aimbot" hack.. The first time I saw one was several months back.. It was painfully obvious, as he just stood there holding the trigger down and killing people through multiple walls and across the map with all head shots.. I stayed in that game for a minute or so before I just left..

    My only other encounter with an actual hacker was today.. Same deal as the guy before.. Hold down the trigger and it would just spin him around getting kills, all head shots.. I actually picked up my phone and recorded the kill cam a few times today so that I had proof of this.. He joined the game well after it was already in progress, and as soon as his name popped up we all knew what was about to happen..

    *Yo site mods- Before I put the name that popped up read this: It is Not his actual gamer tag.. He modded it to say what I'm going to post.. I will not be posting his actual gamer tag so that I don't break the rules around here and get this deleted.. I know that it wasn't his gamer tag because when you went to his profile, his actual gamer tag showed up.. Again, I'm posting the modded alias, NOT his actual gamer tag..*

    The name/alias was [removed by moderator]

    So like I said, we all knew exactly what this clown was up to before he ever started.. He did not have "god mode," although he did appear to have a lot higher health than everyone else.. We could kill him by spamming grenades and launchers at him.. It was a group effort lol.. But the guy was advertising his little hacks and showing them off for all in the game to see.. This kind of crap shouldn't be happening.. Hopefully he'll be banned soon, but there's no telling..


    So again, I didn't break any rules by "naming-and-shaming" since what I posted was NOT his actual gamer tag, only the name he modded to advertise his hacks.. Just putting that out there again so that a site mod doesn't get all delete happy and delete something that should be seen.. I'd be happy to post the video of what this guy was doing if anyone wants to let me know how.. Have a good evening..



    mod note: I have removed the gamers alias as this could lead to his GMT and other details. As well as pointing readers to the alias's modding activities.

    However, if you wish to send evidence and details of the suspect game please contact either AxelSpoonz or OGHuxtable via private message, which can then be passed on to the relevant departments.

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