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    Can I join your clan please

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    Ohhhh really?! Never know

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    From what I know BO3's primary mode of movement is "boot on the ground". I don't mind some boosting/wall running as long as those movements are secondary and only used to reach a specific point or place.


    I also trust 3arch to make better maps - faster paced arcade games like BO2/AW/BO3 will require careful map design. This was another one of my major issues with AW.


    Also, from what I can tell, there's less science fiction war fare, but you're right, I won't know until after I've had a chance to play the game myself.

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    If you say so lol

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    apply on app today!

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    I also haven't experienced problems finding a lobby since the last patch. I play solo on the One in the U.S. I only play HC KC - I'd play SnD but too many trolls ruining the game for me. During certain times of the day I noticed I'm only playing with Québécois or Britts but I can always find a lobby.

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  • 07/18/15--06:53: Goliath review
  • Activision is advertising Goliath at game loading!! It shows that goliath is not used by players very often. Let's have a fair look on Goliath:

    It is one of good units of CoDAW with a beautiful look. Also the idea of having an anti-troop unit is a pretty good idea. A unit which is strong against enemy troops but weak for using in other purposes.

    BUT it can't do its function.

    What are the possible units that a Goliath should face? Jugs, ASAM  tanks or dragon fires. The HP of Goliath is lower than the first three and also it is damage is very lower than them too, so what can a Goliath do against these units?!!

    What about DFs? The damage of DF is greater and in best situation it can just drop 2 lv8 DF! If I use my lv9 assaults properly they can do the same with too much lower cost.

    Furthermore an anti-troop unit must have high move velocity or very long rang shooting.  it should be able to reach to enemy troops quickly and save under-fire units or it should be able to shoot the enemy troops before reaching to their firing range.

    My suggestion to developers is: increase at least one of goliath stat, damag, hp, move or range. It will work better than advertising.

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  • 07/18/15--06:57: Re: War
  • Yes, here you can choose to drop out

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  • 07/19/15--00:15: Re: Tryout For HyP Clan~
  • I would like to join your clan I will do anything

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    i tried it today and it says failed to link your account and it happened to happen to my friends account as well

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    Join goldenprodigy kik me @kingwink__

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    I Have sent a message to Axelspoonz, but I was unsure if it was received, so here's my info. I would be so grateful for assistance please. Thank you!!!


    I purchased the Prestige Celerium Packs (I actually bought it twice) and it's not showing up.  I have purchased MANY of these (and others) in the past, without much of an issue.  My info is below.  Would you please restore the Celerium?  If you need further info, please let me know. Thank you.


    Email: [removed by moderator] for your own privacy
    Receipt number: 2 of them...         MGTL9FY3XM and MGTL99GQYZ
    User ID number (in-game):  1898383
    Purchased Amount (Celerium + price):  (15,000 + $108.29 [this includes the tax)
    Date of Purchase:  July 3, 2015


    So sorry, to clarify:  I had two (2) purchases - totaling 30,000 celerium.

    Receipt Number One:  MGTL9FY3XM (15,000 + $108.29 [this includes the tax); and


    Receipt Number Two:  MGTL99GQYZ (15,000 + $108.29 [this includes the tax).

    Total of two purchases.

    THANK YOU!!!


    mod note: I have removed your email for privacy reasons. When customer support make contact any personal details can be sent privately.

    PS - just noting your response below; you are able to use the edit function for any post you make.

    Kind regards

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    one more thing... should my email address that I provided in the first post be removed or hidden?  I see other posts regarding Celerium have had the email addy removed, so I was just curious...


    Thanks again and I look forward to your response and resolution!


    Lastly, if I can be of any other assistance, please reach out and let me know.



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    Im having the same problem, my email is [removed by moderator] for your privacy

    my gamertag is juancvk98


    I was the clan leader and founder now Im not in the clan and the leader is a classified account.







    mod note: I removed your email for your own privacy. Private details can be shared privately with customer support once they contact you.

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    migbound wrote:


    Legendary is fine, but I'd much prefer guns. My first legendary was CI knee pads, which didn't at all feel legendary.  It'll take months, maybe years, to piece the whole set together (if people are still playing) and it will offer no advantages.  I'm overall happy with this game but would be even happier if all gear and care packages were just as rare as legendary garb.  Lol.

    That will likely be true if one tries to piece together the whole set without resorting to buying several thousand dollars worth of advanced supply drops. I understand that it can be a letdown to get knee pads, boots or gloves as your first legendary item. The advantage that Sledgehammer should consider handing out for completing a legendary gear set is a larger XP boost. Just like several other people, it was obvious without looking at the item that it was something special due to the music and the special animation that is associated with the legendary grade. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a couple of legendary weapons soon.

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  • 07/19/15--04:43: Re: Whats your favorite...?
  • weapon special with shotgun primary the first map is the one i like best

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    I also dissagree with myself in that specific regard as you did, because you're right, even in slow matches this still happens noticably, which basically just means the programmers who designed the spawning system and placed the spawn points within each map.. are very bad at their jobs and should probably start putting their resumes back out on the market... lol


    only a human could have managed to design such an awful spawn system, and it wouldn't be noticable if more than half the matches in any given HC game weren't camp fests.. that's when it really becomes obvious that a physical human being made the system, and really did a bad.. bad... job at it

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    G'day Juancvzia

    To rectify your issue please make sure that you are using the original email address of your Cod Account [more precisely the email which was being used at the time you created your clan)

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