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    thats allot as well, i am barely hitting 12 or 13

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    They tried this with Ghosts and we all saw what happened.  I keep hearing all these aberrant conceptualizations of "normal soldiers," which normally translates to making COD = easymode.  I'm surprised "normal soldiers" hasn't become a satiric meme yet.


    ... Let's also ask for "normal maps."  We want no buildings or any kind of cover that would give the impression of one player having an advantage over another.  We just need 3 lanes in a 4x4 area.  That's a real war...  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

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    Daily Bump!

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    That's incredible!  I've hit a slump lately where they're barely trickling in.  I've done all of my weapon challenges with the exception of launchers, so I've gone back to my "tryhard'  classes and am getting my k/d back up.  That's probably why I'm being punished with a crappy stream of supply drops.  lol


    My supply drops now consist of Rapid Resupply and Care Packages.  I wish I could sell them.

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    SHOT is actively competing in Clan Wars and is looking for active members who love to compete and win! After winning three wars in a row in the Platinum Division, we have officially moved to Diamond Division!! We are a social clan first and foremost, we care more about call-outs and snarky banter than what your K/D is. With that said, a Mic is our only requirement.


    Preferred Candidates will have the following:


    K/D: 1.0 or higher

    W/L: 1.5 or higher (we like winning)

    Kills: 5,000+ (so that we know you play often)

    Time Zone: Eastern or Central Standard time

    Age: 18+


    Interested? Send a message to any of the following Clan Leaders and we'll gladly invite you next time we're online.

    Commander: MightyQuinnSr

    Lt. Commander: IamRyanMarshall (That's me)

    Lt: Commander: FaceMashA





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    The best time to buy was when the ASDs first came out, before the "elite" pool became supersaturated with all this fancy gear.

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  • 07/17/15--06:26: NEED PEOPLE TO PLAY WITH!!!

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    They could take the franchise further without using jetpacks and science fiction super abilities was all I was saying - dynamic maps, new modes etc. The grapple ability is feasible the rest are ridiculous - Stim being the most laughable.  The only "new" idea Ghosts implemented was contextual lean IMO.

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    You'll have to wait until September for the next weapon update

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    Hey can I join the clan my gamer tag is creeperkiddo99 and I have a mic

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    Truth is They don't have the time to add a animation for the grip on every single gun (working on the next cod) plus not too many people mind this, I was wondering the exact same thing.

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  • 07/18/15--03:40: Re: Give me the Inferno
  • this weapon sucks anyways obsidian steed is overpowered as ****, on the other note when they had retired items i got every peice but the helm and shirt of the kva mercenary.(never got full snake eyes outfit :c) and grinded for 6 days straight 12 hours a day for that **** and never got it. Point is they like to troll you a lot.

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    MW MW2 MW3 held my interest in every possible way. From the setting, to the guns, maps, modes, community, everything really. Modern timelines have always clicked with me more.


    Past is high up there, with the future as the worst of the 3.

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    After the first prestige you could unlock right off the bat a choice of a few of your favourite perks a few favourite guns a nice secondary and your best equipment. I agree with Sailor that it was a boring and extremely easy system. Which hurt the longevity of the game and is probably one of the top reasons why so many got bored of the game and quit playing earlier than previous games


    The only way the above isnt possible is if you spent your points on a bunch of character unlocks before hand.

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  • 07/18/15--05:34: Re: Teeth Count
  • MBRUN5: 9,322 teeth (as of yesterday, my initial count was wrong).

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    Does it really show prestige based on gametime?  I think BO2 prestige system was fine.  You could prestige the weapons to add flavor, but at the expense of starting over.  However, by not prestiging your favorite weapons, you also lost weapon xp while leveling.  You had to try other weapons to level quicker.  No adding levels and once maxed, you got everything unlocked.  Actually resetting all weapons, makes it easier to prestige looking at it another way, since overused guns like the bal and asm1 you get at start or very quickly anyway.

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    Activision confirmed the Juggernog Edition is a VERY limited Collectors edition that has sold out without any intention of producing more, if you really want a jug edition, there's still a chance that gamestop might do a BO3 tourney at the release party and give away a Jugg edition. I've seen it before, where a CE is sold out but then gamestop gives 1 or 2 away at the midnight release.   BTW. Why are you on the Black Ops forum and not Black Ops 3?

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