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    The first two map packs are now in general rotation but good luck getting into a game on them. A lot of players who own them have already got rid of them to get better matchmaking. I know its only been a few days but I play a few hours most nights and have only had I think two games on maps from the first two DLC drops.

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    I actually have a 360 and a PS4 :/ I've been thinking about getting a PS3 lately, so IF PS4 ends up supporting older games that'd be awesome. I absolutely hate the 360 controller and deadzone in CoD games; I run close to max sens on my PS4 CoDs and can aim very well. On MW3 and BO2? Not so well

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    So as we all know Black Ops II story was mess as I believe they just tried to introduce new players into the wolrd of zombies. The old story was simply too complicated and would require a lot of research from your average Joe to get into. So they crafted it into meaningless bipolar BS and ended it with Origins resetting the mess they created.


    Black Ops III however is taking the right steps forward into redeeming themselves in the eyes of the old fans who were left mostly a bit bitter. Not talking about the "fanboys" who would eat **** and smile if Treyarch would provide it to them. But now I have gone already off topic so lets get back on track shall we.


    What is going on? Well Black Ops III continues few things set in motion with Black Ops 1 and 2. Those are the Hell, Vrill-ya and sacrificing. And the Origins story of altering and some what "resetting" the story. Now I'll put key points of the story that lead here to as thigh package as I can. The Nazis find Element 115 that enables them to open a gate to Agartha trough Aether. Agartha however is controlled by great evil creatures called Vril-Ya. You could call the Agartha itself hell. These creatures require sacrifice and they crave souls as we have seen in the Moon where their Pyramid device was running with the economic power of souls.


                                             It's here to punish you for your sins


    Because the Vril-ya got to Earth trough the Aether helped by Nazis they are now unleashing hell on Earth. We don't know yet their motives but they seem to be trialling evil people like the gangsters in Mob of the Dead and the new crew in Shadows of Evil. On the new trailer we see how the new crew is sacrificing a man in altar probably for a reward, just like the gangsters had to sacrifice some one to get away from their loop of hell and how in Call of the Dead when the crew sacrificed humanized zombie to get Vril generator as reward. I'm pretty sure the good people of Shangri-La who were in contact with these creatures were also making human sacrifices on their altar.



    Another path the story is going to is the continuing of Origins. Tank, Nikolai and Takeo get their way back into the 1940's Der Riese where they meet Richtofen who unleashes a great evil who just happens to be the Richtofen from Origins. Now that is interesting. The time is starting to collapse and the worlds crash into each other.This is the reset of the original story. We start from the beginning of 1940's. Things are just different this time around. Vril-ya is already here. They have broken trough to our world. No longer are we fighting for who gets to control Agartha and be demigod. The world is controlled by the evil itself "shadow man". They altered the history and they master the control of time manipulation to suit their own unknown motives.


                               Hey Richtofen what are you doing with the blood of the sinful?

    Now the question is can these creatures be stopped? Can we shut the Agartha?

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    Fair point. Its probably the player count. Its a shame cause when this game's connections are good it is really fun.

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    Yeah it was just a passing thought about the vdsl vs adsl thing. As mr cranium said its all probably due to a low player count in this part of the world.

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  • 07/10/15--03:27: Xb1 recruitment (US)
  • Good morning everyone. I am the co-owner of Hostile Creatures. My name is OMGitsLatin, I am a ♀, with a total of 26 clan members. I am currently looking forward to having more members on my clan with the ability to contribute during clan practice, and clan wars. I do take my clan seriously and I am not here to babysit anyone either!




    Mic is required


    Respect others, we enjoy having fun and getting along with other team players.


    18+ years only! Maybe later on I will think about the younger ones but we have enough squeakers at the moment.


    Contribution is a must in my clan during clan practice and clan wars, becoming active is also a must in my clan as well.


    If you would like to join my clan please message me thru smartglass. Females are also welcome! We need females as well.








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    I'm the opposite. I used to use a cross battle adapter so I could use my wired 360 controller on my ps3. I understand where you're coming from. As far as I know ps doesn't plan on backwards compatibility bit who knows?

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    Youre right. I love it when it's on point. It's a joy. But like that girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead, when she's bad, she's really really bad.

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  • 07/10/15--04:05: Re: No game found
  • Tiene los packs de mapas ? Trate de desinstalar los paquetes de mapas y vuelva a instalar el juego sin ellos ... trabajó para mí

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  • 07/10/15--23:23: Re: Sold out of juggernogs
  • They are being sold for 300-500$ on ebay.

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    Izjar11 wrote:


    Robalboa0 wrote:


    its been almost a year. that makes almost 4 years for sledgehammer and the weapons are so unbalanced

    anybody ever been killed by a pistol?


    I have to say: it has not really changed.


    " killed by a pistol?"


    I can honestly say a few times, less than a handful.




    Compared to Bo2? Do I have to mention the KAP40...you could run about with a pistol and ruin peoples game. And no one liked it.


    There is something --- that hasnt changed. I have given AMR9 a good chance, but that weapon in core does not kill...it does not. You can shoot and nothing happens, and I know when I shoot first!

    your example of the AMR9 is perfect. its a gun thats a guaranteed loser almost every time unless the guy isnt looking. this is what i meant about balance.


    i will also mention the kap 40 was a good weapon but only at a certain distance. i think that gun was a perfect pistol. it wasnt OP but it could get kills and was a viable weapon to have.

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    - CoD Legends - is now recruiting! We need players to help in clan wars. No mic/kill death ratio requirements. Just need to be active and help in clan wars.


    If you are interested, please send a message to Jakosaur on Xbox.

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    Best one for me was Black Ops 2. Good God, it was perfect in almost every way, shape, and form.


    Worst one for me would be Ghosts. Haven't played AW yet.

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    My Gt: I MyEcstasy I

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    There are more than 5 or 6 spawn points.. there are maybe 5 or 6 spawn ZONES, but each zone can have between 10 and 25 different physical spawn points within it.


    Just wanted to reach in and correct that line of thought before I actually respond lol


    Yes, the spawns are pretty bad in this CoD title, in HC modes. This is due to a very simple reason, though. Exo Boost. This ability gives us the power to circle a map in less than half the time it takes on any other Call of Duty, which means if you're going against a team with rushers/pushers, they're going to kill you and inevitably you're going to get caught in a chain of respawns along their pushing route. In an ideal situation, you can be killed at the bottom of Instinct by the trailers, have a full 13-15 second respawn and appear at the back of the caves just in time for the same person.. who's been boosting up the cliff route and into the caves from the trees.. to arrive and murder you once again in passing... most of the time when you get locked in a spawn killing situation, it's because the majority of the enemy team is very mobile.. OR.. both teams are very mobile.. that has always naturally caused spawning issues, but because of the ability to shoot yourself across a medium sized map in about 8 second, the spawns become even more haphazard and erratic.. because honestly, where's the algorithm supposed to put you that's safe from five or six rushing boost dashers circling the map in a predatory manner? The easy answer is there is no safe spot, it's just going to say "f*ck it" and drop you randomly into one of the spawn zones.. basically, as soon as an enemy player enters a spawn zone, that zone becomes marked as "danger" by the system. It can still put you there, but it will always try to throw you into a non-danger marked area... well, if everyone on the enemy team is spread out, and you're getting spawn killed as you describe.. that basically implies that there's an enemy in EVERY spawn zone on the map, so it doesn't really matter where it puts you..


    This fast moving boost rushing can also cause chaos for the zones that are otherwise safe ones.. because if an enemy gets through and into a zone where say half your team is holding (or camped out in), it doesn't matter if they kill the guy within seconds, the second he entered that zone, it became contested and listed as dangerous.. which is why you wind up spawning randomly across the map and not with the relative safety of your buds camped out.. for those few seconds that safe zone became hostile, even if it really wasn't per say.. the algorithm doesn't have human perception and awareness, it doesn't see that as "oh, they'll be fine" it sees that scenario as "threat present, zone compromised, find a new zone to spawn player xxx in". Call of Duty spawning has always been that way, it's just far more obvious in this particular title due to the ability to cross through five spawn zones in under 5 seconds, which marks them all temporarily as "hostile" and so it just picks one at random.. hence the spawning straight in front of an enemy and being greased immediately lol

    On your unrelated note. Personal feelings on corner camping and excessive tubing aside (on my part), there's absolutely ZERO point in complaining about this.. you're literally repeating the same fruitless words of half a million other players over the past 10 years.. they mean absolutely nothing. I respect your hatred for sh*tty gaming behavior, but it's time to just move on from bothering with it.. time to write a new song, that one's really really played out...


    just as played out as the skill (lack-of) it takes to sit in a corner with an assault rifle and launch grenades across a map to kill at sheer random lol but I digress...

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  • 07/10/15--23:18: Re: 7-9-2015 Update
  • OK, go to your Downloads list and delete the AW Update File then start your PS4 in safe mode following these instructions


    PS4: Safe Mode


    Choose option 5 to rebuild database

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  • 07/10/15--23:16: Re: Join clan TiN NOW!
  • My Gt: I MyEcstasy I Kd:1.170

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  • 07/10/15--22:57: Re: No Carrier story on xb1.
  • Contact Activision Support directly.


    You don't go into Walmart and complain about a broken product to other customers, you go right to the customer support desk.. so why do it here? lol

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    does anyone know how to set it up so that I can play my saved character from my Android (Google Play) on my Windows. It says you can but I can't figure it out. Any help would be much appreciated

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    How big a factor do you think the erratic movement players are capable of in AW plays here?


    I've only recently started using the burst fire weapons because I had trouble before being accurate enough with them.  Do you see a difference in results when vertical movement can and can't be used?


    I've used the SN6 often and like it. I got slightly better results with the KF5 and ASM1 but all three are viable enough with small differences.

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