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    A few days ago I was kicked out of a lobby and when i tried to play online it said i was banned, i would know whether this is the case or not my gamertag is dark_hello98 and im on the ps3.

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  • 07/09/15--02:46: Re: MY ACCOUNTED GOT HACKED
  • Probably not. No need to yell.

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    II've spoken to ps again they said if this can't be resolved then they will need a reference number ive sent you my personal details but I don't know how to send an imagine off receipt other than on here

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    3. I entered my Call of Duty: Black Ops III Beta code, but it didn’t work. What should I do?


    Please verify that you are entering the correct code. If you are receiving an error message stating that the code you entered is invalid or that your code has already been redeemed, please contact us using one of the following links below.

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    ARX 160 Hole Puncher  4000+ kills more accuracy than the Steel Bite

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    It shouldn't be a problem, as long as you have linked your email, you should be sent a message with another code and instructions on how to access the Beta shortly before it goes live.

    I will mention a couple of forum moderators to see if they can confirm this for you.



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  • 07/09/15--03:27: Re: HuMaNiTy clan Recruiting
  • Added u

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    If we get 20 maps I'd be quite happy with that. Whereas I'd be unhappy if we get any less than 14.

    But I do feel it's a case of quality over quantity. I'd rather we got less maps that are of good quality than a load of sub par maps.

    Luckily the maps we've seen so far all look pretty decent.

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    I'm ready. I have put down $25 for the One version so I can convert it to prestige or hardened when it drops. I will probably pre order for the PS4 also. Even if I just get the beta. You might as well go do some woodworking side job and make enough to add a PS4 to your goods. I will need someone to play Uncharted 4 with (Izjar11, are you getting UC4? ). Seriously.

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  • 07/10/15--01:19: Re: Bad conection
  • Correction- Not many users in in South America compared to general population.

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    tumblr_m1ku09DGPH1r34xmno1_500.gifYeah but if they make them backwards compatible you'll be set. Come to the dark side.....it's your destiny. Or density.....

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    It absolutely destroys the notion of even having it. My friend was parry leader last week and we were actually connected to a server in England. I was quite surprised. It's got to get better, at least for a bit when ops 3 comes out. Larger player base and all should boost the p2p up.


    If I had some patient friends I could adjust everything down and probably get some p2p,  but it just takes too long at this point.

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    gotsomestars wrote:


    I've played quite a few hours in the last week. Used about every weapon, did just fine with all of them. Seems balanced enough for me.

    try the xmg's. i use alot of weapons too and do well, but some of them are useless. 2 of the snipers are basically 2 shot guns and one (the one that blows up on the 2nd shot) is a real joke.

    thats why the MLG Pros got so pissed when the guy didnt use the bal or asm1 they claim he caused them to lose. i agree some shotguns are fun but there really a handful of guns that are trustworthy.

    anyone use the shield? lol

    what off brand weapon do you like. i guess for me its the Kf5 with rapid fire. once you feel the movement speed increase its hard to turn back

    whats weird is the pistol for a secondary is a total waste. better off picking up someones bal or asm1 and having 2 guns

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    the guy from microsoft said they knew it was coming. actually he said "we already knew it was coming" so yeah im sure sony put out some bucks but they are bucks well spent.

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  • 07/10/15--02:07: Donate Atlas Troops
  • Why it is not possible to donate the Atlas Troops to alliance members?? Are there any special reasons I can´t see.

    If we give support to our weaker alliance members it must be possible to support them with the Atlas Troops.

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    TWALL4ALL2 wrote:


    Indeed. Destiny is the gateway to happiness

    One wasted super at a time

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  • 07/10/15--02:26: Re: MORS BUFFED
  • The Atlas 45 killed in a max of four shots anyway...

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    then i'm not sure you've heard many ideas...i think what he means is there should be an ending or a point to playing, though i'm not sure that's what zombies is about.

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  • 07/10/15--02:59: Re: Donate Atlas Troops
  • Atlas units specially Goliath are very strong for defense, Goliath is a perfect troop killer, if 4 or 5 goliath go out of ur cc they will kill all of attacking troops and finally no one can loot u and u can loot no one!! Game Over

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    I will leave the spawns out as it's a given they are not great but I do think that the weapons are down to personal choice and play style. Also the game type and core or hardcore and you general connection to the game.

    I played a lot of core tdm at the start of AW for my first 6 prestige's I think with the occasional foray into other modes.

    A friend I game with a lot swore by the ARX Steel Bite as it was (for him) a one pull of the trigger and tango down time. For me it was always two or three pulls of the trigger and so left well alone. Ak12 and HBR and ASM1 I also used a lot with reasonable results.

    For the last 3 prestige's I have been mostly playing Hardcore Domination (that just sounds so wrong) and found that the ASM1 has really taken a back seat, The ARX Spoliator (I think that's what it is called) is a total beast and a one pull of the trigger kill from across any map. AK12 works well for me too and even the bal is usable.

    See everybody say's the BAL is a gun you have to use to win but on core that is not the case for me which is why I refer back to the top of this post that I feel it is down to the individual.

    Just as a footnote I personally hate the laser guns, I cannot get any joy from using them or results and yet I get melted from across the map in a fraction of a second by the enemy

    Cheers Happy Hunting

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